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M. A., F. R. 8. C. 

Honorary Member of the " Societe de Vulgarisation de TEdu* 
cation en France " Paris Chevalier or the Order of St. 
Sauveur, of Monte Reale, " Italy Corresponding Member 
of the " Societe Ethnographique " of la Giroude ; of the 
"'Academic Christophe Colomb" of Marseilles; of the 
" Societe Nationale d'Encouragement an Bien " of Paris ; 
of the "Societa Scientifica, Litteraria, Artistica" of Voltri, 
Italy ; of the ' Societe Libre for the Developement of Po- 
pular Instruction and Education " of Paris Honorary 
Member of the " Societe des Sauveteurs " of France and of 
the "Institut Protecteur de 1'Enfauce" Honorary Mem 
ber of the "Society of Science, Letters and Art " of Lon. 
don and of several other learned and literary Societies 
Member of the " Societe" de Confucius " of Bordeaux 
bi-laureate of the " Societ4 d'Education'* and of Ma- 
dame la Baronne de Pages, at the Grand Conservatoire des 
Arts et Metiers" Paris Recipient of thirteen medals of 
honor and of seventeen honorary diplomas from France, 
Belgium, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, aad the 
United States of America, etc., etc. 





ENTERED according to Act of Parliament of Canada, in the 
year 1891, by C. P. F. BAILLAIRGE, in the Office of 
the Minister of Agriculture, 




Homonyms or liomonymous words ate those 
which, whether spelled alike or differently, have 
different meanings; as a bow of ribbon, an archers' 
bow the bough of a tree, the bow of a ship. 

School books generally contain a few pages, at 
most, of homonymous words ; and rarely are more 
than one or two homonyms given. 

The author of this little work has become so 
much impressed with the educational advantages 
afforded by homonyms, in the more easy and speedy 
acquisition by children, of a very considerable 
number of words which, without their aid, would 
hive been of tar*ly acquirement ; that he has en* 

deavoured to pick out of " Webster's unabridged " 
all words having homonymous fellows ; and as 
seen, they make up quite a nice little volume 
for family use, for schools, and of general utility 
to all ages and classes of the people. 

It has been quite a treat to the author to notice 
the emulation shown by his own children at the 
fire side or dinner table, as well during recreation, 
when a word was proposed ; in giving one or more 
or all of its equivalents, with, in each case, the 
correct spelling and varied signification ; and it 
would certainly be so in schools, where the master 
or mistress, tutor or professor might institute a 
system of points ; as for instance, one for, the first 
homonym found by any pupil, two points for the 
second, three for the third, and successively,, an ad- 
ditional point, as 4, 5, 6, 10, etc., for each further 
addition to the phonetic series of words. 

The author has seen the little ones' eyes sparkle 
with delight at the discovery of each new way of 
spelling the same sound and being able to tell its 
meaning ; as if one should propose the letter or 
sound U for example and ask for its consonances, 
homonyms or words having the same sound. 

You would they all call out together ; the word 

_ V 

being too obtrusive not to be immediately thought 
of by every one ewe cries another, and the pupil 
spells it e w e and tells you it is a female sheep 
yew shouts a fourth in his glee at having found 
it : yew yew, an e vergreen tree hue ven- 
tures a fifth : h u e hue, a tint, a color, a dye 
hew says a sixth : hew hew, to cut down. 

And when you look to them for other homo- 
nyms or at least one more, and for one more again 
and^still another ; the children pry enquiringly* 
each into the other's face, and as if doubtful! that 
there can possibly be any other way of spelling 
the same sound ; and then you help them on 
encouragingly with a query as to whether there 
be not a man's name, having the same pronun- 
ciation ; and out comes the seventh, or may be 
more than one, with a " yes sir, yes ma'am, I have 
it: Hugh Hugh Hugh. And still are there 
other homonyrnous sounds of the proposed letter 
U, as hue in the phrase hue and cry, signifying a 
shouting or vociferation and again, yew a verb : 
to rise as scum on the brine in boiling at the salt 
works Yeoo or Yeou a river and a walled town 
of Central Africa (see Lippincott) Yoo Tchoo a 
city of China on the Yang-Tse-Kiang he who. 


And in other respects is a knowledge of homo- 
nymous words of utility, as suggestive of the 
several meanings which maybe given of a sign in 
stenography ; when the context is not of itself 
immediately suggestive of the word intended to 
be meant by the short hand writer. 

The author issues, simultaneously with this 
edition otenglish homonyms, a corresponding one 
of french homonyms which may be useful to 
persons studying the french language ; as one of 
the difficulties in mastering any tongue is the 
very existence of so man^ words spelled alike or 
differently and having the same pronunciation. 

The author begs to acknowledge his indebted- 
ness to the, to him unknown, authors of school 
book homonyms, for several words which might 
otherwise have escaped his attention. 

He regrets not being in a position to do so 
nominally ; a?, in his french treatise, he has done> 
in the case of Poitevin & Bonnauge who have 
: edited special treatises on the subject 
























ger, . 
















imp. horn. 

imperfect homonym 



in st. 




interj . 

















Lippineott " geo-- 

conj . 



k- graphical dictio- 

crit. or cr. 


nary " 









econ . 













exclamat on 





N. Am, 

North America 


















p. n. 

proper name 

S. Am. 

South America 

p. o. t. 

post office town 



poss. pr. 

possessive pronoun 





t. s. 










riv. or r. 






See W. or see the diet, for " see Webster or any dictionary 
for an explanation of the meaning of the Word, when too long 
to give in the text. 

The abbreviations relating to States of the American Union 
are, as Ala. for Alabama Mass, for Massachussets Mich, 
for Michigan Miss, for Mississippi K. Y. for New York 
Wis. Wisconsin, supposed to be known and too numerous 
to reproduce. 







letter of the alph. a privative, as in a-mor-phous:: 
without form ; a-theist : without God; anonymous 
A the sixth note of the natural diatonic scale in 
music A abbreviatory, as in A. D r , for Anno 
Domini; A. M. : Artium Magister, etc. A. in 
ancient numeration stood for 500: and, with a dash 
over it, 5000 A. as an "initial is put for Adam, 
Abraham, Arthur, etc., when used as a firt, or 
prenomen or as a Christian name aye ever 
cigll exclam.: an expression of sudden delight 
hay grass cut and dried for fodder hay v. to 
dry or cure grass for preservation hay v. to 
lay snares for rabbits hay n- a hedge hay n. 
-a net which incloses the haunt of an animal - 
liey an excl. 

A mil a cubit, a measure containing five or six palms 
a measure of liquids among the Dutch, varying in 
different cities from 37 to 41 english wine gallons 
ham a smoked thigh of pork Ham a town of 
Fr. the fortress of Ham where Louis Napoleon, 
since emperor, was incarcerated in 1840 am the 
first psrson of the verb to be, in the indicative 
mood, present tense. 

Abacus among the Romans, a cupboard or buffet 
abacus an instrument to facilitate operations in 
arithmetic abacus in architecture, the crown- 
ing member of the capital of a column abacus* 
a game among the Komans ; so called from its 
being played on a board, somewhat in the manner 
of chess. 

Abase, ment a base a basement. 

Abate to decrease a bait a bate contention. 

Abater the person or thing that abates abator a 
person who enters into a freehold on the death of 
the last possessor, before the heir or devisee. 

Abbe an abbot abbey a monastery. 

Abbacy the dignity of an abbot A B C j a little 
book for teaching the elements of reading. 

Abbot the superior of an abbey Abbot archbishop 
of Canterbury habit. 

Abdominal a. abdominal n. a class or order of 
fish whose ventral fins are placed behind the pec- 
toral j as in the loche, salmon, pike, etc. 

Abear to bear, to behave a bear, bare. 

Abed adv,, on or in bed a bed* 

Aberring wandering a bearing, Baring, 

Behring straits of. 
Abet, abettor a bet a better a bettor 

one who bete. 
Abhor to hate a bore a boar. 

Abhorred detested a board aboard abort! 

n. and v. to accost. 
Ablaze on fire a blaze. 

Able a. Able to enable Abel son of Adam. 
Aboard see Abhorred. 

Abode pret. of abide abode residence abode 

(see bode) to fore-show abode to be an omen. 
Abound v. to be in plenty a bound a limit, etc. 
About prep, around, near to in time, in place about 

adv. near to in quantity, quality a bout an 

essay, a turn, an attempt. 

Abrade, ed, ing to rub or wear off a braid ed, ing. 
Abreast side by side a breast. 
Abridge, Abroach, Abroad a bridge, 

broach, brooch, broad. 
Abrood adv. brooding Abrook to brook, to endure 

a brood, brook. 
.Abstinence refraining from, as in fasting absfi- 

iients (see Webster). 
Abstract to draw from abstract n. separate 

abstract n. a summary. 

Abut, ment a but a butt a butnieut 
Accidence a small book containing the rudiments of 

grammar accidents mishaps. 
Acclaim v. to applaud acclaim n. a shout of joy. 

Accompany, Accomplice a company, a* 

Account a registry of a debt of credit account a 

narrative ^a count. 

Ace at cards Ace for Acre (see Jean d'Acre)-. 
Acetic acid ascetic retired from the world. 
Ache n. & v. to ail rak) Aaclt (ak) a small town of 

Baden hake to sneak hake a fish. 
Acne a small hard pimple or tubercle on the face 

hackney kept for hire. 
Acorn fruit of the oak hay, a corn. 
Acquire, a quire, choir hack n., v., wire. 
Acre of land Acre St. Jean d'. a city and sea port of 


Act n. & v. to perform hacked chapped, mangled. 
Adam the first man add, had, ham, Ham- 

Adam a fr. composer of music. 

Add v. to put together, to unite had pret. &pp of have. 
Adder a venomous serpent add, had her. 
Address, er, ing speaking to a dress, dresser 
one who dresses, dressor fr. drressoir dressing. 
Adherence attachment adherents followers, par- 

Adit an entrance or passage add, had it, hit. 
Adjutant in an army adjutant a very large 

species of crane. 
Adonis the favorite of Venus adonis in botany, 

birds eye or pheasant's eye. 
Adown prep, and adv., Adrift a down, a drift 

Adz or Adze a cooper's axe adds does add, increases. 

Affair, Affear frighten, affeer to assess or value 
a fair, a fear.. 

Affirm, Affix v. Afford a firm, a fix, a ford. 

Affray, Affreight, Affret, Affright, a fray, 
freight, fret, fright. 

Affront n. and v, (o dare, to abuse, to oppose afroiif 
adv. in front. 

Affuse to pour out, Afire, Afoot, Afoul a fuse, 
fire, foot, fowl* 

Aft the stern of a ship haft a handle haft v. (o 
furnish with a handle. 

Agate a stone agate a gold - wire drawer's instru- 

Agate adv., Agaze v. a gate, gait, gaze. 

Ah ! an exclamation Haa (haw) a small island of 
Scotland Aa a riv. of France, Russia, Switzer- 
land, Holland Aa or ha ! ha I a bay of Ca- 
nada in the Saguenay awe fear. 

Aid assistance Haid, Hayd a town of Bohemia. 

Air the atmosphere air mien air of music Ayr 
a town in Scotland Ayer a p. n. ere before 

e'er ever hair of the head heir one who 
inherits Aire a riv. of England hare an ani- 
mal Ayre a point of Isle of Man, Engl. 

Airy exposed to the air Airy astron. royal of Engl. 

iy*T a nest of a bird of prey ere he hairy. 

Ait an islet or little isle in a river or lake ate did eat 

eight a number hate to detest. 

Album, Alcove all bum, all cove. 

Ale beer ail to feel pain or grief Hale a p. n. 
hale strong, healthy hail frozen rain hail 
to salute. 

Alife, Alight, Align, Alifce, Alive a life, 
light, line, like, live. 

All the whole Hall a p. n. Aal a town of Norway 

hall a large room a market hall aAVl a 
pj ercer haul to drag Halle a town of Prussia 
Halle or Hal a town of Belgium. 

Alle the little auk or black aud white diver alley a 
walk or passage ally a confederate Halley 
an english astron. Halle eel. fr. Dr. and pro- 
fessor of hygiene. 

Alms charity hams plural of ham ~ Hani's 
belonging to Ham. 

Alnight a cake of wax with the wick in the midst 

all night. 
Aloft a loft, Alpine all pine Alto all 

tow, Always all ways. 
Aloud with a loud voice allowed did allow. 
Altar of a church alter to change, to vary halter 

one who halts _halter for a horse halter 

for a criminal all tar halt or. 
Ama or hama a vessel to contain wine for the eucharist 

ama a wine measnre, as a cask, a pipe 
Hanima a commune of Algeria a mail si an 
abbess a ill ill a a girdle or truss for rupture. 8 . 

Ainaze to astonish a maze a .labyrinth a maize 
indian corn. 

Attiid in the midst ammid a chemical substance. 
Amiss wrong, faulty a miss a young lady a miss 
a mistake, a failure. 

Amount a sum amount v. to rise or reach a 

Amour (fr.) a love imrigue Amour or Amoor a 

large river of Eastern Asia a moor* 
Amuse to entertain a muse genius of poetry. 
An one Ann a p n. ann see Webster Han a 

vil. of Belgium Han a town of Dalmatia (Lip- 
pi ncott). 

Ana a collection of witty sayings ana in medical 
prescription, an equal quantity of the several in- 
gredients Anah a scripture p. n. 

Analyst one who analyzes annalist a writer of 

Anchor of a ship anker a liquid measure lian* 

leer to long for. 

And also hand of a man hand to give. 
Angel of Godj of heaven angel a fish found on the 

coast of Carolina. 
Angle a corner angle a term in geom. angle to 


Anight adv. by night a night a knight. 
Anser a goose Anser a small star in the milky-way 

answer a question. 

Ant an insect aunt a father or mother's sister. 
Anti against as in antipathy, antipodes ante 

before aunty a child's pet name for aunt- 

Apparent plain, evident apparent not real a 

parent a pay rent. 
Appeal, Appear, Apply, Appoint a peal> 

peel, pier, ply, point. 

Arc of a circle, an arch ark. a chest or coffer 

Noah's ark. Joan of Arc a village of Fr., Arc 

a river of Fr. heark (hearken) listen. 
Arch an opening, as of a bridge, a door arch mirthful, 

roguish, shrewd arch chief, as an arch deed, 

an archbishop. 
Are of the v. to be are a french measure for land 

Ars a town of Fr. Aar a riv. of Switzerland 

R a letter of the alph. 
Ann of the body, of a tree arm a weapon arm to 

equip harm to injure. 

Arms weapons arms limbs arm to arm - 

harms does harm. 

Arnot the pignut or earthnut Dr Arnot are not* 
Arise, ose, Arrack, Arraign, Array, Arrest, 

Arrear, a rise, rose, rack, reign, rein, 

ray, rest, wrest, rear. 
Arris an edge Harris a p. n. Arras a town of 

Fr. harrass to weary. 

Art thou art art skill art a system heart the 
vital part hart a stag or male deer. 

Artless unskilful artless free from guile heart- 
less without courage, spiritless. 

As adv. Lke as while as a romau weight or coin 
has v. to have. 


Ascent the act of ascending assent (o agree as 
sent has scent a cent. 

Ash a tree ash to strew with ashes hash minced 
meat Ashe a p. n. Ash a township of Mi- 
chigan Ashe a county of N. Carolina Ashe 
five counties of England. 

Ashes of wood or coal ashes plural of ash a tree 
hashes plural of hash. 

Ask to put a question flask a case made of rushes 
or flag< Hasek a town of Arabia. 

Asp or Aspen, a species of the poplar tree hasp 
n. and v. to shut or fasten with a hasp. 

Ass a quadruped ass a stupid fellow, a dolt. 

Assay to attempt or endeavour assay to analyze 

an ore, an alloy ass hay a say. 
Assistance help, relief assistants helpers. 

Assize the court of assize, the assizes assize to 
assess, fix the price, weight, etc. of. 

Astride, Astrut, Astern, Assort a sort, stern 
n. rear, stern a stride, strut. 

At a?, at the houf-e, at the ninth hour hat for 'he- 
head hat the dignity of a Cardinal Uatt a 
p n. Hat creek Virginia U. S. Am. 

Attendance waiting on attendants persons who 
attend a tendence. 

Attaint, Attest, Attire, Attosie, Attract a 
taint, test, tire, tone, tract. 

AnforOaf a fool a, simpleton offdistant off not 
ou Hofa town of Austria, and of Bavaria. 


Auger for boring holes augur a poothsayor or di- 
viner augur lo guest), to predict by signs. 
Aught any thing ought to be obliged, should. 

Auricle the external ear oracle an opinion deemed 

infallib'e, a wi?e man an auricle of the heart. 

Aunt, Awl, Awe, Aye, etc see Ant, All, Ah ! , 

A, etc. 

Ax or axe for hewing timber and chopping wood Ax 
a town of Fr hacks plural of hack : a natch, a 
cu t hacks plural of hack : a horse. 

B letter of the alph. he v. to exist hee an insect 

hee joint and gratuitous aid to any are in need 

B as an abbreviation, as in B. A. for Bachelor 
of Arts, B. C. before Christ as a numeral B 
was used by the Hebrews and Greeks, as now by 
the Arabians to denote 2 ; by the Romans for 300 
and with a dash over it HO <0 In music B stands 
for the tone above A, B b for B fiat. B also 
stands for base. 

Baal an idol among the ancient Chaldeans and Syrians 

hail a surety to hail (impropefly written 
hale : W.) a boat hale to grieve, to mourn 
hale to bind, to pledge hale a package of 
goods Bayle a eel. fr. writer and critic. 

Bac or Back a bowl or cistern hac a ferry boat 
hack of a man, of an animal hack adv. 
hack v. (see Webster) Bach a eel. german 
musician and composer. 


Bachelor a young or unmarried man baelielor a 
junior graduate bachelor a knight of the first 
or lowest degree Batclielor a man's name. 

Bad or Bade the past tense of bid toad evil, 
depraved Bade Baden. 

Badger a quadruped badger to follow up or pursue 
badger to pester or worry badger to buy 
and sell (see W.) 

Bag a sack bag as to bag game bag to bag as a 
sail with the wind. 

Bain a bath bane n. and v. to poison. 

Bait food bait a lure for fishes bait to set dogs 
upon, as to bait a bull bait a hasty refresh- 
ment at an inn bate to abate. 

Baize cloth bays baytrees bays arms of tue sea 

bays brown colors bays to bark as a dog. 
Balance n. and v. to adjust scales to balance 

books balance to hesitate. 

Bald without hair bawled did bawl or cry out 

balled as in black-balled. 
Balk a ridge in plowing balk a great beam or rafter 

balk to disappoint etc (see W.) 

Ball a shot, a football ball an entertainment, a 

dance bawl to cry out or shout Bale a 

town of Switzerland on the Rhine. 
Ballast n. and v. to ballast a ship to ballast a 

Ballet a dance to music ballet a poem ballot 

n. and v. to vote by ballot* 

Balm the sap or juice of a tree balm to anoint. 
Balsam ba'm balsam a iir tree. 
Ban a public proclamation ban to curse, to execrate. 
Band a fll'et, a cord, a tie band to unite a band 

of music banned cursed. 
Bank a heap of earth bank where money is kept 

bank of a river. 

Bar of a door a bar of the sea bar a fish bar 
a division in music bar to fasten -- bar 
where the criminal stands in court. Bar, 
Barre towns of Fr. Barr a town of Germany 

Jean Bart eel. marin de Dunkerque. 

Barb a horse from Barbary barb of a fish, of a 

spike of grain etc (see W.) 
Barbary a country of Africa barberry a small 

white fruit with barbs or spines. 
Bard a poet bard the defensive armor of a horse 

bard slice of bacon applied to the breast of 

a partridge barred hindered, fastened, closed. 

Bare naked bare to bear bare simple bear 
wild bea^t bear to carry bear to puffer 
to bear fruit to bear one out bear or 

bere a kind of barley. 

Bark of a tree bark as a dog bark a small 
ship bark to peel off bark. 

Baron a lord barren sterile barn for hay and 
grain Barren a riv. of the U. S. of Am. 

Barrow a email vehicle barrow a male hog cas- 
trated barrow a mound of earih 


Base the lowest part base low, mean bass or 

base a low deep sound in music base the 

pedestal of a statue. 

Bass a fish bass a species of tree. 
Bastard illegitimate bastard a kind of sweet wine. 
Baste to beat with a stick to baste meat baste 

to sew slightly with long stitches. 
Bat an animal bat a club to play at ball. 
Bath a place for bathing Bath a town of England, 

celebrated for its thermal waters. 
Battel fertile, fruitful battel to grow fat battel 

other sig. <see W.) battle n. and v to contend 

in fight. 

Batten a narrow board or scantling batten to grow 

fat, to fatten. 
Batter used in cookery batter of a wall batter 

to beat, to pound. 

Bate, Battle, Bawl see Bait, Battel, Ball. 
Bay an inlet of the sea bay a tree bay a color 

a bay window to stand at bay bay to bark 

at Bey a turkish governor. 
Be see B . Beach the shore of the sea beech a 

Beadle a crier, an apparitor beetle an insect 

beetle a heavy mallet. 

Beak of a bird beak in farriery, a little shoe 
beak in botany, a beak-like process the beak 
or beak-like portion of the front of a ship Bic 
a sea port of Canada. 

- 14 

Beam to emit rays, to phine beam a collection of 
rays of light a beam of timber the beam- 

Bean a vegetable behen a plant been v. be 
been a kind of guitar Behan a p. n. bin 
a place to hold corn. 

Bear see Bare. Beard of the face beard to 
seize by the beard, to set at defiance. 

Bearer of despatches bearer a post or anything 
that supports another thing a pall bearer. 

Bearing supporting, carrying bearing prudncing 

bearing manner, behavior the bearing 

or distance between the points of support of a 
beam Baring of London bearing of a 
vessel by the compass the Behring sea, straits. 

Beast an animal beast a brutal fellow beest 
thou good or bad. 

Beat to punish to beat as the pulse beet ve- 
getable beat to throb the beat of a sentry 
or watchman the beat of a watch be it so 

to beat against the wind. 

Beating a chastisement beating against the wind 

ete. (see W.) 

Beau an admirer, a fashionable a bow of ribbon 
a bow to shoot arrows Baud a town of Fr. 

Beaver an animal a beaver hat bever a col- 
lation between meals beaver that part of a 
helmet which covers the face. 

Beck a small brook beck to beckon. 

15 - 

Become to become good, bad. etc become to suil 

or be suitable. 
Bed a couch the bed of a river to bed a tree, a 


Bee see B. Beech see Beach. Been see Bean, 
Beer a fermented liquor bier a carriage for ihe dead. 

Beetle and insect beetle a heavy mallet beadle 

a public crier, an apparitor. 
Beet see Beat Bey see Bay Behen see 

Behold, Beholder be old be older, holder 

behold her. 

Bell to ring with bell to grow in the form of bells 
as flowers Bell a Scotchman who introduced 
into Europe the method of mutual tuition, a p. n, 

belle a beauty, a gay young lady. 
Bellows an instrument for blowing fire bellows 

does bellow Belleau's. 
Ben a nut Ben* for Benjamin. 

Benjamin a tree or shrub Benjamin a man's 

Bent curved bent decided on as, bent on mischief- 
bent a species of grass bent a truss or com- 
ponent portion of a piece of trestle work. 

Berlin a species of vehicle Berlin the capital of 
Prussia Bir, Lynn. 

Berry a small fruit biiry to inter, to conceal 
Bury a p. n. Berry an old prov. of Fr. 

- 16 

Berth a sleeping place in a ship birth coming into 

life berth a place or employment. 
Beside, s prep, over or above beside, s adv. 


Bet n. and v. wager bet beaten. 
Better more advantageous better a superior 

better to improve better one who bets 

bet her, 

Bever see Beaver. Bey see Bay. 
Bias an inclination of the mind to cut cloth bias 

slanting to bias to prejudice. 
Bib a fish a childs bib bib to tipple, to drink. 
Bise a pale blue color buys does buy. 

Bid to ask, to request, to beseach bid an offer of a 


Bide to dwell, to remain bide to suffer, to endure. 
Bier see Beer. 
Bight a coil or tarn of rope bight a bay or inlet 

bite of the teeth by't by it biiy't buy it. 

Bile a liquor secreted l>y the liver bile boil, an in- 
flamed tumor. 

Bilge of a cask, the protuberant part bilge of a 
ship the breadth of her bottom. 

Bill the beak of a bird bill a kind of axe with a 
hooked point bill an account a bill in par- 
liament Bill for William. 

Billet a log of wood billet a note to billet 
troops billot gold and silver in th bar or mass. 


Bind to tie> to fasten bind to grow hard or stiff- 
bind a stalk of hops bind to force, to oblige. 

Birth see Berth. Bite see Bight. 

Bit of a bridle bit bitten bit a small piece bit 
a small instrument for boring, 

Bitter to the taste bitter cold bitter a turn of a 
ships' eable which is around the bitts. 

Bittern a bird bittern in salt works, the brine re- 
maining after the salt is concreted. 

Bitts a frame on board a ship to fasten the cables to 
bits small pieces bits of bridles, 

Black dark, destitute of light black a negro. 

Blacken to sully reputation blacken to darken 

to blacken boots. 
Blade of a knife, or cutting part of an instrument a 

blade of grass the blade of an oar the 

shoul lor blade or bone. 

Blanch to whiten blanch to evade Blanche 

of Castille. 
Blast of wind to blast rock blast to destroy 

blast pernicious influence. 
Bleak a small river fish bleak barren, desolate. 

Bieit bashful blight a disease incident to plants 

blite a plant. 
Blinds does "blind 'blinds of windows blinds in 

military art, a shelter, a defence against the enemy. 
Blink to wink blink a glimpse or glance blink 

'to avoid or evade. 


Bloat to swell, to grow turgid blote to dry and 

smoke as, to blote herrings. 
Block to shut or inclose block a pulley Mock 

a mass of any matter the executioners' block. 
Blore a blowing, a blast blower one who blows 

blower one who boasts. 
Blow a stroke blow a sudden calamity to blow 

like the wind blow to inflate blow to put 

forth blossoms blow to boast. 
Blue a color blew did blow. 
Bluff surly, blustering bluff a high bank. 
Blunt not sharp, as of an instrument bluut dull of 

understanding blunt plain, unceremonious. 
Boar the male swine bore to annoy bore v. 

bear to bore a hole Bore Catherine, wife 

of Luther. 
Board a plank board a commission of trustees 

board a table board diet to board a 

vessel to board to line or spread with board* 

bored did bore bored pierced bored 

weary by tedious iteration. 
Boat a water craft bote in law (for boot) com pen* 


Bob as, a bob of the head Bob for Kobert the 
bob of a pendulum bob to cheat 

Bode to portend -r bowed bent Bode a eel, 
german astronomer. 

Bold daring, bold forward bowled did bowl 
bowled rolled. 


Bolder more bold bowlder a roundish stone. 

Bole a kind of fine clay bowl a ball of wood used 
for play bole or boll a round stem bowl 
a basin boll n. and v. pod of a plant, to form 
into a pericarp. 

Bolt an arrow to bolt one's food a tliunder bolt 

bolt to separate bran from flour a door or 
window bolt bolt to spring out, to run away. 

Bon valid as security for something Bon a promon 

tory of Tunis. 
Bond union, .anything that binds bond an obli 

gat ion bond in masonry. 
Bone an osseous substance bone to bone a turkey* 

etc Boweii a p. n. Bone a town and sea 

port of Algeria Bonn a town of Prussia 

Beaune a town of Fr. 
Bonny gay, merry ; a bonny lassie bonny among 

miners 5 a bed of ore bony of bones. 
Bonze a boodhist priest bones plural of bone. 
Boom a spar of a vessel boom a beacon boom 

to swell, to roll and roar like waves. 
Boon a gift boon the refuse from dressed flax. 
Boose stall of an ox, cow, etc boose to drink hard. 
Boot fur the leg boot profit, gain to boot in 

addition to. 
Bootll a temporary residence booth a nest for birds 

Bootll a eel. actor. 

Bore see Boar. Born brought, forth, as an animal 

Born art Austrian mineralogist Born a eel. 


Borough a town, a village borrow to take or 
obtain as a loan burrow rabbit holes 
burrow to dig a hole in the earth. 

Bos an ox, etc boss a familiar word for master 
boss a bundle boss a protuberant part. 

Botch a swelling, an ulcer botch to mend awk- 

Botany the science of plants bottoimy a term ii> 

Bond an insect, a weevil bowed bent bowed 
did bow. 

Bough of a tree bow to bend, to stoop bow an 
act of reverence, of courtesy. 

Bound a limit bound to leap bound did bind. 

Bourn a boundary or limit borne carried, sup- 
ported, defrayed. 

Bow see Beau. Bow -ee Bough. Bowl see 

Bowlder or Boulder see Bolder. 

Box a shrub or tree box a case or coffer a christ- 
mas box a box at the opera box a blow 
with the fist balks frustrates balks raf- 
ters, beams balks does balk balks ridges 
in plowing. 

Boy a mule child buoy a floating mark buoy to 
float, to keep from sinking to buoy or keep up 
one's spirits. 

Brace to embrace, to bind together brace to stay, 
to support two or a brace of partridges, snipe, 
etc. Bresse formerly a country of Fr. 


Braid n. and v. to weave, to plait brayed did bray 
braid deceitful. 

Brake (broke) did break. break to infringe, to 

violate brake a thicket of brambles brake 
a bakers kneading trough brake an instru- 
ment to break flax brake of a carriage or car 
wheel brake a species of fern brake the 
handle of a pump brake a barrow break 
a machine for confining refractory horses etc. 
see Webster. 

Brain n. and v. to dah out ones' brains Breime a 
former country of Fr. 

Bran of wheat, rye, etc. Bran a river of Scotland. 

Brank buckwheat brank an instrument 10 restrain 
the tongue of a scolding woman. 

Brant a species of a wild goose brant steep 
Brandt a germ an satirical poet Brandt an 
alchemist of Hamburg who chanced upon the dis- 
covery of phosphorus. 

Braul turbant, an Indian cloth brawl a noise, a 
quarrel brawl to drive or beat away. 

Bray to, as an ass bray to pound, to grind bray 

a bank or mound of eanh Bray a town of Fr. 

Bray a small country of Normandy. 
Braze to solder wiih brass brays to bray as an ass. 
Brazier a worker in brass brazier a pan to hold 

Bread for food bred v. to breed. Break see 



Bream . fish bream to burn off the filth from a 

ship's bottom breme to murmur, to fret. 
Breast bosom breast v. to oppose Brest a for- 
tified town and sea port of I<V. brest or breast 

of a column : a torus. 
Breach the act of breaking breach of the peace, 

of the law breech of a gun. 

Breeze a buzzing fly or insect breeze a light wind. 
Brew n. and v. the mixture formed by brewing 

Broil a town of Fr. 
Bridal pertaining to a wedding bridle for a horse 

bridle to restrain. 
Broach a spit broach to pierce brooch an 

ornamental pin. 

Britain England Briton a native of Britain. 
Broil a contention to broil a steak broil to 

sweat with heat. 
Brood offspring, progeny brewed did brew to 

brood over, to dwell with anxiety on any subject. 
Brook a rivulet brook to endure. 
Brouse to eat shrubs brows plural of brow. 
Brow as the eye-brow the brow of a hill to, 

brow to limit. 
Bruise to crush bruise a contusion brews 

does brew. 
Brush for the hair, etc. brush small trees and 

shrubs, branches to brush past one. 
Brute a beast, an animal bruit a report bruit 

to noise abroad. 

lye for blanching clothes buck the male of 
the fallow deer, etc. to buck to copulate as 

bu ks and doe?. 

Buckle to bend buckle to fasten. 

Buff a sort of leather from the skin of the buffalo- 
buff a light yellow color. 

Buffet to strike, to box buffet a cupboard. 

Bull an animal bull an edict of the pope - bull a 

Buoy =ee Boy. 

Bur any rough or prickly envelope of the eeds of plants* 
as of the chestnut, etc. bur the ring of a spear 
used in tilting burr a roughness in pronounc- 
ing the letter r burr the lobe or lap of the ear 
burr the round knob of a horn next a dear's 
head etc. 

Burn to consume by fire burn a sore \ a hurt caused 
\yy fire Bern a town or canton of Switzerland. 

Burrow see Burougli* Bury see Berry. 

BUSH n. and v. to kiss bus for omnibus. 

But prep, except unless but conj. more, further 
but n. end, limit, bound but v. to be bounded, 
to touch wiih the end butt a cask butt a 
mark to aim at butt to thrust with the head. 

Buy to purchase bye a dwelling by prep, near 

by through, with. 



t! letter of the alph. sea the ocean see with the 
eyes as an abbreviature C. stands for Caesar > 
Christ as B.C. before Christj etc.^As a numeral C. 
stands for 100, CC, for 200, etc. O the name of a 
note in the scale of music see a bishopric 
see to view. 

Cal> a covered carriage cab an oriental dry measure 
(about three pints). 

Cache fr. a hole in the ground or snow for hiding pro* 
visions cash money, coin cash to convert 
into cash. 

Caddy a small box for keeping tea Cadi in the 
turkish dominions, a governor, a judge. 

Calculus algebraical analysis calculus a stony 
concretion, such as forms in the bladder, etc. - 
calculous affected with the gravel or stone. 

Calendar un almanac calender a hot press for 
giving a gloss to linen, calicoes, etc. 

Calf the young of a cow calf of the leg* 

Call to name, to invite call to make a short visit 
caul a net for the hair -*- caul the net work of 
a wig. 

Callous hard> horny callous unfeeling, heartless 
callus the new growth of osseous matter 
between the extremeiies of fractured bones. 

Cam of a wheel Cham second son of Noah. 

Can to be able can a cup or vessel for liquors. 

- 25 - 

U undid sincere, frank candied, preserved in sugar. 
Cane a reed, a walking stick Cain Abel's brother 

Kane an..artic explorer Kaine a p. n. 
Cannon a gun canon of the church canon a 

deep, narrow gorge in the mountains canon 

mi ecclesiastic. 

Cant to incline or pitch forward cant an affected, 
singing tone Kant a eel. german philosopher 
can't can not cant an ext. angle of a bdg. 

Canton a small territorial division Canton a city 

of Cliina. 
Canvas coarse cloth canvass to solicit votes 

canvass discussion. 

Cape a head-land cape an article of dress. 
Caper to skip and jump caper a frolic caper 

a pickle. 
Capital the, of a kingdom capital excellent 

capital punishment capital money, stocks 

the capital of a column a capital letter. 
Car a vehicle Karr a fr. litterateur Kars a town 

of asiatic Turkey. 
Carat a small weight carrot a vegetable caret 

a mark in writing.v 

Card a visiting, playing or business oard card n. 
and v. to comb and open wool card thick, 

stiff' paper. 
Care concern care precaution Caire a parish 

of South Wales. 

Carman driver of a cart, etc. carmine a color. 



Carve to carve meat to carve a statue, an image. 
Case a receptacle case an event a case at law. 
Cask a barrel casque a helmet. 
Cash see Cache. 

Cashier having charge of the cash cashier to 
nullify, to dismiss from office. 

Cass to quash, to annul Cass a township, a county 
of several of the United States of America. 

Cast to throw cast an impression in plaster cast 
a touch, a stroke, a tinge caste rank among 
the hindoos cast of contenance caste x 
tribe, a race anything cast in ;i mould, 

Caster one who casts, a founder caster a phial 
caster a swivel under a chair or table castor 
oil castor the beaver castor a beaver hat, 

Cataract a water fall cataract of the eye. 

Caudal pertaining to a tail caudle a warm drink 
for the sick. 

Caul see Call. 

Cause a reason, a motive caws to cry like a crow y 

Cawk or Cank a variety of sulphate of baryta 
calk to drive oakum calk an iron point oir 
points under a man's or an animal's shoe to prevent 

Cede to yield seed to sow. 

Ceil to cover the roof of a room seal an aquatic? 

mammal seal n. and v. to fasten see Seal, 


Ceiling* of a room sealing* as with wax, plaster, 
etc. sealing- killing seals seeling 1 closing 
the eyes of a falcon. 

Cell of a prison, monastery, etc. cell of honey bee 
sell a saddle sell to give for money. 

Cellar a cell cellar a wine store seller one who 

fells anything. 

Cense a public rate or tax cense to perfume 
sense as of feeling, smelling, etc. cents 
plural of cent scents. 

Censer to burn incense in censor a corrector of 

morals censor a licenser of the press sense 

or sent sir. 
Centre as the centre of a circle, of gravity, etc. 

centre to collect to a point cent or scent 

or sent tier. 

Cere to wax seer one who see^ sear n. and v. to 
die see her. 

Ceres one of the asteroids Ceres the goddess of 
agriculture series as of numbers, mishaps, etc- 

Cession a giving up or yeilding session a sitting, 
the time of sitting. 

Chafer one who chafes chafer an insect, a species 
of beetle. 

etnas-Tin grief, vexation Shagreen the skin of a 
k'md of fish, on a species of leather made rough in 
imitation of it. 

Chair a seat char to work by the day. 


Champagne a wine from Champagne in France 
ehampain a flat, open country champain 
a term in heraldry.. 

Chap a boy or youth chap to crack, as the hands, 
the earth chap the jaw. 

Chapter of a book chapter a society or commu- 
nity chapter to tax, to correct. 

Char a fish char to burn partially. 

Charge a load or burden a charge of cavalry to 
have charge, care of charge to accuse 
charge to impose a tax the charge of a 
musket, cannon, etc. 

Chase to pursue, to hunt chase n. and v. to emboss 

chase to set a precious stone. 

Chaste pure, continent chased did chase, pursue 

chased did emboss chased set, as a pre- 
cious stone. 

Check to restrain Check chequered linen or cotton 

cheque an order for money. 

Chinse a temporary calking of a vessel chintz 

printed cotton cloth. 

Choir (quire) of singers a quire of paper. 
Choler anger, wrath collar the neck collar 

about the neck. 
Choose to select, lo prefer chews to grind wi'h the 

Chop to cut chop to eatch chop to buy a 

mutton chop chop a Chinese word for 



Chord of a musical instrument the chord of an arc 

of a circle cord to pile wood cord a string. 
Chuff' a clown chough a kind of sea bird. 
Cingle a ginh, to gird Single alone. 
Cinque five" sink to fall sink a sewer. 
Cit a citizen sit to be seated. 
Cite to summon cite to quote sight the sense of 

seeing sight a show site a situation. 
Clause part of a sentence claws plural of claw. 
Cleave to split cleave to adhere or stick. 
Clerk (dark) an accountant, a copyist Clarke a 


Clime climate, region climh to mount or ascend. 
Clip to cut, to curtail clip a blow, a stroke. 
Clique a fret of people, a party click a small sharp 

sound,. click the latch of a door. 
Clog to coalesce, to unite and adhere clog to 

obstruct, to load clog a wooden shoe. 
Close to shut. Close to finish Clothes garments. 

Cluo a heavy stick clul> one of the four suits of 
cards cluh an association club to conlribue 
to a common expense. 

Co a prefix : with Co. for company Caux a por- 
tion, a country of Normandy. 

Coal for burning cole cabbage Cole a p. n. 

Coarse gross, not fine a race course course a 
service of meat course to run Corse 
(Corsica) an i.-'land of the Mediterranean. 


Coarser more coarse courser a swift horse. 
Coat a garment Qliote to cite coat to cover or 

spread cote a fold for sheep. 
Coo a sea fowl a corn cob COO clay mixed with 

straw, in the construction of cottages col> a 
large cobble stone COD a bail or pellet for 
feeding fowls cob on board a ship : to punish 
by striking the breech with a piece of wood, or 

Cobble to mend coarsely gobble a roundish stone 

coble a fishing boat. 
Cockle a plant or weed cockle a shell cockle 

to wrinkle, to pucker. 
Codling a sort of apple coddling: to coddle, to 

parboil codling* a young cod codling* to 

codle : to make much of. 
Coin or Quoin a corner coin a wedge coin 

metallic money. 
Coke charred coal Coke an em. erigiish iawyer and 


Cole see Coal. Collar see Choler. 
Colon the large intestine colon a sign used in punc- 

Color as red, blue, etc. culler one who culls, or 

Comb for the hair comb the crest of a cock a 

comb of honey. 
Commit to be guilty of commit to intrust 

commit to sent to prison. 


Common ordinary, usual coillllion a tract of land 

for public use, 
Compass lo surround, to pass around compass 

an instrument used by surveyors, mariners, etc. 
Complement the full number complement in 

arithmetic, geometry, etc. compliment 

praise, to congratulate. 
Concordance agreement concordance an index 

to words in the bible. 
Cone a conical or pointed figure with a round base ' 

Cowan a p. n. Cosne a town of Fr. 
Conger the sea eel. conjure as a magician does. 
Consistency the act of being consistent consis- 
tency degree of denseness or rarity of a sub j 

Consoles brackets consols consolidated annuities* 


Consonance of sounds, of opinions consonants 

letters of the alph. having no vocality. 

Consort to associate with consort to join^ to marry* 

Content satisfied content capacity. 

Continence self command, chastity continents 
of America, Europe>etc. 

Contract to shrink contract to enter into an 

Cony (conny) a rabbit conny brave, fine. 

Cook to prepare food cook to make the noise of the 
cuckoo a cook Cooke a eel. english navi- 

iMool moderately cold cool deliberate, impudent* 
Coolly calmly, deliberately cooly an east Indian 

Cooper one who makes casks, tubs, etc. Cooper 

Fenimore, a eel. novelist. 

Cope a cover for the head cope a sacerdotal cloak 

cope to contend Cope a'p- n. 
Coping striving the coping of a wall. 
Copper a metal copper a vessel copper to 

cover with copper. 

Copy an imitation Copy a model to be imitated. 
Coquet to act the coquette a flirt. 
Corto a coalery basket corfoe crooked corb a 

Cord see Chord. Core the heart or inner part 

corps a body of troops -^ the core for a holiow 

Corn grain corn a horny substance on the foot 

corn to pickle, to salt slightly. 

Cornet a musical instrument cornet an officer 
of cavalry a paper cornet coronet an 

inferior crown. 

Corse a corpse Corse a Corsiean. Cote see Coat* 
Cot or Cott a small bed catight v. catch. 

Cough of the lungs cauf a box or coffer with holes 
to keep fish alive in water. 

Could the past tense of can cooed to coo aa 


Count n. and v. to number count a title of foreign 

nobility count a point in an indictment. 
Counter a table on which money is counted counter 

contrary counter at card?*, etc. 
Counsel to advise counsel advice counsel a 

legal adviser council an assembly, a body for 

Counsellor an advisor counsellor a barrister or 

lawyer councillor member of a council. 
Couple two things couple a male and a femaie 

couple to wed. 
Course nee Coarse corse a corsican. 

Court of a king a court of justice court to woo, 

to solicit court an inclosed space, an enclosure. 
Courtesy courtly or elegant manners courtesy an 

act of civility courtsey an act of respect or 

reverence by females. 

Cousin a blood relation cozen to cheat. 
Cove a small inlet cove to arch over ; as a coved 

Crab a wild apple crab soar, rough, austere 

crab a shell fish -r- crab a machine, a species of 

crane, a capstain. 
Crack to break crack of superior excellence. 

Craft trade, artifice craft cunning craft a small 

ship or vessel. 
Crane a bird crane a long bent tube ; as a siphon 

crane ;an engine for raising weights crayon 
4i pencil Crane a p. n. 



Creak to make a graiing noise creek a small inlet 

of the sea. 

Credit reputation credit to trust.' 
Crib the manger of a stable crib a stall for oxen 

crib for a child to sleep in. 
Cricket an insect cricket a game with batts anil 


Crisp brittle crisp to curl or twist. 
Crock an earthen vessel crock the soot of pots and 

Crook a shepherd's staff crook a crosier crook 

to bend crook a trick. 
Crop the first stomach of a fowl : the craw crop to 

cut short or close crop to eut the tops oft' 

crop the harvest cut down. 
Cross emblem of the Christian religion cross a 

gibbet cross annoyance cross a trial of 

patience. cross out of temper to cross a 

road or river cross to thwart. 
Croup a disease the croup of a fowl, of a horse. 
Crow a bird ~c r W an iron bar, used as a lever 

to crow as a cock to crow or triumph over. 
Croze a coopers tool crows plural of crow 

crows does crow. 

Cruise to sail up and down crews plural of crew 

cruse a small cup. 
Cry to call out cry to weep. 
Cub the young of certain animals Cttb to shut up or 

confine cub a stall for cattle. 


Ciie a hint a Queue of hair a billiard cue. 
Cuff a b'ow cuff of a sleeve cuff to scuffle, 
Culler see Color. 

Curb n. and v. to restrain curb of a well the 
curb or kerb stone of a side walk. 

Current, s running or passing ^currant, s a 

small berry. 
Curry to dre.=s leather curry a pauce to curry 

Cut to hew the cut of a garment to cut an ac 

Cutter one who cuts 'cutter a small boat cutter 

a one horse sleigh cut tier. 
Cygnet a young swan signet a seal. 
Cymbal a musical instr. symbol a type, a sign. 

D letter of the alph. as a numeral, D stands for 500, 
and with a dash over it, for 5000 as an abre- 
viation, D stands for doctor, as M. D. for doctor of 
melicine, D,D. doctor of divinity D of the dia- 
tonic scale, in music Dee a river in Scotland 
Dee a river in Wales. 

Dab a gentle blow with the hand dab a small lump 
or mass of anything soft or moist a dab or 
daub of paint dab a fish dab to strike 

Daff a stupid fel'ow daff to daunt daff to toss 
aside daff to put off. 


Dag a dagger dag" dew dag" a loose end, as of 
locks of wool dag" a leathern latchet dag 
to daggle Dagg a p. n. 

Daisy a flower Desi a fr. p. >. 

. Dam the mother of an animal dam a bank or 
structure to confine water damn to condemn 

Damm "a village of Bavaria Damme a 
fortified town of Belgium Damme an island 
of the Malay archipe'ago the church of Notre- 
Dame Paris. 

Damp humidity damp to dii-courage. 

Dane a native of Denmark deign to condescend. 

Dart or Dar a fish found in the Severn dart a 
missile weapon dart to fly or shoot, to start 
sudden 'y Dart a river of England. 

Dash to strike, to collide dash a flourish, a slroke 
of the pen, etc. dash a dog's name. 

Date a lime date the fruit of the date tree. 

Daub to smear daub to play the hypocrite. 

Day time, light, 24 hours dey a moorish governor 
Day a township of Saratoga N. T. 

Daze to dazzle days plural of day. 

Deal to divide or parcel out, as to deal cards deal a 
share, as a good deal a groat deal deal a 
fir or pine plank deal to trade or traffic 

Deel a river of Ireland. 

Dean an ecclesiastical dignitary Dcen a river of 

Dear costly dear beloved deer air animal 

d'y'liear do you hear dere to hurt. 


Decern (o judge discern to see, to see the dif- 

Deck of a vessel deck to array, to embellish. 

Decline consumption decline to inflect or decline 
a noun decline to deviate to decline to 

Deem to Ihink, to judge Deem a P. 0. of Owen 
eounty, Indiana disme (deem) a tenth part, a 

Deer see Dear. Defect a fault defect a defi- 

Deign see Dane. Delate to carry, to convey 
delate to inform against dilate to expand. 

Delf or Delph a mine, a quarry, a pit dug Delft 
(de'f) a town of the Netherlands. 

Dell a narrow valley between two hills - Delle a 
village of France. 

Demi a prefix: half demy a particular size of 

Dental pertaining to the teeth dental of articula- 
tion, as d, t and th dental a shell fish 
dentil in architecture, a tooth-like ornament. 

Depend to hang defend to rely depend to 
be incident on. 

Dependence hanging down dependence reliance, 
the act of being dependent on dependents 
subject to the power of. 
Deport lo transport "deport behavior. 
Depository a store depositary a store keeper/ 


Derm the animal skin Durham a maritime county 

of England. 
Desert 1 that which one deserves "desert to run 

away, to abandon disert eloquent. 
Design intention design delineation. 
Designing" artful designing the act of delineating 
Deviser one who devises, contrives divisor a 

term in arithmetic devise her, to bequeath to. 
Dew mist, vapor dne what in owing d'you do you. 
Di a prefix die to lose 'ife die the singular of 

dice die a stamp dye n. and v. to color, to 


Diet an assembly diet food diet a regulated 

regimen of food. 
Diffuse not concise diffuse to scatter. 

Dip to immerse, to sink the dip of the magnetic 

needle dip to engage in. 

Dire dreadful dire dismal dyer one who dyes. 
Discert to tear to pieces, to separate dissert to 


Discharge to unload discharge to liberate. 

Discide to divide, to cutjn pieces decide to deter- 


Discreet reserved, reticent discrete separate, 

distinct, not concrete. 
Disc or Disk of the sun, moon, etc. disc a quoit 

disk in botany : the whole surface of a leaf, 
Disease disorder, sickness disseize to dispossess. 

Disposition disposal, arrangement disposition 

inclination, temper, etc. 
Dissent to differ in opinion descent declivity 

descent lineage. 
Distemper disease distemper a species of paint 

or coloring mixture. 
Dive to descend into water dive to go deep into any 

subject dive to exp'ore. 

Divers various diverse different, differing. 

Divine pertaining to the true god divine a minister 1 
of the gospel divine to forethel! divine to 
practise divination. 

Do tl>e name of the first of the musical syllables in mo- 
dern solfeggio ' doe the female deer dough 
unbaked paste DoW a eel. dutch painter. 

Dock for vessels dock an herb dock to cut off. 

Doctor a learned man, a teacher ' doctor a phy- 

Does v. do does- plural of doe dougllS plural 
of dough Dow'S ale DoW's eel. dutch 
painter doze to shim her a dose of medicine, 

Dog an nnimal dog" to hunt, to Worry. 

Dole to deal, to distribute dole grief, sorrow. 

Done v. do dun a dark, yellow color dun to 
importune for a debt Dunn a p. n, 

Door a passage way doer one who does. 

Double to fold double twice as much to dou- 
ble a cape, or point, in navigation double 

40 - 

Oouu below down soft feathers doWii an 
open plain down a bunk of sand thrown up by 
the sea. 

Doze see Does* Drab of a dun color drab a 
kind of thick woolen cloth of a dun color drab 
a low sliittish woman 

Draft a bill of exchange draught a drawing 
draught of water of a vessel draught a 
drink draught of a chimney. 
Drake the male of the dnck kind Drake a eel. en- 

glish mariner. 

Dram a glass of spirits drachm a small weight. 
Draught see Draft. Draw to drag draw from 

a cask or well draw to delineate. 
Drawer one who pulls -* the drawer of a table, etc. 
Dredge a draguet for taking oysters dredge a 
mixture of oats and barley sown together 
dredge to deepen a river or harbor. 
Dress to straighten, to adjust, to arrange dress to 

put on clothes* 

Drift of a vessel at sea drift of a discourse a 
drift of snow drift of a mine drift wood. 
Drill a pointed instrument to drill recruits drill 

to sow in drills to drill a hole. 
Drone the male of the honey bee drone to live in 


Drop to fall a drop of water, etc. 
Drove of cattle drove v. drive. 
Drug a medicine drug a worthless thing. 

- 41 

Drum a martial instr. of music the drum of the 
ear drum to beat Drum a p. n. 

Duck a species of coarse cloth or light canvas used for 
saila duck a water fowl duck to dip or 
plunge the head in water. 

Due pee Dew. Dumps melancholy or gloom 
dumps plural of dump : an embankment or 
place of deposit dumps does dump. 

Dust earth dost v. do, for doest v. to dust. 
Dye see Di. Dyeing coloring dyingr expiring. 

E a letter of the alph. E as a numeral stands for 250 

In the calendar E is the fifth of the dominical 

letters E of the musical gamut E abreviation 

stands for East, etc. he pron. : that person. 
Each every one itch that inclines one to scratch 

to hitch a horse. 
Ear the organ of hearing ear a spike of corn 

year twelve months hear to hearken here 

in this place e'er ever. 
Earl a british title of nobility hurl to throw 

Errol a man's name. 
Earring: a pendant worn from the ear hearing 

Early in good season hurly turbulent, tumult, 

bustle, confusion hurly a game : to play at 

hurly Hurly a p. n. 

Earn to gain, earn to merit earn to long for 



earn to curdle urn a vessel Hearn a p. 

n. ern the osprey Erin Ireland. 
Ease rest he's he is ease to quiet, free from pain. 
Eat to eat food heat warmth. 

Eater one who eats heater an apparatus for heating. 
Eaves the over hanging lower edge of a roof heaves 

to throw, to throb, to swell. 

Eclat fr. Okla) splendor Heclaa volcano of Iceland. 
Eclipse of the sun or moon eclipse (o hide, to-' 

outshine he clips. 
Edge the border or point of any thing the edge of a 

cutting instrument hedge a thicket of thorn 

bushes, etc., as an inc'osure to edge to move 

sideways, to more close to the wind. 
Edging giving an edge edging a border, a narrow 

lace T- edging v. to edge. 
Edify to build edify to teach, to set a good examp t? 

a defy a challenge. 
Eel a fi*h heal to cure heel of the foot he'll 

he will 111, llle rivers of Fr. 
Eft a saurian reptile eft adv. : soon after, again, soonr 

quickly heft heaving, effort, weight. 
Eger or Eagre an impetuous flood eager anxious. 
Egg of a bird or insect Hague a town of the Nether- 
lands Egg a vil. of Switzerland. 
Eigh I see A. Eight a number ate v. eat hate 

to detest. 
Eke to increase, to make go a long way . eke adv> 

also, in addition. 
Eld old age, old iimes held iu the hand, fast. 


Elder older elder a tree or plant held her. 

Elf an evil spirit, a devil elf a dwarf, a diminutive 
person elf v. to entangle hair as elves are sup- 
posed to do elf a hag, a witch. 

Elicit to draw out of illicit illegal, not lawful. 

Elk an animal ; the moose elfe-nut, -a plant, called 
also oil-nut. 

Ell a measure of length hell the place or state of 
punishment for the wicked hell the receptacle 
for a printers broken type, or a tailor's shreds. 

Elude to escape from illwde to mock, to deceive. 
Ember Ambers : glowing or unexiinguished coals 

ember days. 
Emerge to rise ont of immerge to plunge into. 

Empty vacant, containing nothing to empty or 

pour out. 
Emu a sort of ostrich or cassowary the he - mew 

a sea fowl, the male. 
En (a-prefix) in hen a domestic bird hen the 

female of any kind of fowl or bird. 

End n. and v. to finish hend gentle (Chaucer). 

Engross to monopolize engross to copy in gross 
or large characters. 

Ennew to make new anew over again. 

Ens entity, being, existence hens domestic fowls 
hence (imperfect horn, the final ce having the 
pound of s and not of z a 5 * in ens) from this place- 
from thi* time Ennis a p. n. 


Entertain to amuse entertain to hold in the 


Ere before e'er ever ear the organ of hearing. 
Errand a message errant wandering. 

Espy Jo see, to -perceive espy a spy, a scout. 
Essay n. and v. to attempt, to try assay n. and v. 

as of an alloy, an ore. 
Essayer one who writes essays (essayist) assayer 

one who assays. 
Etch or eddish : ground from which a crop has been 

taken etch to practice etching Ha letter of 

the alph. 
Ether beyond the atmosphere heather hea h- 

Eugh a tree yew a tree hue a color, a tint 
yon yourself ewe a female sheep Hugh a 
man's name hew to cut U letter of the alph. 

Eve the consort of Adam eve even, the evening or 
decline of th-e day Christmas eve the day before 

heave to swell, to ri*e as the pea, the bo^om 

heave to rise, to lift to heave in fight as 
a vessel. 

Even evening even level, smooth even eqnal 
even not odd "even adv. so much as. 

Evil wicked evil sin, mischief, malady evil adv. 
injuriously, ill. 

Ewe ?ee Eugh Ewer a pitcher your pronoim 

you'r you are hewer one who hews - 
you or huer one whose business is to cry 
out or give an alarm. 

- 45 

Ex out, as an ex-mayor hecks plural of heck, foi 4 

catching fish, a rack, a latch, etc. 
Exact to practice extortion exact precise exact 

Exceed to surpass, to excel accede to agree 01* 

Except to leave out except to object accept to 

receive, to consent. 

Excite to rouse, to inflame accite to cite, to summon. 
Excuse an apology * excuse 'imp. hom.: s in the 

first, z in the second) to give an excuse. 

Expedience fitness, advisability expedience 

haste, dispatch expedients means di vised. 
Express to press out as juice from fruit express 
to utter words express to send off speedily 
express a message sent. 

Eye the organ of sight eye to see, to observe eye 
a brood, as an eye of pheasants I letter of the 
al ph. I myself high lofty, elevated hie 
to go, to speed ay or aye yes. 

F letter of the alph. * as a latin numeral F" stands for 1 
40 and with a dash over the topF is 40,000 - 
F of the scale of music - as an abbreviation F 
stands for Fahrenheit, Fellow as F. R. S. fellow of 
the Royal Society. 

Face the front of the head face the surface of any- 
thing -face to meet fesse a term in heraldry : 
a bond or girdle. 

- 40 

Fade to wither fade to lose color, to become pale. 
Fag !o beat fag a drudge fag a knot or coarse 

part in cloth. 
Fail to decay fail to desert, to disappoint fail to 

become a bankrupt. 
Fain glad, pleased fain adv. gladly fane a 

temple feign t*o dissemble. 
Faint weak, dejected faint cowardly faint to . 

lose the animal functions, to swoon feint a 

pretence feint feigned, counterfeit 
Fair jiut, right fair handsome fair a market or 

bazaar fare price of conveyance fare food 

La Fere a town of France the island of Fer 

one of the canary islands a fair or favorable '. 

wind Feer a fr. p. n. 

Faith beleif in faith exclam : in truth, verily. 
Fall to drop the fall of -he year fall part of the 

tackle of a hoisting apparatus. 
Fallow pale red or pa'e yellow fallow unplowed 

and unseeded land fallow to plow. 
Fan for agitating the air and thus cooling the face 

fan n. and v. to winnow. 
Far dis-tarft far to a great extent far the young of 

swine, a litter of pigs. 

Fare see Fair. Farm a tract of land farm to lease. 
Farrow n. and v. to bring forth pigs farrow as a 

non producing cow. 

Fast firm fast quick fast abstinence from food. 
Fat fleshy fat on unctuous, oily substance fat a 

measure of capacity. 


Fate destiny fete a festival . 

Fault a failing, an error, a defect fault in mining f 
a disturbance of the strata. 

Fauii a sylvan deity fawn to flatter, to cringe 

fawn a young deer fawn color. 
Feal faithful - feel to know, to perceive feel to 

touch Feale a riv. of Freland. 
Fear arixiely, fright fear reverence, worship 

Fere a town of France Fer one of the Canary 

is'ands Feer a fr. p. n. fee her. 
Feat a deed or exploit feet the plural of foot. 
Feaxe to untwist the end of a rope fees plural of 

fee : a payment fees does fee : to pay, to bribe 

feese a race (not in use . 

Feed retained by a fee feed n. and v. to take food. 
Fell did fall fell to cut down fell to knock down 

fell dire, cruel. 
Fellow an associate fellow one of a pair fellow 

a mean wretch felloe felly : the outer rim of" 

a wheel fellow an equal. 
Felly cruelly, barbariously felly the exterior part 

of a wheel. 
Felt perceived, did feel felt of which hats, etc. are 

Ferm a farm or rent firm strong, steady firm a 

house of trade. 
Ferret a kind of narrow tape ferret an animal of 

the weasel kind ferret to drive out of a lurking 

p'ace Ferrette and old town of Fr. 


n. and v. to pass over water in a boat Ferry 
a fr. politician, 

Fend a quarrel, a grudge feod a freehold. 
Figure shape figure a statue figure a numerical 


File a catalogue file a line or rank of soldiers - 
file a wire or hook on which papers are strung 
to file a bill, to put on, in the file file an instru- 
ment for rasping file formerly used for defile. 
Fill to store till full fill to have one's fill- 
Fillet a thread, a bandage fillet a chaplet round the 

head a fillet of veal fillet a molding. 
Fillip a jerk, a blow from the finger let go from the 

thumb Philip a man's name. 

Filter a strainer filter to purify pllilter a 
potion, a charm to excite love philter to 
excite to love, to charm. 
Fine thin fine clear fine splendid fine a 

forfeit fine the end. 
Find to discover fined did fine. 

Fir a tree fur skin with soft hair to fur or line 

Fire ardor, heat fire combustion to fire a gun, 
to drive by fire. 

Firm see Ferm. Fisher one wo fishes fissure 

a cleft, a crack Fisher a p. n. 
Fit proper, suitable fit a paroxysm fit to suit. 
Fix to place, to steady to be in a fix figs plural 

of fig. (-an imperfect homonym). 


Flag the colors or ensign, of a ship flag* to hang 
loosely flag to grow spiritless flag a water 
plant flag n. and v. to flag or pave with flags 
or flat stones. 

Flake as a snow flake flake to break or scale off 
or separate in layers. 

Flame a blaze flame to excite phlegm (flem) 
a humor secreted in the throat phlegm dull- 
ness, coldness. 

Flank of an animal flank of an army flank to 

Flap anything broad and thin that hangs loose flap 

to move as wings. 

Flare to waver flare an unsteady, flickering light 

flayer one who strips off the skin. 
Flash of light flash the slang language of theives 

flash to strike up water from the surface. 

Flask for water, etc. a powder flask flask a 
bed in a gun carriage. 

Flat having an even surface flat tasteless, stale 
flat a level or extended plain the flat or blade 
of an oar flat in painting, wanting relief flat 
or separate floor or story of a house flat a flat 
bottomed boat to fall flat extended on the 

Flatter smoother flatter to praise falsely. 

Flea a well known insect. flee to run away. 

Fleet a number of ships fleet nimble, swift fleet 
a navy. 



Fletcher a maker of bows and arrows Fletcher 

a p. n. 
Flew v. fly flue a pipe, a chimney flue flue 

soft fur or down. 

Flight of birds a flight of stairs. 
Fling to cast, to throw fling to flounce as in the 

highland fling. 
Flirt to play at courtship flirt a sudden jerk flirf 

to jeer or gibe. 
Flock a company of birds or beasts flock a lock of 

Floe a large mass of floating ice flow to glide along 

smoothly the flow or rise of the tide to flow- 
to melt, to become liquid. 
Flour from meal flower a blossom. 

Flue see Flew. Flurry a sudden gust of wind, 
flurry of snow or of rain flurry to put in agi- 
tation, to excite or alarm. 

Flush to flow suddenly to flush a sewer a flush 
of the face to flush to excite a flush of 
cards or run of the same suit to be flush with 
one's money flush the being on a same level y 
as one board of a floor is flush with the adjoining 
ones on either side. 

Fly an insect fly through the air fly the Totaling 
part of a vane fly a light carriage fly to shun. 

Foe an enemy Fo name of Bouddha in China de 
Foe author of" Robinson Crusoe" foh I an 
exclam. of abhorrence or contempt. 


Foil a blunt weapon foil to frustrate foil a leaf 
or thin plate of metal foil the track or trail of 
game when pursued foil thin coat of tin and 
quicksilver laid on the back of a mirror or looking 
glass to cause reflection foil a defeat. 

Foist to insert surreptitiously loist a light and fast 
sailing ship. 

Fold a double or plait fold a place in which sheep 
are inelosed foaled disburdened of a foal, as 
a in are tenfold, manifold. 

Font a larg/ basin for baptism font an assortment of 
printing types. 

Fool an idle, a foolish person fool a compound of 
gooseberries scalded and crushe 1 with cream to 
fool to trifle, to try Tiill replete, filled. 

Foot of a man, of an animal the foot of a mountain 
the foot of a table foot a measure of 12 inches 
- Foote a ji. n. 

Fore in front four a number Faure a p. ri. 

Forge of a blacksmith to forge or beat into shape 
with the hammer forge to fabricate or coun- 
terfeit as a note or signature. 

Fork as a table fork, a pitch fork to fork or 
shoot it, to blades, as corn the fork of a road. 

Form shape, appearance form a bench or seat 
form a class form to make, to shape. 

Fort a fortified place forte what a person knows or 

can do best for't for it. 
Forth prep, out of forth, adv. forward fourth 

O f j n iy the Forth a river of Scotland the 

Forth mountains of Tre'and. 


'Foul dirty foul unfair fowl a bird foul 


Found to lay the foundation of found to establish 
found to ca^t, to form by pouring molten 
metal into a mould. 

Founder one who establishes founder a carter 
founder to sink to the bottom to founder 
or lame a horse found her. 
Four see Fore. Fowl see Foul. 
FOX an animal fox a sly, cunning fellow FoX an 
engl. statesman Fox founder of the sect of 
quakers in England. 

Foy a feast given by one who is about to have a place 
foy fr., faith Foy a fr. general and political 

Frank open, candid frank, an ancient coin of Fr. 
franc a silver coin of Fr. frank a siy for 
swine frank to exempt, as a letter from the 
charge of postage Frank a man's name 
a frank one of the Franks who conquered Fr. 
Frays broils, quarrels phrase a sentence Fraize 

a town of Fr. 

Freeze to congeal frieze a term in architecture 
frieze a coarse woolen cloih frees to free. 

Fresh not salt fresh new, recently grown or made 

fresh sweet, in a good state, not stale fresh 

a freshet. 
Fret to wear away by rubbing fret to tease, to vex 

fret to grieve fret in architecture, ornamental 

raised work. 

Friar a ino .k,a bro her of any religious order 

one who fries. 

Frith a narrow passage, or channel frith a forest. 
Fritter n. and v. to fry after cutting into small pieces 

fritter to waste, to reduce to nothing. 
Fry to dress food by frying fry a swarm or crowd of 

young fishes. 
Full see Fool* Fuller one who fulls cloth fuller 

nearer or more nearly full. 
Fund, a sto k or capital fund ground, bottom, 

Fungus a imi -broom, a toadstool, an excrescence 

fungous excrescent, spongy filn Gus. 

Fur see Fir. Furs skins with soft hair firs flr 

tress furze prickly shrubs furs v. to fur, 

to line with. 
Fuse (o me t, to liquify fuse used for firing mines 

Fusee of a watch or 'clock "fusee a small neat 

musket or firelock^ 
Fust ihe shaft of a column fttst a strong musty 


Fuzz fine, light particles ; loose, volatile matter (o 
fuzz to fly of in minute particles, 


te letter of the alph. as a numeral Gr was anciently 
used to denote 400 and with a dash over it 40,000 
O of the diatonic scale -^ "Gr stands for Great 
as G. B. Great Britain ; G. M. Grand Master ; G. 
R. Georgius Rer gee or jee to a horse: to 
the right. 

Grab the mouth -- gato to lalk idly, to prate. 

Crat>el a !ax, an impost ; usually an exci-e gable 
end or wall of a house* etc. 

Glad a goad upon the gad, spur or impulse of the 
moment gad. to walk or ramb'e about, as to go 
gadding Gad name of one of the twelve tribes 
of Hebrews. 

Graff a light spear used by fishermen gaff a sort of 
boom to extend a fore and aft sail. 

Grage a pledge or pawn gauge n. and v. to measure 
the conlents of a tub, cask, etc. a joiner's 
gauge a green-gage a species of plum. 

Grain profit, advantage Grahen a p. n. 

manner of walking gate a door, an entrance ~^ 
Gaete (Gaeta) ti fortified town ofliaV. 
of wind gale a plant growing in bogs gale 
to sail or sail fast gale a genus of sea hedge- 
hogs - Glail a learned fr. heMenist or greek 
scholar Gael (Gaul> Gallia) of the highlands 
of Scotland. 


Gall bile, rancor Gaul ancient name of France 
Gall a german physician, inventor of phrenology 
Galle an engraver of medals gall an ex- 
cressence on a kind of oak tree gall to fret, to- 
vex gall to wound the skin by rubbing. 

Galleon a class of Spanish merchant ships galloon 

a kind of lace. 
Galley a species of vessel galley a place of toil and 

misery galley or gaily an instr., a frame used 

by printers. 

Gait or Gault blue marl of the chalk formation 

Gait a p. n. 
Gamble (o practice gaming ganabol to frisk 

gambol a frolic. 
Game of ball, etc. game to play as a gambler 

game as partridges, horses, etc. 

Gar a fish gar a weapon gar to caufje, to make, 
Gartli a dam or weir for catching fish garth a 

close, a backside, a yard, a garden, a croft 

Gartli a p. n. 
Gate see Gait Gaudy showy gaudy a feast 

or festival : a word in the University of Oxford. 

Gauge see Gage. Gawk a cuckoo gawk a 

Gawn a small tub or lading vessel gone verb go. 

Gay merry gay an ornament Gay an english 
fabulist Gay-Lussac a eel. fr. physician and 
chemist and balloonist Guay a p. n. 

Gem a jewel gem n. and v. to germinate, to bud. 


Geiiet a horse genet a son of pole-cat or civet- 
genet a name given to cat-skins when made info 
muffs and tippets. 

Gentil a species of falcon or hawk gentle mild, 
meek, soothing. 

Gestor one who relates the achievements of distin- 
guished personages jester a person given to 
jesting and sarcasm jester a buffoon. 

Gild to cover witb leaf gold guild a corporation. 

Oill ( j ) a measure gill a plant Jack and Gill a 
woman's name. 

Gill (g) an organ of respiration gill the flap that 
hangs below the beak of a fowl gill (in En- 
giant) akind of wheeled vehicle for timber gill 
a glen, a brook. 

Gilt alornend with gold guilt crime, wickedness. 

Gimp a kind of silk twist or edging gimp smart, 
spruce, trim, nice. 

Gin ( j ) a trap, a snare a cotton ginjo clear it of 
its seeds gin a spirituous 'liquor gin for 
engine, as a pile driver, etc. gem earth, humus. 

Gird, a twitch, a spasm gird to bind, to girdle 
gird to gibe, to snear. 

Glade an opening, a passage glade smooth ice. 

Glair the white of an egg glare dazzling light 
glare or glaire ice. 

Glib smooth glib a thick, curled bush of hair hang- 
ing down over the eyes Sflib to castrate. 


Olooiil obscurity gloom to shine obscurely or im- 

Oloss superficial lustre gloss a comment. 
Crloze lo palliate, to flatter glows does glow. 

viul to cloy, to fill, to saturate glut a large wooden 

Ciiieiss mice) a species of rock nice dainty, delicate, 
scrupulous Nice a town of Italy. 

Croal the bound, the starting post goll the hollow of 
the hand. 

Oord a sort of dice gored did gore gourd a 
plant like a melon. 

Oore clotted blood gore to stab or pierce with 
horns goar a tapering piece of cloth Core 
a p. IK goer one who goes, a horse. 

Clorge a narrow passage between hills gorge to 
surfeit with food. 

CrOUge a hollow or curved chisel gouge to force 

out the eye of a person with the thumb or finger. 
Crourd see Gord. Oout a disease gowt a sluice 

in an ernbankmerH g'out g<3 out. 
Crrace favor, mercy grace beauty grace to 

Crrade a degree of ascent or descent in a road grade 

a degree or rank in order of dignity grade as 

to grade a canal or road* 
drain a small weight a grain of sand, salt, etc. 

a grain of corn the grain or texture of cloth 

grain the temper or constitution of the mind. 



Orate for fire grate to act harshly on the feeling-- 
grate to rub against a rough surface great 
large, grand the grate or grating of a window, 
Grateful thankful grateful delightful great 

fool grate full 
Grater a rasp or rough file greater comp. of great 

grate, great or. 

Grave to engrave grave for the dead grave to- 
clean a ships' bottom Grave a town of Fr. 
Greve at Paris - the place where great criminals 
were formerly executed grave momentous 
grave not gay. 

Gray a gray color gray white, hoary Gray an 
english poet Gray a town of France Grey 
lady Jane lord Grey an engl, statesman. 
Graze to crop or feed on grass graze to touch 

slightly grays mixed colors. 

Great see Grate. Greaves armor for the leg*, a 

sort of boots greaves- the sediment of melted 

tallow grieves v. to grieve Greaves a p. n. 

Grease ( c) melted fat greece plural of gree :- a 

step Greece a country of Europe. 
Grease ( z ) to smear, to anoint, to daub with grease or 
fat grease to bribe grise (pomme grise) a 
rueset Gries an> Alpine summit. 
Green a color green fresh, flourishing, new - 

green unripe green inexperienced. 
Grip a grasp grip to trench, to drain grippe a 

disease Grip a humoristic journal. 
Grizzly somewhat gray grisly hideous, horrible 
gristly consisting of gristle. 


(o breathe with a deep, murmuring sound, to 
sigh deeply grown v. 10 grow. 

Grocer a dealer in tea, etc. grosser comparative 
of gross grow sir gross or. 

Gross twelve dozen gross coarse, rough gross 
rude, stupid, dull gross obscene, indelicate. 

Grot or Grott a grolto or cell groat fourpence 
grow't _(it) garrote. 

Ground la'id, territory ground to run aground, to 
strand ground to found, to fix, to settle 
ground did grind ground reduced to powder. 

Guard to defend, to watch guard one or a body of 
soldiers the guard of a weapon. 

Guest a visitor guessed did guess. 

Gum the flesh about the teeth gum from trees. 

<H letter of the alph. H as a roman numeral denotes 
200 and with a stroke over it 200,000 H. as an 
abbreviation for hydrogen, Henry, etc etch or 
eddish: ground from which a crop has been taken 
etch to practice etching 

Ha ! an e*el.<o'f surprise, grief, etc- hah ! an excl. 
expressing effort Haa an island of Scotland. 

felaaf the term used to denote the fishing of cod and 
tu^k, in the Shetland Isles F a letter of the alph. 

Haberdine a dried salt cod Aberdeen a towa of 
3co land Aberdeen an english statesman. 

GO - 

Habit a custom habit n. and v. to dress, to clothe 

habit to inhabit abbot- 
Hack n. and v. to natch, to cut hack to speak with 
hesitation liacR a horse k pt for hire hack 
to' cough. 

Mad v. have acid to sum, to put together. 
Hadder heath adder a serpent had her 

add Ilur* 
Hade the steep descent of a shaft in a mine, of a hill 

aid help. 

Haft a handle aft the stern of a ship. 
Hag an ugly old woman, a witch hag to harass, to- 


Hague a town of the Netherlands egg as a hen's egg:, 
Ha ha a fence or bank sunk between slopes, or a ditch 
not seen till close upon it and giving rise to the 
excl. ha ! ha I . 

Haik a cloth worn by the Arabs under the burnaose or 
over the tunic hake a kind of sea fi-h hake 
to sneak, to go about idly ache to pain. 
Hail frozen rain hail to salute hale strong, 

hearty Hale a p. n. 

Hair of the head hare an animal Ayer a p. n. 
ere before e'er ever heir one that inherits 
air the atmosphere Ayr a town in Scotland. 
Hale see Hail* Hall a large room haul to pull 

or drag Hall a p. n . 

Halter a rope, a strap for leading a horse or hanging a 
criminal alter to change altar a mound, a 
table, a~ the a'tar in a church. 


Hani tli e thigh am v. be Hani a chateau, a 

town of Fr. Iialm straw. 
Hamper a large packing basket hamper to put 

obstacles in one's way hamper to perplex. 
Hand of the arm hand a measure of four inches 

hand to give, to present the hand of God 

and also. 

Han for haw in the plural " ail a, one, 
Hanker to have a vehement desire for anchor v, 

ami n. to fix or fasten with an anker a mea- 
sure of wine and spirits. 
Hanse towns in Germany " ants plural of ant 

aunts plural of aunt. 

Harbor a shelter, an asylum harbor to lodge 

arbor day arbor a frame of lattice work 

covered with vines, etc 
Hark to listen arc of a circle Noah's ark arc 

to shoot arrows Arc a river and village of Fr. 
Harm hurt, injure, damage arm of a man arm 

to equip With weapons. 
Harmful hurtful arm-full what the arms can 


Harp an instrument harp to dwell on tediously or 

Harrow an excl. of sudden distress harrow to 

torment to harrow a field arrow a shaft, 

a weapon, a missile. 
Hart a kind of stag - heart the seat of life art 

ingenuity - Art a village of Switzerland. 

v. have as in the same way that* 
Hash mince meat asft n tree Ashe a p. TU 

Hasp n. and v. to shut or fasten with a asp apic> 

a small poisonous serpent. 
Hatch to produce young hatch of a vessel 

hatch to cross with lines, in drawing and en- 

Hate to detest ate did eat eight a number 

ait an islet or little isle in a river or lake. 
Haugh a low lying meadow haw a berry awe 

to frighten, 
Ilaught high, elevated haught proud, insolent 

auglit anything ought should. 

Haul a pull and to pull hall a large room Hall 

a p. n. awl a piercer. 
Haw see Haugh. Hawk a, bird hawk to cry, 

to offer for sale to hawk and spit a plasterers' 

hawke auk an aquatic bird. 
Hawse a maritime word (see Web-ter) haws crab 

apples awes does awe- 

Hay see A. Haze fog the ayes and nays 

Hayes a p. n. > Hase a learned fr. Hellenist. 

Heal to cure heel of the foot, of a boat he'll he 
will eel a fish hele the masonic lieil, to 

conceal 111 a riv. of Fr. Hie a town of Fr. 
Hear to hearken here in this place year twelve 
months ear the organ of hearing e'er ever 
ere before ear a blade of corn. 


Hearse or Herse f r (he dead hearse a hind in 

the second year of her age erse the language 

of the descendants of the Gaels or Cells in the 

highlands of Scotland. 

Heart see Hart. Heat of the sun eat food. 
Heave to throw heave to swell like the ocean 

Eve our common mother the eve of Christmas. 
Heaven the sky heaven the eternal abode of the 

good haven a harbor. 
Heaves a disease of horses heaves does heave 

the eaves of a house the eves of holidays, 

etc Eve's belonging to Eve. 
Heazy hoarse, wheezing easy not difficult easy 

free from anxiety. 
Heck a rack for fodder for cattle heelt a bend in a 

stream heeli a hatch or latch of a door. 
Hedge n. and v. to inclose with a edge the border 

of anything Edge a p. n. 

Heed to mind, to consider he'd he had or he would, 
Heel see Heal. Heirsee Hair Held did hold 

eld Id age, people or times. 
Hell for the damned ell measure of length. 

Helm a rudder elm a tree fire of St. Elm (Elma) 
a will-o-the-whisp seen at the mast head of vessels 
during an eletric state of the atmosphere. 

Help to assist help to prevent help to avoid, as, 
it can not be helped or avoided. 

Hem n. and v. to form a hem, a border to hem and 
haw Ma letter of the alph. Hem se\ era-1 
villages of France 'em for them. 


lien a domestic fowl N a letter of the alph. 

Hep the fruit of the wild dog-rose ep a prefix : on. 

Her the Ben Hur a p. n. err to go wrong, to 

go astray. 

Herd of cattle heard did hear. 
Herds of cattle hurds hards, the coarse part of 

flax or hemp. 
Here see Hear. Hern a heron earn to gain, to 

win, to deserve Hearii a p. n. 

Hew to cut down line a tint, a color yew a tree 

Hugh a man's name yon a pers. pronoun 

ewe a female sheep U a letter of the alph. 

hue a cry. 
Hey ! see A. Hide to conceal hied went in haste 

hide the skin of an animal I'd I would 

or I had. 
Hie to go in haste high elevated I myself eye 

the organ of sight eye to observe I letter of 

the alphabet see I. 
High see Hie. Hill an elevation ill unwell 

Hill a p. n. 
Him he, that person hymn a song or ode in honor 

of God hyin a bloodhound. 

Hin a hebrew measure of liquid in inside, within : 

in by or through inn a tavern. 
Hind the female of the red deer or stag hind a 

peasant, a rustic boor for behind, as hind legs. 

Hint an allusion, intimation, a suggestion in't in it. 

- 65 

Hire wage?, recompense higher more elevated 
ire anger, wrath eye, hie her. 

Mis of him is v. be Ize a town of Fr. 

Hit to strike hit a chance hit to reach it that 

thing eat imp. horn. 
Hitch to tie, to hook, to catch itch a cutaneous 

disease each imp horn. 
Hive a, hive or to hive bees I've, I have* 
Hoar white, grey, musty oar with which to impel a 

boat, o'er over Iffoare a p. n. hoer one 

who hoes ower one who owes money. 
Hoard n. and v. to store horde a tribe, a band 

ord an edge or point oared impelled by 

rowing hoard a fence, 
Hoax a joke hoax to deceive oaks plural of 

oak, a live - Oake's of Oake, a par. of Engl. 
Hob or hub the nave of a wheel the ho of a fire 

grate hob a clown, a fairy. 
Hock an stetned rhenish wine hock the joint of 

an animal between the knee and the fetlock 

hock 10 hamstring, to disable by cutting the 

tendons of t>e harn hough (hok) the ham. 
Hod for mortar ~- odd singular odd not even. 
Hoe to cut, to dig, scrape with a to owe money 

Oh ! excl. letter O the marquis of O see O. 

Hold to contain hold to stop, to restrain to hold 
out, to endure old age Old decayed the 
hold of a ship hold to support. 

Hole a hollow., a cavity whole all, entire, 


HolfOW a cavity, to dig hollow to sliouf , 

Holy sacred, pure wholly entirely, completely. 

Home one's dwelling holm the evergreen oak ; tne 
ilex holm an islet or river isle holm & 
low, flat tract of land on the banks of a river 
Olm a measure of electricity aume a dutch 
measure for rhenish wine. 

Homer a hebrew measure of capacity Homer a 
eel. greek poet Omer St., Fr. Omer a &. p. u, 

Hone a sharpening stone hone to- pine, to long - 
own belonging to one's self Owen a man's 3 
name Aulne a riv. of Fr. 

Hood for the head the hood over a hatch -way of 

vessel Who'd who would. 
Hop ta jump an one leg hop a climbing plant. 

Hops- a plant used in brewing Ops the earth in 
grecian mythology hops jum>ps. 

Horde see Hoard. Horn of an animal horn a 
hard animal substance as of the foot horn a 
wind instrument horn a drinking cup horn 
a drink horn a winding stream horn to- 
cuckold cape Horn* 

Hose stockings hose for exting. fires, and watering: 
purposes owes does owe hoes does hoe. 

Host the master of a feast host land lord of an inn 
host an army host any great number host 
the sacrifice of the mass thou owest, hoestr 

Hour of the day onr belonging to us OWre a 
animal larger than a buifal-o. 


House v. ( z ) to put into a house how's how is 
Howe's belonging to Howe Elias Howes in- 
ventor of a sewing machine. 

How in which way Howe a p. n, 

Howl to roar, as a tempest the howl or cry of a 
dog owl a bird. 

Hox to hough (hock) to hamstring OX a male bovine 
animal hocks different brands of hock or 
rhenish wine hawks does hawk aulks. 

Hue see 17. Hued having a color hewed hewn, 
cut dowrn you'd you would. 

Huff sudden anger or arrogance huff to swell, to 
enlarge, to puff Hough (huf; a man's name. 

Humor moisture humor a disease of the skin 
humor petulance humor to gratify 
humor as of a humorist. 

Hums ioes hum Hums or If oms a town of Syria. 

Hungry for food, Hungary a kingdom of Europe. 
Hurds see Herds. Hurl to throw with violence 

earl a title of nobility in England Enrol a 

man's name Hurl gate N. Y., hell gate. 
Hurry bustle, dispatch, be quick urry a sort of 

blue or black clay. 
Husband a married man husband to manage 

If lit a hovel, a small house ut re mi fa sol la si. 

Hyinen marriage Hymen the son of Bacchus and 
of Venus the hymen or pellicle inclosing a 
flower in the bud hymen the virginal mem- 
feratre tiiiaii or Imaum a mahommedan prince 
as the Imaum of Muscat. 


I letter of the a'ph. I myself eye the organ of 
sight hie to go quickly high elevated eye 
ta observe as a numeral I stands for o,.e, II for 
two, III for three. Placed before V or X, it is 
subtractive as IV for four, IX for nine. Placed 
after V or X, it is additive, as VI for six, XI for 
eleven. Seven is written VII and eight VIII, etc 
I abbreviative for J. as I. N. R. I., Jesus of 
Nazareth, King of the Jews i e for id est, that i, 

I'd for I would or I had hide to conceal hide 
the skin of an ox hied did hie: to speed 
eyed did eye or see, seen, observed, watched. 

Id for idem hid hidden. Ideal I deal. Id 
est hiddest didst hide. 

Idle not employed .Idle slothful idle trifling 
idle to spend in idleness idol an image idol 
a person lovsd and honored to adoration idyl 
a short poem high dill a ptant. 

Idolize to love to excess idle eyes* 

leland, Hand or Island land surrounded by water 
- high land isle, aisle and, I'll hand 
I will hand hile and. 

He a ear of corn isle island aisle in a church 
I'll I will hile hilum. 

Ill bad or evil ill unwell ill adv. not rightly 
hill an elevation of land, a heap of earth, arr 
ant-hill Hill a p. n. 111, Hie rivers of Fr, 


lllude to deceive elude to avoid ill lined, 

hewed hewn : colored or cut. 

I'm for I am Heigham a p. n. eye him, imanm, a mahomrnedan prince as the imaum of 
Muscat hymen marriage hig-h, hie men 
see Hymen I'm in I am in. 

Immerge to plunge into or under a fluid emerge 
to rise out of a fluid emerge to reappear afier 
being eclipsed him nrge. 

Impeach to hinder, to impede (in early writers) 
impeach to accuse, to charge with. 

Impearl to decorate with pearls ^imperil to en- 
danger imp, earl. 

Imperial pertaining to an empire imperial royal, 
belonging to a monarch imperial in archi" 
tecture, a species of dome the imperial im- 
periaie of an omnibus, on the roof imperial 
a tuft of hair on a man's lower lip. 

Impose to lay on, as a tax impose to enjoin as a 
duty impose on,' to obtrude fallaciously, to 
deceive, to mislead. 

Imposing 1 commanding, forcibly impressing im- 
posing a tax imposing by a printer or 
putting the pages in proper order on the imposing 
stone in, him posing* 

In inside in by or through inn a tavern hitt a 
hebrew measure of liquids. 

Incase to inc'ose in case ink, ace. 


Iiicli a measure of length inch lo drive by inches 
inch to advance or retire by email degrees, 
Inch a purish of Scotland -- Inch several 
parishes of Ire and (Lippincott). 

Incide to cut, to separate, a medecines -- inside 

Incident falling incident happening incident 
an event, a casualty. 

Incise to cut, carve, engrave in size glue in 
sighs in size dimensions. 

Incite to encourage in sight in site situation 
insight view. 

Incline to lean, to deviate incline prone, disposed 
- ink line. 

Inclose to surround in clothes. Income rent, 
etc in come come in. 

I IB* i cist to cover with a crust of anything ink rust. 

Indecent meaning in decent meaning. 

Indefinite terms 'in definite terms. 

Indelible ink in delible (that can be blotted out) 

Indelicacy want of delicacy in delicacy. 

Indelicate language in delicate language. 

Indelicately worded language in delicately 
worded language. 

Independent action in dependent action. 

Indescribable terms in describable terms. 

Indestructible materials in destructible ma- 

~ 71 

Indeterminate boundaries, ratio in detertiii* 
nate boundaries, ratio. 

Indetermination want of determination in de- 

Indevote mood or manner in devote mood of 


Indice index in dice plural of die. 
Indiction declaration, proclamation in diction 


Indifferent, ly disinterested, ly in different, ly. 
Indigested food in digested food. 
Indignity of character ; in dignity of character. 
Indirect contradiction in direct contradiction. 
Indiscreet wanting in discretion indiscrete not 

discrete or separated in discreet terms in 

discrete substances, quantities. 
Indispensable things in dispensable things. 
Indisputed points in disputed points. 
Indissoluble substance in dissoluble substance. 
Indistinct view of in distinct view of. 

Indistinctly seen in distinctly seen . 

Indite to compose or write indict (pronounced 

indite) to accuse. 

Ineffective oratory in effective oratory. 
Ineffervescent substances in effervescent 


Inefficacious modes in efficacious modes. 
Inequality unevenness in equality* 

Inestimable quantity in estimable quantify. 

Inexact terms ^ in exact terms. 

Inexplicable things in explicable things. 

Infallible interpretation In fallible interpretation. 

Infer to deduce in fir, in fur. 

Infinite distance in finite distance. 

Inform to instruct inform shapeless in form* 

Infringe to break in fringe* 

Infuse to instill, to steep in fuse* 

Infusion a suggestion, a whimper infusion the 

process of steeping in liquor in fusion in a 

melting or melted state. 

Ingenious having ingenuity ingenuous candid. 
Ingle in Scottish, afire or fireplace ingle a darling, 

a paramour inkle a kind of broad linen tape. 
Inn see In or Hin. Inquest inquisition in 

quest in search of. 

Insight see Incite* Inside view in side view. 
Insist to urge in cyst a bag or tunic. 
Insoluble matter in soluble matter. 
Install to instate in stall* 

Instant a moment -^ instant pressing, urgent 
instant a date, as, on the 1st instant or of the 
current month. 

Instep in step. Instill in still. Intact 
in tact. 

Intent bent on in tent. Intention in ten-* 


Intestine internal, domestic intestine alimentary 

Intimate to hint, to suggest intimate friendly, 

Ire wrath, anger hire n. and v. for wages higher 

more elevated eye her. 
Iron a metal iron an instr. to iron chlothes 

I run higher on. 

Irony made or consisting of iron irony ridicule. 
Is v. be his belonging to him. 
Issue to send or sallyforth issue result issue 

Itch a cutaneous disease itch a constant teasing 

desire hitch to hop, to spring, to hit the legs 

together hitch to hook, to tie a horse, etc. 

each every one, every thing. 

J letter of the alph. jay a bird jet-d'eau Jay 
a county of the states of Indiana, Maine, Vermont, 
New York and Pensylvaaia (Lippincott) J an 
abreviation for Jesus, John, -Jeremiah, Judge as 
J. P. justice of the peace, J. C. Julius Cesar, etc. 

Jack a nickname for or diminutive of John jack as 
a boot jack jack a portable machine for raising 
great weights through a small space jack an 
engine to turn a spit, as, a kitchen jack jack 
a young pike jack a coat of mail jack a 
pitcher of waxed leather jack a small bowl 

thrown out for a mark to the bowlers jack part 
of a musical inMr. called a virgin:.! jack the 
male of certain animals as the jacka jack 
horse or wooden frame on which wood or limber is 
sawed jack a flag: the union jack jack ii? 
Yorkshire, half a pint jack in botany, a species 
of the bread-fruit tree a jack t all trades 
jack by the hedge, a plant jack in the box, a 
plant, a toy jack a forge wooden male i-crew y 
turning in a female one jack wilh a lantern, 
an ignis fatuup, a meteor jack of the clock 
house, a little man that strikes the quarters in a 
clock : see Web?ter Jean Jacques Rons.-cau, 

Jade a mean, poor or tired horse jade a comteinp- 
tible woman Jailde a river of North Germany 
jade a mineral : nephrite jade to tire, to- 
fatigue, to become weary. 

Jag" a small load jagT a load packed on (he back part 
of a carriage jaggf or jagT n. and v. to natch, 
to eut into. 

Jah Jehovah jaw of the mouth jaw to scold, to- 
clamor, to abuse. 

Jail a prison Jaliel a Jewish woman who drov.e a 
nail into the head of Sisara, general of the Ghana- 
neans Jallill a town of North-west Ind a 
Jael a scripture proper name. 

Jam a conserve of fruit jamb a leg or supporter 
jam lo press, to crowd, to squeeze jam or 
jamb among the lead miners of Mendip a thick 
bed of stone which hinders them when pursuing the 
veins of ore jam in England, to tread hard as- 
land by cattle. 

a coin u'f Grenoa jane a twilled cotton cloth 
Jaen a province of Spain Jaen a fortified 
town of Spain. 

Jangle to quarrel,, t-o altercate, to bicker or wrangle 
jangle n, and v. to sound discordantly. 

Japan varnished and figured work from Japan 
japan 10 black-, to gloss, to varnish, 

Jape 10 je t jape to cheat jape a trick. 

Jar to clash jar to quarrel jar the state of a door 
half open jar a vessel the Leyden jar 
jar a measure. 

-Jaw see Jail. Jay see J. Jean (jane) see Jane. 

Jears in sea language, an assemblage -of tackles for 
raising or lowering the lower yards of a ship 
jeers jibs, railing language. 

<Jest a joke jest, gest gesture a motion of the body 
or litnbs while discoursing on any subject. 

-Jet a fossil jet a spout or shoot of water jet to 

jet out or project. 

Jet-d'eatt fr.,a jet of water Jeddo a city of Japan. 
Jetty a small pier jetty a projection into a river 

jetty made of jet or black as jet. 
Jewel a precious stone jewel a name expressive of 

-Jewry Judea Jewry a district inhabited by Jews 

jury a nnmber of men sworn to give a true verdict. 

Jews-harp a musical instrument the jews barp 

'to dwell on tediously "in s 

Jill a young woman, in contempt gill u measure of 

Jilt a name of contempt for a woman Jilt to discard! 
a lover. 

Jingall in India, a portable gun gingte little 
bell single correspondence of sound in rhyme. 

Job a piece of work job a lucrative business job* 
a sudden stab- with a pointed instrument job to- 
deal in stocks Job a biblical name. 

Jug a vessel, an urn jugr a Boim-1 like that of t he- 
nightingale Jug a riv. of Russia. 

Jump to leap, to- bound jump to tally r to coincide' 
jump a kind of loose or Ihnfeer slays worn by 
females jump adv.,. exactly. 

Junk pieces of o'd eabie for gasket, oakum, etc ~ 
junk a Chinese vessel junk a thick piece 
a junk store where all sorts oi old fashioned and 
second hand things are sold. 

Juno the goddess of marriages Juno- a snm'I plancb 
or asteroid Juneaif a post vil. of \\Ti<s. 
Juno a p. o. of Ga. and Ten- 
Jury see Jewry. 

Just close or closely as a just fft Just true, impartial 

just innocent, without guilt just adv. only 

just exactly joust or just a mock fight oo 

horsebock just to push,, to d-rive r to ju-stle. 

K letter of the alph. as a numeral K stands for 250 
and with a dash over it, for 250,000 quay fr. 
a mole or bank formed toward the sea- K abbre" 
viative for Kni<rht as K. B. Knight of the bath # 
K.. for Karolus Charles. -" Key or Kay a riv, 
of S. Africa Key West, an island of Florida. 

Kale a kind of cabbage Kael a town of the Grand 
Duchy of Baden Kiel a town of Prussia (Hoi- 
stein) kayle a nine-pin kell a sort of pot- 

Kam erooked, awry caul a projection on a wheel 

Cham (Khan) the sovereign prince of Tartary 

calm still y quiet, undisturbed calm to 
appease, to allay tire passions Cham second 
son of Noah Cham a maritime town of Siam 
Chain u town of Bavaria Cham a pari.-h, a 
village of Switzerland 

Kan or Khan a persian chief or prince Can is able 
a firj can can to know. 

Kee in England, plural of cow key of a door 
quay a pier, a mo ! e. 

Keel of a ship keel a low flat bottomed vessel - 
keel a term in botany keel a saxon word, to- 
cool the pot keel kayle a nine-pin Kiel a 
sea port town of Denmark Keele a par. of Engl, 

Keen eager keen sharp, piercing keen to sharpen 
Kean a col. engl. actor Keene a p. v. ofN.H, 


Keep custody keep of a thing 'hat will not spoil by- 

Kcieiio a large vessel for fermentation keene to tip 
up a cart Keene a vil. of N. H. 

Kell a sort of pottage kell ihe caul or omen: urn -* 
kelt the chrysalis of a caterpillar -*- Kiel a town 
of Prussia. 

Ken to know keil to see, to view ken reach of 
sight see Cane* 

Kern an iri>h footman kern a hand-mil! kern a 
churn kern to harden as corn in ripening. 

Kernel of a nut kernel to hard.-n, to ripen - 
Colonel (pronounced kurnel) of a regimen; of 
troops Kernaul a town of brit. India. 

Key of a door key of an arch the key in music 
key an index key the husk containing the 
seed of the a^h key the ledge or Uiy of rock< 
near the surface of the water key quay a bank 
or wharf hui t on the side of a river ^ Qtti vive fr> 

Khan (kawn) in Persia,, a governor of a province * 
ka\Vn in Turkey, a public inn. 

&id a young goat kid a fagot, a bundle of heath 
and furze kid a small wooden *ub kid to 
bring forth a young goat kid to show, discover 
or make known. 

Kil a dutch word>, a channel or bed of a river-, a stream-^ 
kill to deprive of life kill to quell, to appease 
kiln (kil) for baking pottery kiln a pile of 
brick for burning. 

Kilt of a Highlander kilt killed. 

Kin kindred, congenial kin relation. 


Kind race, genus kind species, nature kind 
tender, affectionate. 

Kindle to fire to inflame kindle 10 bring forth 
Kind a! 1 a p . n. 

Kink the twist of a rope or thread kink a fit of 
couiihing kink a convulsive fit of laughter. 

Kist a chest kissed did kiss. 

Kit u large bottle kit a small fiddle kit a kind of 
fish tub and a milk-pail. 

Kite a bird kite a rapacious person kite a childs* 
toy kite in the North of England, the belly. 

Klick a regular sharp noise, as the click of a clock 
clique fr , a party but generally in a bad sense. 

Knack a petty contrivance, a toy knack a way, 
dexterity, adroitness knack to crack, to make 
a sharp noise. 

Knag a knot in wood knag" a peg for hanging 
things on knag* the shoot of a deers' horn 
nag a small horse. 

Knap to bite, to bite off, to break short knap to 
strike with a loud noise nap to have a short 
sleep nap the woolly or villous substance on 
the t-urface of cloth nap the downy or soft 
hairy substance on plants nap a knap, a knab, 
a tufted top, a bud, a bunch, a button. 

Knave a false, deceitful fellow a knave at cards 
the nave of a wheel the nave of a church, 

Knead to work dough, etc need want kneed 
having knees as in-kneed, out-kneed kneed 
strengthene 1 as a ship, by iron or wooden knees. 


Kneel in prayer Nielli a villiage of Rhenish Prussia 

Niel a village of Belgium. 
Knell as a death knell Nell Nellie for Helen. 
Knew did know new recent, renovated, modern, 
Knight a champion night darkness, 
Knit interwoven nit the egg of a louse or other 

small inject. 
Knitch a fagot or burden of wood nitch niche, fr., 

for a statue. 
Knob a hard protuberance nob in ridicule, a nob, 

a noble, belonging to the nobility Knob a t. of Va. 
Knock a blow, to strike nock, a natch Knock* 
Knot of a tree the nuptial knot knot in a thread 

or rope knot to complicate nought nothing 

not no. 

Know to learn, to be aware no not Nault a p. n. 
Knuckle tke finger or knee joint Knuckle to 

yield, to submit. 
Koh the word used in calling cows Co. company, as 

.Smith & Co - Co a prefix signifying withCanX. 

a country of Normandy Solomon de Cans. 

L letter of the alph. As a numeral I- denotes 50 as 
an abbreviation in accounts t stands for pound 
Latin, Latitude, etc. ell a measure of length 
hell for the wicked. 

L.a exclarn., behold la of the musical syllables do or 

ul, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si. 

81 - 

Label a name or title label a codicil in heraldry 
label is a fillet with pendants or points label 
of a circumferentor label in gothic architecture, 
a projecting tablet or molding over door-ways, 
windows, etc label to affix a label to labile 

Labor exertion work labor the travail of childbirth. 

JLac a resinous substance lack n. and v. to want, to 
need lac or lack 100,000, as a lac of rupees, 
in the East Indies Lak a vil. of Hungary 
Lack Pa. 

JLace a string lace woven thread to lace one's boo:s. 

Lacteal pertaining to milk lacteal a slender vessel 
or tube of animal bodies for conveying chyle from 
the intestines to the common res-ervatory. 

Lade to load lade the mouth of a river Leyde 
a town of the Netherlands Leyde inventor of 
the Leyden jar to store electricity laid to lay 
down laid to lay eggs. 

Lag the last, the lowest c^ss lag* the rump, the fag 
end lag" to loiter, to stay behind. 

Laid see Lade. Lain v. to He down lane a 
path Lane a p n. Laiin a riv. of Germ. 

Lair the sleeping place of a wild beast layer one 
who lays layer a stratum layer that which 
is laid as a layer of paste, butter, ete. 

Lake a body of water lake a color lake to 
play, to sport Lake a county of Ohio, Mich., etc. 

.Lama an animal lama the god of the Asiatic Tar- 
tars Lama a town or Corsica lama a 
priest of Bouddha of the Mongolians. 

Lamb the young of the sheep kind the Lamb of 

God, the Savior lamm to beat Lamb a p. n, 
Lance a ?pear -lance with a lancet. 
Laiicli to throw as a lance to launch a vessel. 
Land ground, real estate land to disembark. 
Lane see Lain. Laniary shamble?, a place of 

slaugh:er - laniary lacerating as the laniary 

teeth, the canine teeth. 
Lap to lick up, like a dog lap- 10 fold lap formed 

by the knees whi'e srting. 
Lapse a fall, a slip a lapse of time laps to lap* 

or lick up,, as a dog laps plural of lap, the 

knees laps to wrap, 10 fold, etc. 
Lard the fat of swine lard to stuff or dress with 

bacon or pork lard to fatten, to grow fat. 
Lark a bird larli to go on a lark, bport, merriment, 
Lash n. and v. to strike with a whip lash to tie or 

bind to lash with satire. 
Last latest last to continue last to eaduie a> 

shoemakers' last* 
Latin n. language latin a. pfr-taii'ing to I he Latins 

or ancient Romans latten sheet tiu y iron plate 

covered with tin, 

Latitude distance from the equator latitude- 
scope, breadth latitude indefinite acceptation-, 
Lave to bathe, to wash lave the remainder, others. 
Laver a vessel for washing laver the. potted and- 

eatable fronds or leaves of certain marine pJants 

Laver u p. n. Laver a parish, of EngL 


Launch see Lanch. 

Law a rule, a statute La I an excl. of surprise. 
Lawn a grass plot lawn fine linen Laim Bohemia. 
ft* ax loos vajjn? lacks does lack, wants, needs. 
Lay to place down lay to wager lay did lie 

lay a song lay not clerical Leigh Engl. 
Lea a meadow, a field lee dregs-, sediment lee the 

sheltered side the lee-way of a ship general 

Lee Lea a river of Engla"d Lea a parish 

of England and of Ireland, 
Leach leak, to leach ashes -. to wash by percolation 

'through them of water which separates the alkali 

leech a b'ood sucker, -a species of aquatic 
W0 rm the leech of a sail Leech a p. n. 

Lead a metal led to conduct., to lead lead a 
plummet lead of type metal, to separate lines 
in prin i ing the lead of a pencil. 

Lead to guide lead r*o entice, to allure. 

Leaf of a tree leaf of a book to leaf to put 
forth leaves, as a tree lief adv. willingly. 

League a confederacy league an -itinerary dist. 

Leak as of water leek a kind of onion to leak 
to let in or out water Leake a parish of En- 
gland, etc Leek vil. of the Neth. 

"Leal in Scottish, faithful, true Lille a town of Fr. 
Lisle a town of Fr. [Leal a town of Russia. 

'Leam a string to lead a dog lenie a ray of light 

leme to shine. 

to incline lean not fat lean thin the 
of moat lien a legal claim. 

- 84- 

Leap a jump, to spring, to bound Lippe (as pro- 
nounced in Fr.) a river of Germany Lippe a 
principality of Germany. 

Learned verged in, well read learned did learn. 

Lease (leez) to liberate, to glean lees sett 'ing?, 
dregs lease (arc imp. horn., the s having t he- 
sound of c ) to let, to rent houses or lands. 

Leash a thong of leather leash to Mud, to hold by 
a string. 

Least number or quantity leased home or land. 

Leave permission leave to quit leave 10 demise 
lieve adv.- (for lief) willi <j'y leave 10- 
raise or levy, as an army to leave for to K-atV 
to produce leaves, as trees. 

Lee see Lea' Leigh a pur. of. sev cos. of Kud. 
Leech sec Leach Lenie see Leani. 

Left to leave left abandoned., not taken left ap 
the left hand. 

Lens of an optical instrument lends* dors lend. 

Lent v. to lend lent the fast before Easter lent 

slow, mild Lent a vil. of HoiFamJ 
Leper a person affected with leprosy leaper one- 
who leaps as a horse is called a good leaper. 

Lessen to diminish in size or quantity lessow j 
school task, a precept. 

Let leased, rented let allowed, to forbear let an* 

Letter of the alphabet letter an epistle let her 

be or do or go Letter B a p. o. of Mai e 


Lettuce a salad let us a 1 low us let-us resolved on* 

Levy to raise, collect - levee 'morning visit, a recep- 
tion general Levis point Levy near Quebec. 

Liar one who tells lies - lyre a musical instr. lire 
a coin in Italy Her one who lies down. 

Lichen (liken) a plant lichen a cutaneous erup- 
tion liken (o assimilate. 

Lick to lap a* a dog lick to strike, to beat lick, a 
place where beasts lick for salt Lyk, Licli Germ- 

Lieu falsehood lye from wood ashes lie to lie 

Lieil a tie Hell a legal claim lion an animal 
line a string, etc. 

Light luminous to light the fire light as a 
can lie, a lantern light not heavy light 
unsteady to light or alight from a carriage 
to light as birds to happen or light upon by 
chance to light upon one's feet 

Lighten to make less hravy- lighten to enlighten 
or illumine lighten to flash as lightning. 

Lightening making less heavy, mitigation light- 
ning from the clou. Is. 

Like resembling like to approve fo like any one, 

Limb a leg or arm or branch of a tree =- limh or 
border of the sun or moon* etc linfn to paint. 

Lime burnt limestone lime a sort of lemon lime 
as bird-lime lime the linden tree Lyme N. H< 

Linch a ledge, a right angled projection Lynch 
judge to lynch to punish without the form of 
law Lynch a pari-h of England. 

Line a siring line a verse line to cover inside- 
lien a claim lien a tie lion an animal * 

the eq:iinoc ial line a line of conduct. 
Ling a fish ling a species of long gra<s Ling a 

parish of Engl. 
Liniment an oin Invent lineament a feature. 

dink a single ring of a chain link to connect link 
a torch a link in the evidence link to go 
arm in arm. 

Litter a portable bed, a palanquin litter straw> 
because used for the bedding of animals ^ litter 
to scatter about carelessly litter a brood of 
Voung, as a litter of pigs litre a fr. measure of 
capacity lit her* 
Liver one who lives liver the liver of an animal 

livre a fr. mo ey. 

Lo ! an excl., look, see,, behold low not high low 
vulgar low to bellow as an ox sir Hudson 
Lowe jailor of Napoleon at S\ Helt-nu. 
Load a burden lowed did low lode a vein, 

generally a meiallic vein. 
Loan n. and v. to lend lone retired, solitary 

LoWen a town of Prussia 

Lock of a door lock of a canal loch (gaelic) a 
lake or lough a lock of hair the lock of a 
gun Locke township of Ohio, Mich., N. Y. 
Log a log o'f wood log to move lo and fro the log* 
book of a ship the log" an mat. for measuring 
the velocity of a vessel log a hebrew measure 
of liquids log. for logarithm. 

- 87 

Long not short a long- time long: to desire. 

Loo a game at cards Loo, for Louisa river dli 
JLotlp (loo) Canada Loo a t. of Belgium. 

Look to .seek, to search for look a view, a sight * 
look air of the face lllke as Juke-warm water 
or a luke warm person. 

Loom for weaver's work - to loom to appear, to rise 
in ihe distance as a ship at sea. 

Loordaduil, stupid fellow N. D. de Lourdes 

town of Fr. 
Lore learning lower more low, to bring low, to let 

down lower to appear dark and gloomy 

Laure Laura Lower a township of N. J. 
Lot a quantity lot 10 allot, to distribute ' Lot a 

river of Fr. Loth (ioi) nephew of Abraham 

lot a die lot one's destiny. 
Low see Lo 1 Lower see Lore. 

Lug to drag lug a small fish lugT (in Scotland) 
the ear. 

Lumbar of the loins lumber anything useless and 
thrown aside as old or broken furniture lum- 
ber in America, timber sawed as beams, joists, 
p'anks, boards, etc. 

Lump a small mass of matter of no definite shape' 
lump a cluster to lump as a lump sum for 
a lot of things. 

Lune anything in the shape of a half moon loon an 
aquatic bird loon a sorry fellow, a rogue, * 
yaseal Lune ;t riv. of EngL 


Lurch to defeat, to disappoint to lurch to roll or 
pass suddenly to one side as a ship at sea to 
leave one in the lurch in the dark, in a difficult 

Lute a stringed musical instr. lute a cementing 

Lye water, from ths ashes of woo'l lie to tell lies 
lie to lie down. 

Lym a dog held in a learn limb of a tree, of an ani- 
mal limh of the sun, t lie moon Hum to 
paint Lym-Fiord an inlet of Denmark. 

Lynx a wild beast links plural of link links v. 
to link. 

Lyre see Liar Lyra a p. o. of Ohio. 

letter of the alph. 'em contraction of them aim 
to point at aim purpose, intention, design 
hem the edge or border of a garment hem ! 
an excl. hem to sew hem v., to hem and 

haw Hem several villages of Fr M as a 
numeral stands for 1 000 and with a dash over it 
for 1,000,000 as an abbreviation we write A. M 
or M. A. artium magister or master of arts ; 
A. M..also stands for anno mundi, ante meridiem 
etc. **- a printers m, the space occupied by the 
letter m : equal to so many m's M D Mcdicinae 
Doctor MM. for Messrs. 
(Italian) in music, not Ma for mamma, mother. 

- 89 - 

Mab a chil 1 - inab a slattern msifo to dress negli- 
gently queen Mab as in Shakespeare's " Sum- 
mer night's dream, " 

Mac sor., as Mac- Adam Mack an austrian general 
who, surrounded at Ulm, surrendered to Napoleon 
(he 1st with 30,000 men. 

Mace an ensign of authority mace a kind of spice. 

Mackle a l>!urr in printing made a mineral, a 
variety of chiastolite : a mineral. 

Mad. disordered in intellect mad an earth worm. 

Made to make, finished maid a girl or maiden. 

Mail a bag of letters mail to send by post mail 
armor male the masculine gender mail a 
bag of net work as a reticule, an angler's casting 
net a mail coach or packet. 

Main principal, chief mane of a horse, lion, etc 
the State of Maine Maine a river and an 
ancient prov. of Fr. Maine a r. of Ireland. 

Maize indian corn maze an intricate place 
Meze a town of Fr. Metz a fortified town of 
Fr., ceded to Germany. 

Major greater in number, in quantity major a field 
officer major in law, of age to manage his 
own affairs major a term in music major 
a term in logic. 

Make to do, to perform make to force, to compel 

make structure, texture, 
Male see Mail. 

Mall a beetle mall a public walk mall to break, 

-to bruise- 



Malt used in brewing Malte Malta an island of the 

Man mankind man to equip or furnish with men. 

Mangle to cut and tear mangle to smooth linen 
with a mangle a name of the mangrove, a 

Manner way or method manor a domain or dis- 

Mantel a chinney piece mantle a cloak or cover- 
mantle to expand. 

Marc the refuse matter from pressed fruit mark a 
sign, a note marqiie letters of reprisal 
eaint Marc evangelist Marcq a v. of Belg. 

March the mouth of march to walk in procession. 

Mare the female horse mayor a magistrate. 

Mark see Marc. Marque see Marc. 

lUarshal a rank in the army marshal a master 

of ceremonies marshal to put in order 
martial warlike. 

Martin a kind of swallow marten a kind of 

weasel Martin Luther. 
Mask a cover for the face, a disguise mask to revel 

in masquerade. 
Mass a lump, a body, a heap mass an assemblage 

of people mass to celebrate mass to mass 

troops, etc. Masse a p. n. 
Mast of a ship mast the fruit of an oak, beech, or 

other forest tree massed closely packed. 


Mat a floor in it mat an antifriction web of rope yarn 
Mat* for Matthew Matte a p. n. 

Match to equal a lacifer match match a 
thing that suits or tallies with another, as a glove, 
etc match a game, a contest match a 

Material important material matter, materials. 

Matter material substance matter subject of dis- 
course matter consequence. 

May the month of may to be possible may 
desire, as in prayer may be, perhaps, 

Maze see Maize Meze Metz, 

Me iny^e f mi between re and fa in music. 

Mead a meadow mead a drink made of honey 
meed reward mede a native of Media (an 
ancient county of Asia). 

Meak a long handled hook meek modest. 

Meal unsifted edible grain meal a repast. 

Mean to signify in the mean time mean 
paltry, low mien air, look, manner mean 
to intend. 

Mear a 'boundary or limit mere a pool or lake 
meer or mere only. 

Meat animal food, any food mete n. and v. mea- 
sure meet to come together meet to en- 
counter meet fit. 
Medal of reward meddle to mix, to mingle. 

Medlar a kind of fruit meddler one who medd'es. 
Meet sre Meat. 

02 _- 

Mercy favor, pity, pardon Merscfy a river of 

Merlin a species of hawk merlon that part of a 

parapet which lies between two embrasures 
Mes n. and v. to eat, to feed mess a medley 

mess to soil, to dirty mess, to mess r.ur.-ery 

terms Metz ceded by Fr. to Germ. 
Metal as gold, sliver, iron, etc mettle spirit, eou" 

rage Metal a t, s. of Pensylvama.- 
Mete .see Meat. 
Meter a measurer metre m-easnre., verse meet 

Mew a cage, an inclo-sure ^nieW to shut up, to- 

confine as in a cage to mew as a cat meW 

to change, to put on a new appearence. 
Mewl to cry as a child mule an animal, 
Mien see Mean. 
Might v. may might power, sfrengtlv mite & 

very m>alF insect. 

Mighty powerful mity full of mites might lie* 
Mill a grinding engine a saw mill, etc Iliill the 

tenth part of a cent Mill an engl. pbil. 
Millinery articles made or sold by milliners Mille-" 

nary consisting of a thousand. 
Milt thtj spleen milt the soft roe of a fi-h. 
Mind memory mind intention, design mind to 

attend to mind to be inclined mined" under, 

Mine a cavern dug for minerals mine belonging to 

rne mine a source of wealth Mein a r. of 


iliaier a worker in mines minor one under "age *** 

mine or. 
Minos a judge of (he infernal regions - minus (latin) 


Mint a plant - mint a p'ace where money is coined. 
Minute a email portion cf time minute the sixtieth 

part of an hour minute a short or brief note or 

memo -^ tht minute of a contract, etc - mint 

a plant. 
Mire n. and v to sink in mud mire an ant* 

Meyer a p. n. Mire a vil. of Fr. 
Miss a young lady miss to omit; to fail of seeing, 

finding, etc. 
Missal the mas? book missile a Weapon thrown by 

the han !. 
Missed did miss, no f , hit mist vapor, a fog^ small 


Mite ?ee Might* 

Miter an angle of 45 degrees mitre of a bishop, etc, 
Moan to lament mown mowed, cut down. 
Mode a manner mowed* -cut down. 
Mold or Mould fine soft earth mold or rilould a 1 

form or shape mold or mould to grow' 

mouldy or musty. 
Mole an animal mole a spot on the skin - mole" 

a mound a pier -^ Mohl an island Mole a r, 

of Engl. 
Molt or Moult a heap, pile or conical hilf with fi 

smooth top - molt or moult (he act or process 

of changing Hie feathers, fur, skin. etc. 
Moitetstft'y relating to money lilOttitftrj' warning' 


Moor a. marsh or bog moor to fasten by anchors of 
r0 p es moor an African, a native of Morocco 
Moore an engl. poet Moore an english 

More in number or quantity mower one who mows 
Mohr a p. n> 

Mortar a vessel in which things are pounded or brayed 
mortar cement mortar a short, wiile cannon 
for throwing bombs morter a chamber light 
or lamp* 

Mote a particle of matter moat a d.tch Ulowatt 
a p. n. mow't mow it. 

Mount a mass of earth, an eminence ^ mount to 
rise to mount to set a precious stone. 

Mourn to grieve mourne the round e> d of -a 
8taff> i he part of a lance to which the steel is fixed. 

Mouse Cmouce) a small animal ^ mouse (mouze) to 
catch mice. 

Mow a wry face mow a heap, a stack mow to 

cut dowm inowe to be able, must, may. 
Mule see Mewl. 

Mull to soften, to dispirit, mull a thin, soft kind of 

muslin mull a snuff box made of the small 

end of a horn. 
Miint .silent mum a species of malt liquor ill mil m 

to ma<k mil mm to sport un-ler gui*e of a mask. 
Mttse to ponder muse song, the deity or power of 

poetry mews cages or inclosiires imewtt 

plural of mew, a soafowl. 

- 95 

Mute silent mute a person who can not speak 
mute ihe ding of birds. 


N letter of (he a!ph N among the ancients, was a 
numeral letter signifying 900 or with a stroke over 
it 9000 N is used as an abbreviation for North, 
as N. E. North East ; N. N. W. North North West 

IV in N. B. is for noia, nota bene, New Bruns- 
wick N. S. new style, Nova Scotia hen a 
domestic fowl hen the female of any kind of 
fowl Aisiie riy. and Dept. of Fr. N. stands 
for an unknown person, or whose name we do not 
wish to mention N in chemistry means Nitrogen 

Heyne a learned German Heine a eel. 
fr. and germ, writer. 

Nab the summit of a mountain or rock uah ta catch 

suddenly nah for nabob, a viceroy of India. 
Nag a little horse knag a knot of wood. 
Nail an iron spike, a tree nail nail of the finger, 

or toe nail to fasten nail a measure of 

length (21 inches). 
Nap a short sleep knap a small protuberance 

knap to break off, to bite short knap a sharp 

pound Nap. for Napoleon. 
Naught n. nothing naught adv., in no degree 

naught a. worthless nought ( a wrong 

spelling of naught, Webster) nothing not no 

knot in a thread or rope, etc. 

Naughty worthless, wicked Knotty having knots 
not he* 

Naval pertaining to or consisting of ships navel (he 

umbilical point or cavily Naval a t. of Spain. 
Nave of a wheel nave of a church knave a 

rogue, a false, deceitful fellow knave at cards, 

a card with a soldier painted on it, as the knave 

of spades. 
Nay no, not neigh as a horse marshal Ney of 

the army of Napoleon Nay a t. of Fr. 
Naze a cliff or headland nays plural of nay - 

neighs does neigh Ney's belonging to or 

relating to Ney, marshal of Fr. 
Neal to anneal, to temper Neill a p. n. 
Neap she tongue or pole of a wagon or cart neap 

low, as neap tides. 
Neat cattle of the bovine genus neat a single ox or 

cow neat pure, without admixture neat 

cleanly, tidy. 

Neb the no?e, the beak of a bird Neb for Nebu- 
chadnezzar, Nebraska. 

Neck of an animal a kneck or long narrow tract 
of land. 

Need necessity knead to work dough kneed 
having knees, as in-kneed, out-kneed kneed 
strengthened by iron, on tree knees. 

Needs adv. necessarily kneads "does knead 

needs Ices need. 
Neese to sneeze knees plural of knee. 


Neigh see Nay. 

Nerve an organ of sensation and motion in animals 

nerve courage, fortitude, strength to nerve 

or give vigor to. 

Nervous vigorous nervous having week nerves. 
Net a snare for catching, fishes, birds, e(c net profits, 

clear of all charges. 
Nettle a plant nettle to fret or sting, to irritate or 

vex Nettle creek, a township of Indiana. 

New not old, modern, fresh, etc. knew v. know. 
Newel a novelty newel post of a flight of stairs. 
Nice accurate, delicate, fine nic fastidious Nice 
a seaport of Italy gneiss an aggregated or 
compound rock. 
Niche for a statue knitch a fagot or burden of 


Nick n. and v. to natch the old nick the evil one 

nick the exact point, as, in the very nick of 

time nick other sig. (W.) Nic. for Nicholas. 

Night darkness knight a title of honor, a champion 

nigh't nigh it Night island, Australia. 
Nip to cut, kite or pinch nip a blast, destruction of 
the -ends of plants by frost nip a sip or small 
draught, as of toddy, rum, etc. 
Nit an insect's egg to knit stockings, etc. 
No not so know to beware of Nault a p. n. 
No for number no. for notary. 

Hob the head knob a protuberance, a round handle, 
4ts the knob of a lock or of a window bolt, etc. 



Noble great, elevated noble a person of rank. 
Nod n. and v. to bow, to incline - grnawed did gnaw. 
Node u knot, a knob a node in snrirery, a swelling 

node (he point where the orbit -of a planet 
intersects the ecliptic node other sig. (W.) 
N a ud a p. n. 

Nome a provice or tract of country nome nn egyp- 
tian govt. or div. iioiiic in algebra a term 
nome a term in surgery, in music, etc. (see W.) 

gnome an imaginary being (see W.) 
kiiow'm, 'em him, them, 

None not any, no o-ne nun a religieuse. 

Nones- prayers nones (see W.) nuns of a con- 

Nose the organ of smell knows does know, under, 
elands nos plural of no, nays plnral of nay 
the end of anything, as, the nose of a bellows. 

Not a word of denial knot a tie nott shorn, to 
frkear knot a difficulty naught nothing. 

Notable (no-table) memorable worthy of nole 
notable (not-able) skilled in housekeeping. 

Note a mark, a remark, a minute note a brief 
written query, invitation, etc. or an answer thereto- 

a note of 'hand, an obligation note to 
observe know't it a note in music. 

Notice to- observe notice a notification. 
Novel new novel a fictitious tale in prose. 
Nul in law, no, rot any null v. to nullify null 
void a null a or cipher. 

- 99- 

n assemblage of two or more units num- 
ber 10 count, to reckon^ 
Nun see None None a vil. of Piedmont. 

Nut (he fruit of certain trees and shrub's nut as, the 
nut of a screwed bolt, a small block of metal or 
wood with a concave or female screw. 

Nye a brood or flock of pheasants nigh near. 

Nymph the pupa, chrysalis or aurelia of an insect 
nymph a goddess of the mountains, forests, 
waters, etc nymph in poetry, a 'ady. 

O letter of the alph. Among the Irish, O prefixed to 
the name of a family, denotes progeny, or is a 
character of dignity as O in O'Neil, O'Shea O 
as an excl. expresses a wish, or surprise O 
among the ancients was the symbol of eternity, an 
O or circle having no begining nor end O the 
zero point of a centigrade thermometer, etc, that 
from which the graduation commences an O or 
tiaught is also called a cipher oh ! an excl. o? 
surprise, pain, sorrow, anxiety ho ! an excl., a 
all to excite attention or to give notice of approach 
hoe and implement used by farmers for cutting 
away weeds, loosening the ground, etc llOC v. 
to cut, dig-, scrape or clean with a hoe owe to 
be indebted, to owe money O the marquis of, 
mpt. of finances under Henry the Hrd and Henry 
"the 4th of France O as a numeral was sometimes 
used by the ancients for II and with a dash over it. 


for 11000 (see W.) hogh Bhill, a cliff h WO . 
or who to a horse, to stop. 

Oaf a dolt, an idiot, a blockhead oaf a channeling, 

a foolish child left by fairies in the place of 

another Hough a p. n. huff to swell, to- 

dilate, to be in a huff to bluster. 

Oak a tree oke an eiryptian and turkish weight 

(about 2f Ibs.) Oake a par. of Bngl. 
Oakum for calking and stanching vessels oh come 

oak, hum* 

Oar n. and v. to oar or row a boat hoar frost ' 
Hoare a p. n. ower one who owes hoer" 
one who hoes o'er for over ore unrefined! 
metal Hohr a vil. of Germ. 

Oary firm, strong, hard hoary white, or gray with 
age hoary moldy, mos.y oary having the 
form or use of an oar, as, the swan's oary feet. 
Oast or Ost a kiln to dry hops or malt host one 
who entertains host a victim, a sacrifice ' 
host the lamb of God host an army. 
Ob a latin preposition, signifying befbre,\n ar on fiob> 
the nave of a wheel the hoh of a fire grate - 
hob a clown, a fairy. 
Oblige to compel oblige to hind oblige to- 

please, to render a service, 

Octave the whole diatonic scale an octave ei^hft 
days an octave of wine octave a stanza 

of eight verses. 

Odd not even odd singular odd a number 
remaining after, as one hundred and odd hod 


ft. and v. to carry mortar or bricks in a hod * 

awed frightened hawed v. to haw. 
Odds advantage, superiority . odds a quarrel, a 

de-bate hods used by brick ayers and masons. 
Ode a lyric poem owed due, did owe, Was indebted 

lioed loosened or weeded wiih a hoe. 
Off not on Off distant Hof a town of Austria and 

of Bavaria HofT a parish of Norway. 
Offence or offense a transgression offends does 

Offer to present offer to bid offer an attempt, 

an endeavor off her* 
Office a service a business man's Office the 

domestic or servants office. 

Ogf an ogee moulding hog a swine hog* to scrape 
a ship's bottom under water hogf to cut the 
hair short to hog 1 to bend in ressemblance of a 
hog's back flOgf.a brutish fellow. 

Offset to set one account against another offset set 
back, as a wall is decreased in thickness as it goea 
up an Offset in surveying a perpendicular to 
the main line of survey. 

Ogee a molding O. . Oil J gee" to a horse of 
jee, further to the right. 

Oil as olive oil, oil of vitriol IfOil an instructor at 
whist playing. 

Ofce see Oak. Old see Hold. 

Older m -re old holder a handle, to hold by 
hold heiv old If iir. 

Olden old, ancient old, hold hen Whole 
den Holdeii a post-t, s. cf Maine and of Mass. 

~~ 102 

Olla an olio holla to call out or exclaim, 

Ombre a game at cards Umber a town of Hin* 

dostan Umbra a riv. of Africa. 
Oilier a hebrew measure (see W.) Homer a eel. 

greek poet, considered the greatest of all poets 

Omar second caliph, accused of having burnt the 

rich library of Alexandria. 
On prep, upon on forward awn the beard 

of corn or grass. 

One a unit of anything one indivisible one 
single in kind won to win. 

Ooze poft mud to ooze or leak out whose 
who's, I?. 

Ope to open hope h. and v. to place confidence in, 

to believe Hope a p, n. 
Opium from the somniferous poppy hope, ope 

(open; Yum a chine<e p. n. 
Option choice hop ( a dance ) hop (for beer* 

shun, shone, shown. 
Or conj , either, one or the other or a term in heral* 

dry : gold Or a riv. of Asia. 
Oracle one famed for wisdom auricle an ear, an 

opening an auricle of the heart. 
Orb a spherical body, as the sun, etc the orb of the 

eye orb an orbit, a circle orb a period of 

time - Orb a riv. of Pr. -Orb a town of 


Ore a cetac'otn mammal, a species of whale - auric 
pertaining to gold, 


Ord an edge or point horde a company, a clan 
horrid drradfnl oared v. oar : to row. 

Order adherence to the point in discussion order a 
class order regularity order to command 
order to regulate hoarder who stores away. 

Orderly regular, methodically orderly a private 
soldier who attends on an officer. 

Ordinary usual ordinary a regular chaplain - 
ordinary a jml-'lc tab'e ordinary a term 
in heraldry ordinary an ecclesiastical judge. 

Ordinal number as first, second, third ordinal a 
book containing the ordination service of the 
Church of E giand. 

Ordinance a decree ordnance cannon. 

Ordinate nguVr, methodical ordinate to ap- 
poiMt ordinate a term in geometry. 

Ore as copper ore, iron ore o'er over Hoare a 
p. n. oar of a boat Ore a parish of Wngl. 
hoar frost hoar white, gray, musty, mossy. 

Organ as of sense, of smell, etc. organ a musical 
wind instrument. 

Orological descriptive of mountains horological 

pertaining to horology. 

Orology the science or description of mountains 

horology relating to the construction of clocks 

and watches. 
Orrery a planetarium horary pertaining to, or 

noting the hours. 
Orris a plant orris a sort of gold or silver lace 

Horace a eel. latin poet. 

- 104 

Ottar otfo, attar, oil of roses otter an amphibious 

animal - Otter a riv. of Engl. and of Germ. 
Ought or aught, anything ought should, to behave, 

to beheld. 

Ounce a weight Oitnce an animal. 
Our belonging to us hour sixty minutes how're 

how are. 
Oust to remove, to rject housed sheltered, put 

under cover Oust a t. and riv. of Fr. 
Oval of the shape or figure of an egg hovel a shed, 

a cottage, a mean house. 
Over across, from side to side over above, upon 

over more than the quantity assigned hover 

to flap the wings as a fowl, to wander, to hang 

over or around. 
Owe see O. 

Owl a bird howl to cry as a dog or wolf. 
Own belonging to aune a fr. cloth measure 

Owen a p. n. hone a sharpening stone. 

IP letter of the alph. pea for soup pea green 

pee to look with one eye pee a nur.-ery 
term P. abbreviaiive for, paid, protest P. in 
music for, piano, softly, slowly P.P. piu 
piano P.P.P. pianissimo, very slow arid softly 

P. in medicine for a pinch or as much of a 
thing as can be contained between the thumb and 
ringer P in P. M. post meridiem, afternoon. 

Pace a step pace to walk pace to measure* 


Pacific tranquil, peacemaking the Pacific ocean. 

Pack a burden or load a pack of cards a pack 
of hound? pack a loose or lewed person 
pack n. and v. to press together to pack a 
jur/ 'pack lo put together in a way to occupy 
the least space. 

Paco the alpaca Pacatid a p. n. 

Pact a contract packed did pack. 

Pad a foot path, a road pad an easy paced horse 
pad a foot-pad : a road or highway robber on foot 

pad a cushion or bolster pad to stuff as a 
dress, a couch, eic pad other sig. (see W.) 

Page one side of a leaf page a young attendant on 
a prince, lord, etc. Page a p. n. 

Pain labor, toil pain penalty pain affliction 
pain ache, suffering pane as a square of 
glass Payne a p. n . 

Painter one who paints painter a snare pain- 
ter a rope at the bow of a boat to fasten it to a 
ship or other object. 

Pair two things or persons of a kind a married pair 
or couple a pair or brace of partridges, etc 
a pair of g'oves pear a fruit pare to 
peel pair to cut into thin slices payer one 
who pays, 

Palatial pertaining to the palate palatial relating 
to a palace. 

Pale white, wan pale a stake pale an enclosure 

pail a vessel for water, etc pale a district, 
jurisdiction or boundary, as, within the pale, 
beyond the pale. 

106 - 

Pall a cloak pall for a coffin pall to clog, 
become insipid Paul St., Paul a mai 
name the pall of a ratchet wheel, of a windla 

pal a confederate, a chnin. 

Pallet a small mean bed palette a painters boa 

pallid pale. 

Palm of the hand palm a hand or measure 
four inches palm a tree palm vic'or 
trin mi ill pam the knave of clubs palua 
conceal in the palm of the hand, and hence 
palm to impose upon by fraud. 

Palmer a pilgrim or crusader the palmer- wor 

Palmer a p. n. 

Paly pale, wanting color Paley a theologian. 
Pail a broad, shallow vessel the pail of a gun-loc 

pan or hard pan, the hard stratum of ear 
that lies below the soil pan to join, to clo 
together pan the top of the head Pail tl 
deity of shepherds pawn n. and v. to pledge 

Panne! a kind of rustic saddle panel a squan 

piece of board -- panel a jury roll. 
Papa father papaw a tree and papaw i 

fruit Papa a town of Hungary. 
Par equality parr the young of the salmon d 

bentures, bills at par or without discount or pr 

minm old Parr's life pills. 
Parallel lines parallel of latitude a paralU 

of comparison. 
Parasite an insect that feeds on the eggs or bodies < 

ofher insects, or on the bodies of animals, as lice 

etc parasite a hanger on, a fawning flattere 

a loafer. 


see Pair. Parlt for pleasure or chase a. 

park, of artillery Paer a eel italian mus. 
'arnel a wan ton Pariicll of Irish fame. 
'art a portion part in a play part to divide 

a part of speech. 
'artial us a partial f-clipse of the sun or moon par- 

tial inclined to, disposed towards partial 

not impartial 
'articular individual to be particular in dress 

or diet particular private. 
'arty one of two to a contract one of two litigants 

party a select company. 
>ass to move a'-ong pass to vanish pass a 

passage pass to surpass pass to omit a 

pass or frep ticket. 
'ast ihe lime gone by passed did pass. 

'assion vioh-ni agitation, wrailt passion zeal, 

ardor, love. 
'asie a mixture of flour and water paste an imi- 

tation of precious stones to paste or stick, as, 

a poster on a wall paced did pace. 
?at fit, suitable pat alight, quick blow with the 

fingers or hand a pat of butter Pat. for 

'alieiace perseverance patieuts sick persons. 

*atieilt enduring, not easily provoked patient on 
ihe sick list. 

n. and v. to ceae, to delay paws feet of a 
beast paws to paw Paz a t. of Bolivia. 


Paw the foot of a beast of prey pa for papa. 
Pawl of a capstan or ' windlass of a ship pall 

Paul see Pall. 
Pax (latin) peace, the kiss of peace (see Webater) 

packs see Pack. 

Pea see P Pea a riv. of Ala. Peace quiet, rest 
piece a part or portion Peace r. of B. N. A* 

Peach a fruit peacli to impeaefc. 

Peak, a point peak the top pique to nettle, to 
irritate pique a grudge or ill-will pique to 
pride one's Self on Peak a district of Engl. 

Peal a ring of bells peel rind or skin sir K. 
Peel Peel a dist. of W. Australia. 

Pear see 'Pair. Pearl a kind of precienis stone- 
found in oysters^ etc - to pearl to form in pearls 
as certains wines and liquors peril danger = 
purl several Big., see Purl. 

Peck the quarter of a bushel peck to pick up food 
with the beak peck to strike with a pointed' 

Peel see Peal. Peer an equal peer a nobleman- 
peer to look narrowly pier of a bridge,- etc. 

Pelt the skin of a beast pelt a blow or s-troke from' 
something thrown. 

Pen to write with pen a small inelosure, a cattle 
pen to'pen or write an eprstle r etcr. 

Pencil to write with pensile hanging, suspended. 

Pendant a hanging ornament -pendant as when* 
on* thing of uniform size or position, forms * 

log -4 

pfndant to another pendant pennant, a nai" 
row flag or streamer. 

Per a latin prep, by, as, per bearer to pill* as a cat 
purr a sea lark Pur two riv. of Siberia. 

Perch a length of 5^- yard? a perch for birds to 
roost on perch a fish* 

Peri an elf or fairy perry the fermented juice of 
pears, as cider from apples, 

Peril hnger pearl from an oyster or other shell 
fish of the kind Pearl a r. of Mississippi. 

Pest a plague, a nuisance Pesth ancient capital of 

Pet a cade lamb, a fondling to pet to fondle pet 
a slight fit of peevishness. 

Peter or petre for sal i peter *- Peter the great ' 
Peter a man's name. 

Phaeton an open carriage PhSeton the son of 

Phase an appearaticp, as a phase of the moon * 
phase transparent green quartz fays plural 
of fay, a fairy, an elf fayS v. fay, to suit to 
unite Fez a city of Morocco Faz a r. of Kussia 

Phiz physiognomy fizz fizzle, to make a hissing 
sound fees n. and v. to fee. 

Philter a charm, a potion to excite love filter at 
strainer, to strain. 

Phlegm mucus, from the throat phle'g'iii indiffe- 
rence, dullness "= fSante a blaze, to inflamme^ 
passionate love. 

Phrase a rentence, to express frays broils, quar- 
rels frays does fray or rub frays does 
frighten or terrify - Fraize a t of Fr. 

Pick to pull off or pluck pick to eat slowly or by 
morsel* a pick to dig with pick choice, 
right of selection. 

Picket a stake picket a game at cards a picket 

of soldiers picket a punishment : standing with 
one foot on a pointed Make. 

Picking the act of pulling off vvi h the fingers or teeth 
picking 1 the act. of cliosing, selecting, ga- 
thering Pekin a city of China. 

Pickle n. and v. to preserve in brine or vinegar 
picul a Chinese weight of 1H8 Ibs. 

Pict a person whose body is painted a pict a scv* 
thian picked v. pick. 

Pie an article of food pie the magpie, a bird pi 
a term applied to printers types ^(pi) in gK>m. 

Piece see Peace. Pig an animal pig for, pig- 
iron, pig-lead. 
Pike a long lance pike a fi h. 

Pile a heap, a mass pile a beam driven into the 
ground pile hairy surface. 

Pilot one who steers a ship Piiote (Pontia*) . 

Pill to fasten with pill a peg pin to confine 
pill in China, a petition or addre>s of foreigners 
to the emperor, or any of his deputies. 

Pine a tree pine to l.un^ush. 


Pinion a wing pillion fetters for the arms - 
pinion to shackle pinion a small toothe 
wheel on the same axis as a larger one. 

Fink a flower pink rose color. 

Pip a disease of fowls pip a spot on cards pij 
the seed of an apple, orange, etc pip to cry o 
chirp as a chicken. 

Pipe a wind instrument of music a stove or drai 
pipe a smoking pzpe .pipe a cask of tw 
hogsheads pipe to play on a pipe i 
mining ( ; ee W.) Pipe a par. of Engl. 

Pique a passion pique to offend, to nettle t 
pique one's self on one's appearence, etc - 
peak of a mountain, etc pique a grudge. 

Pistil a term in botany ... pistol a fire-arm. 

Pit ;i cavity pit to indent, to mark with little ho] 
lows to pit or set in competition, as in comba 
Pit a riv. of Siberia Pitt, an engl. statesman 

Pitch a lesinons substance - to pitch a tent pitcl 
of the voice, of a musical instrument pitch t< 
throw pitch to light, to settle on. 

Pith of a plan;, or tree pith the spinal cord in ani 
mals pith energy, strength, force pith th< 
condensed substance of thought and style. 

Pix a little box or chest in which the consecrated hos 
is kept in the ronmn catholic church pick! 
plural of pick picks v. pick. 

Place locality place rank plaice a flat fish. 

Plague a pestilential disease plague to vex, t< 
tease, to harass. 


Plaid a striped cloth worn by high'anders in Scotland 

played did play. 

Plain smooth plain a level country plain 
clear, evident plane a p'ain surface a 
smoothing plane or instr. plane the pla- 
tan us or plane tree. 

Plaintiff in a law suit plaintive mournful. 

Plant a vegetable, a sapling plant the sole of the 
foot plant as to p!ant a tree a builder's or 
contractor's plant. 

Plash lo dabble in water plash to interweave, as 
branches in a hedge plash a puddle of water. 

Plat to interweave a plat or small piece of ground 

a plat or tress of hair, etc. Platte see Lip. 
Plate a flat piece of metal plate wrought silver 

plate i shallow dish to eat off plait to fold 

plait 10 braid Plate a town of Prussia. 
Play to sport play to act play a game play 

a drama Pelet a fr. gen. 

Please to <rive pleasure pleas pleadings, excuses. 
Plight 10 pledge plight condition, state. 
Plat scheme, stratagem, intrigue plat to plan, to 
delineate plat a plat or small extent of ground. 

Plough or plow n. and v. to loosen and turn over the 
ground in a field plough a joiners' inst. for 
making grooves. 

Pluck courage to pluck feathers, etc the pluck 

of an animal as, the heart, liver and lights. 

Plum a fruit 'P. plumb or vertical line to plumb 
or sound with a plummet for the depth of water 
plum 100,000. 

Plume a feather plume the ascending, scaly part 

<f a plant plume <o strip of feathers to 

plume one's self on one's skill Plume a t. of Fr. 

Plump a knot, a cluster, a clump plump adv., 
suddenly plump to plunge to plump a 
vote plump fat, round, full, etc. 

Plumper more plump plumper a term used in 
elections, (see W ) plumper a full, unquali- 
fied Ire plumper something carried in the 
month to swell the cheeks, any thing intended to 
swell out something else. 

Ply n. and v. to fold, to plait ply to bend, to yield 
to ply or perform^ 

Plyers they who ply plyers a term used in fortifica- 
tion (see W.) pliers a kind of pincers for small 

Poach to boil slightly, BS of eggs poach to poke, 
bag or steel game poach n. to be trodden with 
deep tracks, as soft ground to poach s to 
stab or spear fis-h. 

Pocket of a garment pocket of a billiard table 
pocket a term in geology. 

Point the sharp end of any thing point a small 
cape, headland or promontory a point of the 
mariners corn pass to see the point or meaning 
of any thing a mathematical point to 
point <>r direct a gun. 

Poke a pocket, a bag pake to thrust poke i& 

grope as in the dark poke a plant 
Poker to- poke the fire with poker a bugbear or 

frightful object poke her. 
Polar as the polar or frozen regions polar as live- 

polar star the polar bear. 

Pole a long slender piece of wood pole the extremity 
of the axis of the earth pole a native of Poland 

to pale a boat pole a nvoasure of 5 yards 

poll the head to poll votes at an election 
poll a pet name for a parrot. 

Polish to smoother) polish to bright en to polish 
or refine a man or woman polish pertaining; 
to Poland. 

Pommel a knob pommel to beat, to bruise. 

Pool of water pool the stakes, at cards. 

Pop to dart, to thrust pop a small, smart, quick- 
sound or report pop adv., suddenly pop as- 
ginger pop, a drink. 

Pope the sovereign pontiff pope a small fish 
Pope a poet. 

Pore a spiracle for perspiration pore to look closely 
or intensely over pour to empiy out liquor 
poor poverty stricken. 

Port a gate or entrance port a harbor port 
holes port bearing, carriage, mien port 
(Oporto) wine Porte the turkish court. 

Porter a gate or door keeper porter one who- 
carries loads for hire porter strong beer 
portlier helm Porter a t. s. of eev.of the U. Sv 


Post a piece of timber set up post a messenger 
post an emp'oy post to travel .quickly 
post to copy irato a ledger to post a letter. 

Pot a small deep vessel pot a sort of small sized 
paper pot to preserve to go to pot to be 

destroyed, ruined, 

Poulp an octopus pulp of fruit, etc. 

Pounce a fine powder pounce to sprinkle with 
charcoal, etc to pounce or fall upon auddenly, 

Pound a weight* pound a money of 20 shillings as, 
a pound sterling pound an inclosure 
pound to bruise, to crush pound to im- 
pound cattle. 

Pour see Pore Pore a town of S. Am. 

Practice -a custom-, practice the habit of doing any- 
thing practise to do habitually. 

Praise commendation prays does pray preys 
does prey : to rob. 

Pray to supplicate prey spoil-, plunder. 

Prefer to choose before another prefer to advance 

prefer to offer. 

Presence being present presents gifts, donations. 

President of an assembly precedent something 
done or said before precedent an example or 
rule for future times. 

Press to urge press to push with force press a 
printing machine press a machine for squeezing 

the press the public news-papers, the editors 
thereof a press of business. 

Prest ready, prompt prest neat, tighi pressed 

did press. 
Prefer a latin preposition, beyond, beside, more 

pretor a magistrate (see "W. > 

Pretty of dim'nutive beau'y pretty in eome degree. 
Prey see Pray. Preyer a plnnderer prayer a 

Prick to i ierce prick to become acid prick a 

puncture prick a sharp instr. 
Prier one who pries (to pry) prior previous. 
Prime fir&t, as the prime co-t prime principal as, 

the prime mover to prime or put powder ii 

the pan of a gun St. Prime. 
Prince the son of a king prints impressions 

prints does print prints printed fabrics. 
Principal chief principal money at interest 

principal the head or chief principle a 

fundamental truth principle a maxim. 
Prize a reward pries inquires into pries raises 

np prize to set a price on prize to esteem 

prize booty. 
Proceeds issue, rent, profit precedes does proceed. 

Profit gain, advantage prophet one who pro- 

Projection plan, delineation projection the act 
of throwing or shooting forward projection? 
a projecting part of any thing, a* of a buitding. 

Prompt ready, quisk prompt to incite prompt 
to assist a speaker, an actor, when at a loss. 


Prompter more prompt prompter one who from 
behind the scenes, prompts the next words. 

Proof trial, essny. experiment proof evidence 
before a court -a printers proof fire proof" 
the proof of spirits. 

Prophecy a prediction prophesy to foretell, pre- 
dict prophesy to preach. 

Proteus a marine deity proteus one who easily 
changes his form or principles proteus a 
genus of batrachian reptiles, like the sa'amander. 

Protraction the act of delaying protraction the 
act of plotting a survey. 

Provost the head of a college provost the execu- 
tioner of an army. 

Prow the front part of a ship prow valiant. 

Prune to lop trees prune a dried plum. 

Pry to look narrowly into pry to raise with a lever. 

Puddle of dirty water puddle a mixture of clay 
and sand, impervious to water puddle to 
convert cast iron into wrought iron. 

Puff to blow puff to swell, to inflate puff paste 
a puff ball, a fungus or mushroom full of dust. 

Pulse motion of the blood in the arteries pulse a 
leguminous plant like peas and beans, etc. 

Pump to raise water pump a dancing shoe. 

Punch an instr. of steel for perforating holes in plates 
of metal punch a blow or thrust punch 
a drink Punch of Punch and Judy, 


Punt to play at basset, faro, and omber ptllfit a flat 
bottomed boat. 

Pupil of (he eye pupil n scl.olnr pupil award. 

Purchase to buy purchase a convenience for 
using force. 

Purl an embroidered and puckered border purl a 
malt liquor purl iwo rounds in knitting 
purl to murmur ;\s a small stream flowing among 
stones purl to decorate with fringe or embroi- 
dery pearl from the oyster peril. 

Purr or Pur as a cat purr a sea lark per (latin) 
by, as per bearer. 

Pus the matter secreted in ulcers puss the fondling 
name of a cat. 

Put lo place etc. put a rustic, a clo\vm put a 
.strumpet put a game at cards. 

Pye pie a bird Pye the state of printing type when 
ihe sorts are mixed pie as, apple or mince pie. 

Pyrrhic a term in poetry pyrrhic an ancient 
military dance. 

letter of the alph. Cfc abbreviate in Q. E. D., 
quod erat demonstrandum : which was to be de 
monstrated ; Q. S. quantum sufficit ; in english Q 
stands for quantity, question, etc. a chinaman's 
queue or cue ihe plait of hair hanging from the 
crown of his head a billiard 4|UCUe or CUe > 
a cue, a key to a solutio-i Cite ;i hint or iuti- 

tnation cue oilier sig. (see W.) ?ilq'* 
Toulzn, a town of Fr. Mont-Cuq a (own of Fr* 
- KeW a village and parish of Etigl. 5 the Kew 
gar Jeiif*. 

Quack lo cry like a duck or goose a quack doctor- 

Quadiant (he fourth part quadrant an astrono- 
mical instr. 

Quadrature of the circle quadrature in astro- 
nomy, as where (he moon is equidistant from the 
sun in opposition and conjunction. 

Quadrille a dance quadrille a game at cards. 

Quail to curdle, to coagulate a smilk quail to wince, 
to sink, to be subdued quail a bird. 

Quaint nice, pretty quaint singular, odd. 

Quality rank quality an accomplishment. 

Quarry a quarrel, a brawl quarry a pane of g'ass 
of a peculiar form quarry an arrow with a 
square hea-l quarry game quarry a 
place from whence stones are obtained for building 
purposes Quarri a t. of centr. Africa. 

Quarter the fourih part quarter a particular 
region of a town, or country quarter indul- 
gence, treatment shown to an enemy, mercy 
quarter to lodge soldiers by billet. 

Quartz silex, a constituent of granite quarts of 
wine, water, etc. 

Quash to crush, to subdue quash in law, to annul 
quash squash an edidle plant. 

Quaver to tremble, to vibrate quaver a note and 
measure of time ir> music. 


(pronotinced ke) a mole or bank formed on the 
side of a river the key of a d^or, gate, etc. 

a kings' consort quesin a worthless Woman* 
Question inquiry-Ho question or doubt the truih of. 
Quick speedy quick alive quick the living 
flesh, as, cut to the quick stung to (he quick 
or in the most sensitive part t mortified. 

Quid a cud, as a quid of tobacco quid an equiva- 
lent, as in quid pro quo. 

Quiescence quiet, repose quiescents silent 

Quill of a goose, a pen quill to twill, to plait. 

Quince a fruit to quince or wince under a 
schating look, or word Quince an island of 

Quire of paper - Choir a band of singers ->- choii* 
of a church coir a material for cordage. 

Quirk a quibble quirk an irregular air of music 
quirk a molding. 

Quit to leave quit free, c'ear, absolved. 

Quite altogether quiet in repose quoit a discus, 
a ring of metal to play at quoits with. 

Quiver for arrows -^ quiver to shiver. 

Quiz an enigma, to puzzle quisK an odd fellow. 

Quod prat demonstrandum, which was to be demons* 
traied cod a fish COd any husk or envelope 
containing the seeds of a plant cod a bag, the 

n a corner quoin a wedge coin metallic 
money as of gold, silver, copper, etc. to coin 
to forge, to fabricate, to mint to coin a lie. 

"Quook pret. of quake cook to prepare victuals 
capt. Cook a eel engl navigator. 

Quote to cite qnote to note cote a sheepfold 
cote a hut cote a Leathern cover for a gore 
finger cote a ca-le lamb cote a little boat 
Cote D'or, a dept. of Fr. Cote D'or, a territory 
of Guinea, Africa, 



ifit letter of the alpli. as an abbreviation R stands for 
rex, as G-. R , George R. 5 also for regina as 

Victoria R. or V. R. R also stands -for Rome, 

recipe, Reaumur are v. be Aar a riv. of 

Switzerland Ars a town of Fr., in the island of 

Re are a fr. measure of land. 
3ffc5ito>bet a term in joinery rabbit an animal 

rabid furious Rabat a t. of Morocco. 
Race a generation race a course of running the 

human race a mill race. 
Rack to torture rack arrack, a spirituous liquor 

wrack ruin Wrack a see weed. 
Racket a noise racket a snow shoe rackt a 

bat to strike with. 
Radiate to issue in rays Tadiate in botany, a 

radiate flower. 


I22 1 

Radius of a circle radius ; the exterior bone 

Raid a predatory incursion- Fayed" streaked - 

rayed-' arrayed. 
Rail- a paling or post ralf to- epeals contemptuously 

rail a bird rail a woman's garment rail 
to rally 

RailinSTexpressingreproack railingTas of a- veranda. 

Rain- from the clouds to rein a horse rane a 
species of deer reign" to rule, as a king 
rein-part of "a bridal rein to check- or control. 

Raise-to lipt up raise- to excite rays* beams of-' 
light rae j to level with the ground r to destroy- 

raise to exalt raise to levy see Rase*. 
Raised elevated, to raise Brazed overthrown. 
Raiser one who levies, raises, builds raizor arr 

inst. to-sbave with raise her.- 
Rake to scrape together rake used in hay making: 

rake as applied to a man. 
Rally to bring together rally to cheer up rally 

to get better sir Walter RaleigJi a favorite of-' 

Queen Elizabeth of EugL 
Rani the male of the sheep ram a sign of the' 

zodiac ram an engine of war ram a ma- 

chine for raising water ram to thrust or drive 

with violence-. 

Ramp to climb as a plant ramp of a staircase, 
etc ramp an inclined plane or roadway. 

Random done at random, in a hap hazard way - 
random coursed masonry. 

*tange to arrange range to rove at large 

a kitchen range. 
Rank overgrown, luxtrriant rank rancid, strong- 

sceriteil rank a row or line rank a range 

of subordination '^ -rank a degree of dignity 

rank high life. 
'Rap to strike with a quick blow a rap at the door 

wrap n. and v. to surround with wrap, 
a cloak ra| or rip-rap work : a rough dry 
stone-lining to preserve the face of earth work. 

'Rape a=, the rape of the Sabines rape the common 
turnip rape fruit plucked from the cluster. 

Rapper the knock:er of a door AVrapper a cloak 

wrap her. 

; Rapt enraptured rapped did rap wrapped 

muffled up, did wrap. 
'Rapture ecstacy rapture a seizing by violence. 

Rare scarce i'are underdone rare attenuate as 

rarefied air. 
Rareness value dne to scarcity rareness tenuity 

as of the air. 
Rarity (rare ity) a thiug valued for its scarceness 

rarity (rar ity) thinness, subbleiy, opposed to 


Rasfe to erase raste (o pass along the su rface^ of any- 
thin <j: rase a cancel, an erasure Tase a 
slight wound see liaise. 

hazardous rash an eruption or efflorescen 

-6f vhc ' 


Rate n. and v. to set a value on anything rate? to 
chide, to reprove, to scold rate degree, proportion, 
Rath a hill rath earl y wrath anger. 
Rattle a quick, sharp noise rattle a child's play 

thing rattle a plant. 
Rave to wander in mind rave to be raging or 

furious rave of a cart. 
Raveling: untwisting, entangling ravelin a term 

in fortification. 

Raven a bird raven to prey, to p> under, to devour* 
Ray of light ray a plant ray a fr=h ray to- 

streak Rae a p. n. Ray a p. n Re au 

island of Fr. 

Rayed see Raid. Raze see Raise and Rase. 
Reach to arrive at reach to make efibrt to vomit 

reach to strike from a distance a reach? 

of a canal, of a road, railroad, etc., a distance 

between two points etc (see W.) 
Read to peruse a book, etc reed a hollow, jointed 

stem reed v. to ree : to riddle, to sift, to 

separate, to throw off Reid a p. n. 
Reak a rush (a plant) to wreak; vengence on at* 

enemy reek vapor Reek a vil. of Holland. 
Real true, not assumed real a Spanish- coin reef 

a dance a reel for cotton, fire hose, ete reel 

to stagger Real a river of Brazil. 
Ream to bevel-cnt y or splay as, a hole for & screw head 

a ream of paper. 
Reap 'to cut grain with a sickle t'o reap the benefit 

of anything. 


Hear behind to rear as a horse rear to exalt 

rear to raise up rear to breed, to bring up 

rear raw or underdone. 

Recede to retire, to move back reseed to re sprin- 
kle with seed recede to cede back, to yield. 
Receipt a recepe to receipt to give a receipt 

for receipt reception reseat to seat or set 

again to re see it to see again. 
Heceiver a person who receives the receiver of 

an air pump re-sieve to sift anew. 
Recess a withdrawing recess an alcove. 
Reck to heed Wreck destruction wreck to 

Reclaim to claim back to reclaim to cry out, to 

Recollect (rrc olect) to call to m i nd recollect 

(re colh'c 1 ) to collect again. 

Recover to obtain to recover from illness, 
Red a color read did read raid rayed. 
Redress to amend, to set right to redress a 

wound, a sore to dress anew. 

Reduce to subdue to reduce a fracture, to restore 
a dislocated or fractured bone to reduce to 
the ranks see Read, ITse Re, euce, 

Hee or Re a small Portuguese coin the island of* 
Re of Fr. do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si Rhee* 
spouse of Saturn, goddess of the Earth re a 
prefix, denotes repetition. 

Heed sec Read. Heel see Real. Heek see Reak. 


tflteef a sand bank, or chain of ro< ks reef in & salX 

UeeVe a bird, the female of the ruff to reeve a rope 
through a block -*- reeve an officer of i he law* 
a shire Teeve contracted into sheriff reave to 
take away by stealth or violence, to bereave. 

{Refer to direci refer to appeal re fur to litre 
anew wI'Ji fnr to re-fir or replant with r trees. 

<Reft deprived, bereft reft a chink, a c eft, a fissure. 

Refuse -to c>j!h>e refuse (ref use) matter. 

jRegal of -a king regnal a pnia-11 finger organ*. 

^Register a written account or entry of acts registef 

a regulator register a registering machine. 
Reign see Rain* Rein see Raint 
Rejoin to join again - rejoin to answer. 
Relais a term in fortification a relay of horses -a 

to relay a pavement J really. 
'Related narrated related all ed W kindred. 
Relative having relation-, respecting relative i 

bloo<i relation. 
Release lo relieve, 'to Tree, to discharge ro re lease 

to lease anew. 
Render one who tears by violence render to give 

back render to boi 1 down -as tal low render 

to translate render a term in plastering. 
Rent torn aund',r rent a tear, a figure rent to 

lease Vent yearly return. 
Repair to 'res-tore repair to go to. 

to pUii or Fo'd a g'in lo r<* |>late w it'll 
silveis, etc, 

12Y - 

Report a statement (he report, of a gun*- 
Resolution separation into parts -- resolution 

determination 1 . 
Itest repose, cesnf o-> Wrest to twist or wrench, t<y 

distort rest remainder. 

Restore to give back restore" to store again. 
Retch to make an eftbrt to vomit wretch a miserable^ 

worthless person. 

Retire to retreat re tire' a wheel. 
Retreat i<eth<errent to re treat to treat anew. 
Return to restore, to give back * to re turn to turn? 

a coat, a 2nd time. 

Revolt to shock, etc re vault to vault anew. 
Rhyme pottry rime hoar frost rhyme to accord 

in sound rye him give him whiskey. 
Rib a bone rib a wife, in allusion to Eve. 
Riddle an enigma to riddle grain to riddle' 

with s hot r etc. 

Rider one who rides rider an additional clause * 
rider the matrix of a'n ore - rider in ship- 
buil lingy (*PP W ) rider the second tier of 
casks in the hold of a vessel. 

Riding: the act of riding a territorial district, 

Rifle to rob, to plunder rifle to groove r to channel ' 

rifle a fire-arm. 

lift a cleft, a fissure rift a shallow place in a streamv 
of a ship rig to romp rig a wanton wrigf 
to wriggle.- 

Slight to express by letters write to compose as ail 
author right not left right a just claim -* 
a right or straight line rite a ceremony or 
observance right justice Wright a work* 
man Wright a p. n. riot a row. 

Rill a groove, a trench rill a rivulet or small stream. 

Rime hoar frost rime a chink a fissure see 

Ring a circle to ring a bell to wring clothes 
wring to torture. 

Ringer one who rings bells Wringer one who 
wrings clothes. 

Rip to tear asunder rip refuse matter rip a 
wicker basket to carry fish in. 

Ripple to clean flax ripple the fretting of the sur 
face of water. 

Riser one that rises, as an early riser riser the 
upright board of a stair. 

Rivet n. and v. as, to rivet a boiler to rivet one's 

Roach a fish " the roach or arch, or curve in the 
foot of some square sails roach a cockroach- 
Roche a p. n. 

Road a way or route rode did ride rowed 
did row -^ Rhode island of the U. S. of Am. 

Roam to wander Rome a city. 

Roar n. and v. to shout, to cry aloud rower one 
who rows. 

Roast to cook roast to dissipate the volatile parts 
of ore by heat thou rowest. 


Rob to plunder Rob. for Robert, Rob Roy. 

Roc or Rock the bird of Arabian Mythology rock 

stony matter to rock to move backward and 

forward St. Koch rock a mountain 

Ranch a prussian sculptor the rock of Israel. 

Rocket a plant rocket an artificial firework 
Rocket a p. n. 

Roe the female of the hart roe the eggs of a fish 
row a line or rank row to impel by means of 
oars Rau a eel. german orientalist. 

Roll to turn over and over, to revolve roll to wrap 
round roll to wallow a roll of fat, of wool, 
of paste a roll to eat the roll of a drum 
roll a list, a register, a catalogue roll a part in 
a play Rolle a t. of Switzerland. 

Rood the cross the rood the fourth part of an acre 
rude untaught rude rough rued did 
rue Rude a vil. and par. of Austria. 

Rook a bird rook to cheat, to defraud a rook 
at chess rook to squat. 

Room space room an apartment rheum a cold 
or catarrh Rum a t. of Hungary Rhume 
a river of Germany. 

Root of a tree or plant route road or way route 
direction root to root up a tree to root as 
swine Root a post t. s. of N. Y., etc rue it. 

Rope a string, cordage a rope of onions rope to 
draw out or extend as any g'utinous substance. 

Rose a flower rows does row "rows plural of 
row roes plural of roe : the seed or sperm of 



fishes roes plural of roe, the female deer 

Rose a woman's name Rose a p. n. rose 1 

did rise Rose a town oi Naples. 

the rough scaly matter on the surface of the bark 

of certain trees Ross a. p. n. 
Rot to putrefy wrought worked, made. 
Rote committed to memory wrote did wri e. 
Rough rugged uneven roilgll rude to rougil 

it, as in the bush to rough it out, to make 

rough drawing, or model of anything run" an 

article of dress, a neck ornament ruff a bird. 
Round a rundle, the step of a ladder round a 

circle, a circular thing a round at boxing a 

round dance a round drink round 0:1 

all sides a round of amunition. 
Rouse to- awake rouse a bumper rouse a 

carousal rows plural of row. 
Rove to wander rove to draw a thread, string, or 

cord through an eye or aperture. 
Rubber one who rubs rubber the thing used i it 

rubbing India rubber a rubber at cards, 
Rubicon co or of a horse Rubicon a small river 

which separated Italy from Gaul to pass the 

rubicon Rubicon a riv. of Wisconsin. 
Ruby red, the color of ruby a precious stove. 
Ruck to corner ruck to draw into wrinkles or folds 

ruck, to sqnat or sit as a hen on eggs. 
Rue a bitter plant rue to regret, to lament. 
Rued lamented, did rue rude see Rood, 


Rillf TO rumX *<ee Rough. 

Ruffle to wrinkle ruffle to <li. -compose one's temper 
ruffle to throw together in adisorderly manner 
ruffle a sd-ip of plaited or ruffled cambric, 

Rule to govern rule to draw lines on paper, etc. 

Ruler one that governs ruler an inst. for drawing 

Runt old fa=hioned> qiveer rum a distilled spirit 
rum a country parson Rum a t. of Hungary. 

SutUt>Se a seat for servants behind a carriage to 
rumble as thunder. 

Rummer a glass or drinking up rummer com- 
parative of rum runt her give her rum, 

Run to move in a hurry to run as a liquid to 1'UU 
to melt, or fuse to run a hotel a run of 
Tiii'l-stones RUUU a rem. tract of India. 

Rung did ring wrung to wring, twisted the 
rung of a ladder. 

Ruse artifice, a trick rues does rue. 

Rush a marsh plant. rush io move with violence. 

RllSt to be oxydized russet of a reddish brown 
color russet an apple. 

Rut to lust, to copulate as deer rut in a roadway. 

Rye an esculent grain rye whisky rye a disease 
in a hawk wry twisted, distorted. 

S letter of the alph. an ess or S or S pipe to a sink or 
clo?et : a seal or air trap in abbreviations, S 
stands for society, a F. R. S. Fellow of the Royal 
Society ; in medical prescriptions S. A. signifies 
secundum artem, according to the rules of art ; 
S. C. for senatus consultum S also stands for 
South, as S. W. for south west; S. S. E. for south, 
south east ; S. V. P, n'il vous plaft, etc. Ess a 
cataract of Ireland formed by ihe Avonbag river 
Esse a village of Fr. 'Hesse orHessen a country 
of Germany an ess at the end of a tie bar As 
a numeral S denotes VII ; S also indicates solo, 

Sable a little animal sable the skin of the sable 
sable dark, black Sab!*' a r. of Mich. 

Sac privilege of the lord of a manor, of trying causes and 
imposing fines sac in riat. hist , a bag or re- 
ceptacle for a liquid sack a bag of corn, pota- 
toes, etc sack a measure of three bushels 
sack a cloak sack the pillage of a town - 
sack to bag sack a sort of wine, a supposed 
sherry Sac a county of Iowa 

Sad dark colored sad sorrowful gloomy sad 
vexations" sawed fawn. 

Sadder, en more sad, to make dark colored sad- 
der, en more to be regretted, to render melan- 
choly sawed her. 

Saddle for a horse, etc to saddle one with the 
responeability of anything a saddle of venison. 


mutton th/> Saddle of the bow sprit, etc.. of d 
ship Saddle an is. of S. Am. Saddle a 
par. of Scotland, 

Safe in surety a meet safe safe a fire-proof 
chest safe v- and n. free from damage* 

Sage wise sage a plant used in cookery and me- 
dicine -" sedge a coarse grass. 

Said stated Said Pacha, vice-roy of Egypt Said 
the name of Upper Egypt. 

Sail of a ship sail a ship sale the act of selling* 

Sailer as a ship sailor a seaman or mariner. 

Sally n. and V. to issue suddenly a Sally of intellect 
or fancy, a flight of imagination Sally a 
woman's name SaliCS a t. of Pr. 

Salt saline a salt a tar, a sailor a Salt in che- 
niNtry, a body composed of an aci I and a base 
a Salt a vessel for holding salt. 

Salter more salt salter one who salts psalter 
a psalm book salt her* 

Salts used in medicine salts does salt. 

Salve"for wounds salve a help, a remedy. 

Salver a plate salvor one who saves a ship or 
good * at sea. 

Sandal a kind of shoe sandal an odoriferous wood, 

Sane sound, healthy Seine a river in France. 

Sap of a tree sap to undermine sap the alburnum 
of a tree sap a trench for undermining. 

Sappare a mineral sapper one who saps. 

Sappy juicy, full of sap sappy weak in intellect 
sappy musty, tainted. 

Sash .1 ^i'kpn band sash a window frame. 

Sate to satiate sate or sat, did sit. 

Satire a poem censuri g folly and vice -- satire 

severity of remark Satyr a sylvan deity. 
Saw a toothed cutting instr. saw did see saiv a 

s-aying, a proverb- 
Say to speak Say or aye a kind of serge n*e! for 

linings, shirts, etc-^Say a eel. fr.econ. -Scey Fr. 

Scale a ladder the scale to which a plan is drawn 

on a grand or small scale to Scale a wall 

scale of fish I he scale of a balance to 

scale to pare or peel off in scales. 
Scarf an article of dress scarf to unite two pieces of 

timber Scariflfan island of Ireland. 
Scene a pta--ie scene i part of a play the scene 

or place of an c ccurrence seen observed 

seine for catching fish the river Seine in Fr. 

Scent odor !o smell cent the hundivth of a dol ar 

sent v. to send- 
School of tuition school a system of doctrine a 

school of fishes 's cool is cool. 
Scink a saurian reptile scink a cast ca'f Sink 

to go down sink a receptacle for slops,. 
ScirrllftlS an indurated tumor Scirrhous har*', 

Sconce a fort or bulwark sconce a hanging or 

projecting candlestick sconce a fixed sea* or 

shelf, etc sconce v. to discern sconce v. 

to mulct, to fine. 
Scotch of Scotland scotch n. and v. to wound 

siight'y a glass of scotch whi-k'y. 


Scrape to rub to be in a scrape a difficulty. 
Scribe a public writer to scribe or cut the edge of 
a board to fit against an irregular surface. 

Scruple a doubt, to hesitate scruple a weight of 
20 grains a screw pull. 

Scull of the head scull n. and v. to impel a boat. 

Scythe to mow grass with tho;i sigheth to sigh. 

Sea the ocean pee to perceive by the eye see the 
diocese of n bishop the letter C (see Cj. 

Seas plural of sea sees beholds seize 10 take by 
force C several C Seez a t. of Fr. 

Seal a*i aquatic mammal to ceil or line the inner 
roof of a room, etc fee Seel to seal with 
wax, elc. a seal a btamp. 

Seam a suture seam a thin layer seem to 
appear to be see him. 

Sear to burn, to wither seer one who sees see 
her sear to cauterize cere to cover with 
wax St. Cyr a t. of Fr. see her. 

Season of the year to season food season to- 
become mature seas oil* 

Seat to sit on to seat to place, to fix see it. 

Second in a duel second of time second next 

to second to lend aid to 

Section the act of cutting the section or inter- 
section of a line or plane by another a distinct 
section or portion of a ciiy, etc section a 

plan showing the interior of anything, as of a 
building, an engine, etc. 


Seducer one who seduces did seduce her. 

See see Sea and C. 

Seed that which is sown cede to yield, to give up. 

Seel to close the eyes, a term of falconry seel to 
lean, to incline to one side seel the rolling 
or agitation of a ship (see Seal). 

Seem, Seen, Seer see Seam, Scene, Sear 
seem sincere since here. 

Seine see Scene. Seize see Seas. 

Sell to give for a price cell a cellar cell a her- 
mits' hut cell of a prison, monastery, etc. 

Seller one who sells cellar a place underground. 

Senior elder seignior a lord signor a title of 
respect among the Italians seen your 

Sense meaning sense sensation, perception - 
cense a public rate or tax cense to perfume 
with odors from burning substance cense 
condition, rank cents scents 

Sequence that which follows sequents fol- 
lowers seek whence. 

Session a sitting cession a ceding. 

Set to place to set or put in order to set a watch 
to set a razor a set as of china, of furs, of fire 
irons" to set as a setter on the chase to set a 
precious stone to set or go down, as the sun- 
set to place, to plant set to become solid as 
cement or plaster Cette a t. of Fr. 

Settle to fix, to adjust settle to subside as a struc- 
ture to settle or go to the bottom, as dregs in 
a liquor Settle a t. of Bngl. 

- 137 - 

Sew with a needle and thread to SOW seeds. 
Sewer a drain suer one who sues for justice 
Shadow shade to shadow watch or follow, as a 

detective Shaw, Dow shad oh ! 
Shaft uii arrow the shaft of a weapon the shaft 

of a car the shaft of a mine. 
Shagreen a kind of leather chagrin grief, 

vexation Shaw, Green. 
Shah the king of Persia Shaw a thicket (local in 

Engl ) Shaw a p. n. pshaw exclarn. of 


Shake to move to and fro shake to shiver 
Sheik an arabian chief. 

Shall must, will shawl a garment Chasles a 

math Challes vil. de Pr- 
Sharp pointed sharp witted sharp edged. 

Shaver a barber shaver a plunderer, one who 
shaves notes shave her. 

She herself Shee a p. n. Mrs O'Shea. 

Shear to cut to shear or deviate sheer pure 
the sheer of a ship's deck, its longitudinal 
curve Shire a territorial division. 

Shed as to phed blood shed a slight building to 
shed to cast off as a tree, its leaves ; a bird, 
its feathers, etc Shade a t, s. of Pa, 

Sheet -of paper a sheet as for a bed. 

shell -as the outer coat of an egg v shell to strip as 
to shell .pease, maiz<e, etc tlie shell of a shell- 

&zh Ctaelles a vil. of Fr. 



Shield an escutcheon shield a defensive piece of 

armor shield a term in botany to shield 

or protect Shield a t. s. of Illinois. 
Shiner a fish, a sort of minnow shiner a cant name 

for a bright piece of money Shinor a scripture 

p. n. shy nor shine or. 
Shire a division of territory shyer more shy. 
Shoal shallow, a sandbank shoal a swarm as of 

herrings Shoal bay of N. Australia. 
Shoar or Shore a prop, a stay the sea shore 

shower one who shows. 
Shoer one who shoes, as a farmer sure (shure) 

certain shoe her. 

Shoot to shoot arrows to shoot a bird, an animal 
to Shoot as a plant chute fr. a fall. 

Shroud n. and v. to shelter shroud the dress of 
the dead. 

Shrub a plant *hrub a liquor shrub to clear 
of shrubs. 

Side lateral, the edge, the margin to Side with any 
one sighed did sigh 's hide. 

Sighs plural of sigh sighs does sigh .size dimen- 
sions size a glutinous substance size bulk, 
quantity sice ( z ) six, at dice. 

Sight the act of seeing sight a show site a 
situation > cite to quote cite to summon. 

Sign a token, a symbol 10 sign one's name a 
sign in algebra a sign of the zodiac a 
trader's sign sine a line in geometry. 


a Miiall seal cygnet a young swan. 
Signer a title of respect among Italians senior 
older seignior of a parish seen your. 

Simple single, one, uncombined simple weak in 

Since after since because that, sins plural of 

sin, or does sin, 
Sincere what it appears to be since here sin 

seer seen Cyr, see her. 

Single individual, alone ciligle a girih, to gird or 

girdle single to select. 
Singular peculiar singular not plural. 
Sink to fall sink a drain scink a saurian reptile 

cinque the fr. for five s ink* 

Sion a scripture mountain Scion or clon a cutting, 

a sprout, a (wig sigh on* 
Sire a father signer one who sighs sire to 

eugemteT 's ire his s higher is. 
Site see Sight. Size see Sighs s eyes. 
Skate a fish skate n. and v. to elide or move on ice 
Skew to look obliquely the skew or skew-back or 

butting point of an arch or voussoir. 
Skull of the head skull a person - scull a email 

oar scull a boat to scull a boat Skull 

a parish or Ireland 's cull is or hi*. 
Sky i he heavens Skye an island of Scotland. 
Slab a thin piece, n* of marble 'slab the outside 

piece of a log of timber slab a puddle, as of 



Slabber (o shed, to spill as slabber or saliva frotii the 
mouth slabber in a saw mill, a machine or 
saw for slabbing timber 'slab her* 

Mark not tense the Slack end of a rope slack 
water, the interval between the flux ami reflux of 
the tide Slack. small coal slack a valley 
or small, shallow dell 's lac, lack is, his. 

Slake to slake thirst to slake lime. 

Slang slung, v. sling slang' low, vulgar language. 

Slant sloping, oblique Slant an oblique reflect inn 
or gibe Slant a copper coin of Sweden a 
slant of wind, a transitory breeze. 

Slaver a vessel engaged in the slave Ua-de to slaver" 
or slabber s laver his. 

Slay to kill sleigh a vehicle to run o-n SLOW and ice? 
sley to separate threads as weavers sley s* 
weavers' reed *S lay his Jay. 

Sleave of silk or thread sleave to divide or disen- 
tangle threads the sleeve of a garm.enrt, 

Sledge a carriage sledge a large heavy hammer. 

Sleeper one who sleeps sleeper of a railway. 

Sleeve of a garment sleeve a ring or thimfte* 
covering the joined ends of two pipes, tubes, or 
pieces of wood, etc * see Sleave* 

Slew p. p. of slay slue to turn around sine to 
turn around on its axis 's loo* Lou. Louisa. 

Slewed half drunk slued turned about. 

Slight slender slight trifling to slight one. to 
make little of, to offend to slight anything, to- 
do in h-iste sleight of hand. 

- 141 

Slip (o slide Slip to sneak a slip cr inclined 

plane slip to err Slip a twig. 
Sloe a kind of plum slough to depress, to hang down 

Slough a c'cwnish fellow sloiiuh .1 mire, a 
. pool of mud Slow not quick slow of in* 

lellect 's low, Lowe is low. 

(pronounced stuff) (he cast skin of a serpent > 
SloUgh (si -.iff) the part that separates from a 
foul .'-ore to slough or Bluff. 

n. and v, to kiss smack a quick smart 
blow with the flat of the hand a smack of the 
lips smack a small vessel smack a 
small quanti'y, a laste ' Mac is Mack* 
Smart as a smart fellow to smart hurt, a lively 
pungent pain -" smart brisk, fresh as a breeze. 

Smelt or smelled, did smel smelt a fish smelt 
to fuse and purify ore. 

So in this manner, thus -~ SOW to scatter seed Sew 
to use a needle and thread Sow a par. of Engl, 

Soak to sleep, to imbibe SOak to drink .intempe* 
rately soke in Elngl. a district in which a 
particular priviledge or power in exercised. 

Sol ihe sun sol a copper coin do, re, mi, fa sol* 
la, si Sohl a county of Hungary* 

Solar pertaining to the sun solar or ollar a loft or 
tipper chamber Solor is of the Malay Arch. 

Sold v. to sell soled v to sole SOitled a whole 

souled man 's hold his hold 's old is o'd. 


of the foot. sole of a boot or shoe sole- ft 
flat fish soul the im mortal pan of man sole 
single SOWl to pull by the ears. 

Solo an air by a single instr , or a single voice SO 
sow, sew low, JLoWe sole hoe, O 

Solution a mixture solution resolution, explan- 
ation sol you shun* 

Some a portion sum to add or cast up sum the Somme a .iiv. of Fr. Somme a 
dept. of Fr. 

Son a male child sun the orb of day to sun to 
insolate Sone a river of India. 

Soot of chimnies a suit of clothe* a suit at law 

animal fat or suet sue it* 

Sooth truth, reality sooth pleasing, delightful 

sueth doth sue. 
Sop to steep a sop given to pacify or cc-.ciliato, as, 

a sop to Cerberus sop for babies. 

Sore tender, painful sore intensely sore an ulcer 

so're so are sore a hawk of the first year 
sore a buck of the fourth year soar to fly 
aloft a sower of seed* a sewer of gar- 
ments, etc Sore a t. of Fr. 

SOrel a buck of the third year sorrel of a reddish 
color sorrel a plant Sorel a t. of Canada. 

Sorry grieved sorry worthless sori plural of 
sorus, a term in botany (see W.) Sauri a fr. 

Soul see Sole, sowl. Souled see Sold. 

Sound entire, uudecayed sound <he air b'adder of 
a fish Ic sound I o probe sound a strait, 
or a narrow passage of water to sound the 
depth of water sound the cuttle fish sound 
noise, report 's hound* 

Souse pickle made with salt souse 'to fall suddenly 
on, as a kawk on its prey 's house. 

Sown v. sow, scattered as seed Soaiie a riv. of Fr. 

Spall or Spawl a chip of stone spall (from the fr. 
epaule) a shoulder Spawl to spittle all over. 

Span a measure of nine inches, or from the end of the 
thumb to the end of the little finger when extended 

span to agree in color as a span of horses 
span spun, to spin spawn of fish. 

Spar a mineral "spar to wrangle sparamait, 
yard, boom, gaff 's par, parr, Par. 

Spare to forbear spare to live frugally spare 
scanty spare to except one to 'spare, 
remaining 's pear, pare, pair. 

Spat did spit spat the young of shellfish spat 
a blow spat a petty quarrel. 

Speiss a mineral (nickel and arsenic) spice n. and v. 

to season with spices Spiez a vil. of Switz. 

Spell a story, a tale spell a charm to spell a 
word spell a lapse of time. 

Spent expended, as money a spent cannon ball. 

Spider an insect spider a trevet, a kitchen utensil 

spied (did spy) her. 


Spike a large nail spike an ear of corn or gra ; n, 

etc spike a species of lauender to spike 

a gun or cannon spike a shoot. 
Spill a small peg for stopping a cask spill to suffer 

or cause to flow s pill his pill. 
Spire of a steeple spire a curl or twist spire a 

stalk or b'ade of grass Spire a r. of Bavaria.. 
Spit to expectorate spit saliva spit an iron prong 

on which meat is roasted spit a point of land 

running into the sea 's pit his pit. 
Spirit the soul of man spirit courage spirit an 

inflammable distilled liquor spirit a phantom. 
Spoil ii. and v. to plunder spoil to decay spoil 

to corrupt spoil to destroy. 
Spoke of a wheel the spoke or round of a ladder 

spoke did speak s'poke. 

Sponge a porous marine, compressible substance - 
sponge in gunnery, an iust. for cleaning out 
cannon after a discharge to sponge to suck 
or imbibe as a man who sponges on another 
sponge cake. 

Spouk or Spunk touchwood spunk spirit, courage. 

Spoon a domestic utensil a spoon a soft kind of a 

fellow Spoon river Illinois. 
Sport n. and v. to play and make merry to sport 

to chase and kill game 's port his port. 

Spout to issue with violence as a liquid spout a 
pipe or projecting mouth of a vessel a water 
spout raised by a whirlwind 's pout. 

- 145 - 

to shoot as plants spring to move by tlie 
action of a spring spring 10 move bv elasti- 
city to spring or leap upon -- spring a 
source, a well of water spring a season of the 
year Spring a t. s> of Pa. and Ga. U. S- of Am. 

Sprit n. and v, to sprout, to shoot sp'rit spirit. 

Spruce a tree, a wood spruce trim, nice spruce 
beer Spruce a p. vil. of Pa., U. S. of Am. 

Spur n, and v. to prick with spurs spur the largest 
or principal root of a tree spur a snag the 
Spur of a mountain on the spur of the moment. 

Squall a loud scream, to cry out squall a sudden 
. and violent gust of wind. 

Square a geometrical figure to square to suit, to 
fit square forming a right angle to square 
a number square in astrology, quartile, as 
of a planet distant ninety degrees from another 

square a quaternion. 

Stable steady, firm, fixed a stable for horses, etc. 

'Stack of hay, etc a Stack of chimneys a Stack 

of arms to stack or pile hay, wood etc. 

Staid sober, grave, steady stayed did stay, remained 

Stayed did stay, propped. 

'Stair a step of a flight of stairs stere the fr. cubic 
metre stare a starling stare to 1-ook 
intently stayer <one who remains stayer 
one who props or supports. 

Stake of wood a beef steak a stake at cards, 
tc to perish at the stake stake a pledge. 

Stalk the stem of a plant to stalk or walk with an 

affectation or .dignity % talk is, his. 
Stum I? to tread or strike heavily on the floor or ground 

Stamp to coin Stamp an impress Stamp 

an instr. to stamp with. 

Stanch sound, firm to stanch as blood 1 . 
Stand to endure to stand erect stand to stop ? 

to halt a band stand a cab stand* 

Standard an ensign of war a standard rule, 

measure, weight, etc Standard an upright 
support thejstandard or proportion of alloy 
to fine metal in coin stand hard* 

Staple settled, established, chief, as a Staple article 
of commerce a Staple of iron or bent and 
double pointed loop staple the thread or pile 
of wool, cotton, etc Staple a par. of Engl. 

Start to move suddenly, to depart start to alarm. 

State condition state dignity, grandeur to stater 
to declare 's 't eight, ate, hate is it. 

Stationary remaining in one place stationary 

not progressive stationery pens, paper, etc. 

Steal to rob steal a handle steel refined or 
carburetted iron to Steel to strengthen 
Steel, a sharpener for knives Steele a p n. 

Steep precipitous to steep in water, etc steep* 

a precipice ' 't heap is it. 
Stear an ox to- steer a vessel stere the fr. cubic 

metre 's 't (is it; here Styr a r. of Poland, 
fete m to oppose the stem of a plant 's 't m is it- 


Step a pace step a proceeding steppe a barren 
plain or wa?te to step step of a mast, etc. 

Stern severe, austere (he stern of a ship. 

Stick to adhere a walking stick a Stick of 
timber, a log stick to stab a Stick for a fire 
stick to fasten, to pin. 

Stigma a mark of infamy the stigma of a flower. 

Stile of a sun <&&! Stile steps over a fence style 
manner of waiting to style to call, to denomi- 
nate stile in architecture : the upright piece in 
framing or paneling a turnstile in a foot path, 

Still quiet still to calm Still a vessel for distilling 
still ft<* this time Still notwithstanding, 

Stirrup of a saddle stir up. 

Stitch n. and v. to sew stitch a local sharp pain 
a stitch a single link in knitting Stitch the 
spare between (wo double furrows in plowed 
ground 's t itch, hitch is it. 

Stoak to stop, to choke, in seaman's language to 
Stoke the fire *S 't oak is it, 

Stock the trunk of a tree stock a family or race 
a Stock for the neck Stock a quantity 
Stock fMTtrade-"- tlve'stock of a musket. 

Stocks -a place of confinement stalks>f trees 
stalks struts about stocks as of a ship on 
the stocks stocks the public funds. 

Stole did steel stole an ornament worn by a priest 
at nia-ss stole $, sticker, a shoot from the root 
of n pV-t S!o! n t. of Df.lirafin. 


Storm to assault, to attack storm to raise a tem- 
pest a storm of the elements. 

Story a narration a story or separate floor of a 
house, etc story a fnble, a lie. 

Stonp (Scottish) a flagon, a measure for liquids 
stoop to bend, to incline the stoop or en- 
trance steps to a house, etc. 

Stout strong, lusty Stout strong beer. 

Stove for fire stove v. stave. 

Straight right, direct strait narrow strait a 
difficulty strait a narrow passage. 

Strain ro squeeze or press strain, to force or 
constrain to strain one's ankle, etc. strain 
a song or note Strain a style of speaking 
to strain a point s 't rain is it. 

Strand to run aground straiitt the shore or beads. 

Strike to hit to Strike for increase of pay to 
strike a measure of capacity or level off (be 

Strip to pull or tear off', to denude a Strip of land 

- *s trip his *s r t rip is it. 
Stroke a blow .to stroke or rub gently. 

Strut to walk with a lofty, proud gait strut a stay 
or brace ' 't rut is it. 

Stuck glued Stuck in the mud stuck in a cwner 

Stuck with a dlaggeiv etc. 

Stud a nail with a large head Stud a scantling a 
stud of hordes Stud a shirt bufon, etc. 


Stuff* to fill stuff nonsense Stuff a mass of matter 
stuff cloth, f.ibricks of the loom to stuff as 
a taxidermist 'S 't tough is, is it. 

Stump the stub of a tree the Stump of a book a 
Stump speech stump to strike with the toe 
or foot anything hard and fixed- 

Sturdy har-ly, forcible sturdy a disease in sheep- 
Sty a pen or inclosure for swine a Sty or tumor of 
the eye s tie his 's 't high, eye iu it. 

Style see Stile. 

Styx the river sticks of wood sticks adheres, 
does stick s tics, ticks his. 

Subject of discourse a subject a corpse for dis- 
section subject liable to subject owing 
allegiance to, etc. 

Sublime a grand or lofty style sublime to subli- 
mate or reduce lo vapor. 

Subtler more subtle (pronounced sutler) - Sutler one 
that follows on army and sells provisions. 

Succeed to fol'ow succeed to prosper suck 
seed succeed to accomplish. 

Succor to relieve sucker a yonng shoot Slicker 
a fij,h succor help sucker one who sucks 
suck her Suck or a r. of Ireland. 

Suffer to permit, to allow suffer to endure, to bear. 

Suit courtship suit an action at law suit to fit 
suet the fat of beef or mutton sue it suit 
to become suit a set suit a series. 
Suite retinue a suite of rooms sweet pleasing 
to the senses sweet succharine, as sugar. 


at cour suitor for a woman's hand Sllitor 
a petitioner suit her. 
Sinn see Some. Sun see Son. 

Summer one who casls up an account the Summer 

season Slimmer a large supporting beam, a 

beam over a door or window. 
Sup to eat the evening meal Slip a more taste of 

water, liquor, etc sup for super (hit.) above. 
Superior of a monastery superior of a better 

quality soup here, hear lake Superior* 
Sure certain shoe her. 
Surge a large wave or billow of the ocean surge to 

swell, to rize surge of a win i lass surge 

to let go a portion of rop? suddenly surge to 

slip back, as, the cable surges serge a woolen. 

twilled stuff. 
Suttle the weight, in commerce, after deducting the 

tare and when tret is yet to be allowed subtle 

(pronounced suttl) artful, cunning. 
Suture a seam suit your sue to your* 
Swallow a bird swallow to take down the 

throat Swallow a par. of Engl. 
Swash an oval figure of which the moldings are oblique 

to the axis of the work swash a blustering 

noise 'swash soft, lite fruit too ripe. 
Sway to wield as, to sway ihe scepter SWay to be 

drawn, to lean to one side SWay to have in* 

fluence, to govern 's Way, Whey i*, his. 
Sweep to brush, to c'ean up sweep to pass with 

swiftness and violence - a chimney sweep 

sweep to carry with pomp. 

- 151 

Sweet $ee Suite. 

Swell to grow larger the swell of the ocean a swell 
a well or full dressed person swell a p. of E, 

Swift quick moving Dean Swift. 

Swim to float swim to move progressively in water 
by means of the hands, fee fins, etc. swimm 
the bladder of fishes 's n him is, his. 

Swingle to dangle swingle to beat, to clean flax 
swingle a kind of large wooden knife to clean 
flax with swingle in wire works, a crank, a 
wooden spoke fixed to the barrel that draws the 
wire Swingle ville Ten. U. S. of Am. 

Switch a flexible twig -- a railway switch to 
switch to shunt as on a railway switch to 
walk with a jerk y s witch, which. 

Swoop to pass with pomp to swoop down as a 
hawk and catch while on the wing. 

Sword a weapon sored made sore soared 
mounted aloft, did soar. 

Sylvan inhabiting woods sylvan abounding with 
woods silvan another name for tellurium 
sylvan a fabled deity of the wood, a satyr, a faun j 
sometimes, a rustic Sylvan Pa. and Mich. 

Symbol a type, a sign cymbal a musical inst. 

Synod a council of ecclesiastics sigh nod ; sign, 
sine odd, hod, awed. 

Syndic acting for others a sin ^iclfc 

Syncope in music, syncopation syncope in gram- 
mar, an elision of one or more syllables in 
medicine, syncope of the heart, interruption of 

152 - 

its motion. And for such as make the word of two 
syllables with Sill cope, Cope a p. n. - 
sink abandon hope, Hope a p. n. 


T letter of the alph. T. as an abbreviation stands for 
theology S. T. D. santae theologies doctor, doctor of 
divinity In ancient monuments and writings T 
stands for Titus, Titius or Tullius As a numeral 
T among the Latins stood for 160 and with a dash 
over it for 160,000 In music T is the ini;ial of 
tacet, tenor, of, etc. In concertos and sympho- 
nies T. is the initial of tutte : the whole band 
also sometimes stands for tr. or trillo : a shake 
tea a tree from the leaves of which we have the 
well known beverage * tea a "decoction or infu- 
sion te (latin) thee, thon as in Te Deum a 
tee or T an iron hold fast at the end of a tie bar 
bar Te a city of China Tee a township of 
Carroll county Ohio. 

Tab the latchet of a shoe fastened with a string, etc 
tab or tag, of a lace tab a cup Tab a r. of 

Tabby brinded or brindled: diversified in color, as a 
tabby cat. tabby a kind of waved silk 
tabby a concrete mixture made with lime, shells, 
gravel or stones. 

Table a board used for meals table an index 
table a tablet table a division of the cranium 
or skull a table for mult, etc Table rock, 

~ 133 

to join tack, to turn a ship tack a little 
nail etc. (>-ee W.; Tak a t. of Chinese Toork. 
Tacks small nails tax a rate or impost tax to 
charge or accuse tacks to tack, as a vessel 
tacks does lack or nail. 
Tact ready talent tact adroitress ~tacked did 

tack or nail tacKed did tack, as a vessel. 
Tael a Chinese money (about $1 60) tael a Chinese 
weight (1^ ounces; tale a narrative tale num- 
ber reckoned tail the hinder or lower part 
tail a caudal appendage. 

Yule lit a mm of money talent a natural gif>. 
Tag as the lag- of a boot-lace to play tag as children, 
TFail see Tael Tale ?ee Tael. 
Taint to infect, to poison taint a blemish 'taint 
it in not taint a tincture taint and insect. 
Take to swallow to take a decision take to set 

as cement Tak a t. of Afghanistan. 
Tally- to fit, to suit tally to score tally stoutly, 

with spirit Talley a par. of S. Wales. 
Tambour a small drum the tambour or miked 
vase of the capital of a Corinthian or composite 
column - to tambour to embroider with a 
tarnVmr tambour a lobby or ves'titmle. 
"Tan the bark of the oak, etc prepared for tanning leather 
to tan leather to tail to %urn 'Or tan, as 
do the rays of the aun a black and tan dog. .. 
^ leather tanned darkened by the stin'a 


Tap to strike or touch gently or with somethin 

to tap or broach a cask- to tap a dropsical 
person tap a spile or pipe, a faucet. 

Taper a wax e-andie taper regularly narrowed - 
taper slender, conical -- taper a light - 
tapir a quadruped. 

Tare a weed tare tore, old pret, of tear tare an 
allowance in weight tear to rend tear a rent* 

Tares a kind of grain tears does read. 

Tart acid, sharp to the taste tart a species of pie 
or pastry tart sharp, keen, severe, as a tarS 
reply Tarte a p. r>. 

Tarry smeared with tar tarry to stay, to wait for. 
Tartan a checkered and colored woolen cloth tar-' 

tan a small coasting vessel. 
Tartar an acid concrete salt talrtar a person of * 

keen, irritable temper tartar a native < 

Tartary tartar a popular nuine for the concre-- 

tion which forms on the teeth. 

Taste one of the senses taste judgment, discernment 
as a person of good or bad taste taste style etc 

a taste a bit, a little of anything, a drop of 
wine, etc. taste to try the reli.-h of. 

Tattoo a beat of drum at night tattoo figures 

punctured in the skin of the body. 
Taught or Taut stretched, not slack taught did' 

teach 't ought it ought. 
Taunt very high or tail, as the masts of a ship 

taunt to tease, to reproach, to censure taunt 

bitter or sarcastic reproach- 


ot, e of the twelve signs of the zodiac tattrus 

a bull torus of (he base of a column torus 

a term in botany TauriS a t. of Persia, 
Tawtodres* white leather ,taw a marble to play 

with Taw a riv. of Engl. 
Tawdry a slight ornament tawdry showy without 

ta*te or elegance. 

Taut M*C Taught Tax see Tacks Tea. see T. 
Teach to instruct teach in sugar works : the last 

boiler t'each to each. 
Team a yoke of horses or oxe i teem to bring forth 

teem to swarm, to abound. 
'Tear water from the eye "tier a row or rank 

Thiersan illustrious fr. statesman and historian. 
Tear to rend, see Tare. 
Tease to annoy tease^to comb wool teas plural 

of te-a t'ease to ease Tees a r. of Engl. 
Teat or tit, of an animal t'eat to eat. 
Teem see Team. 

Teil the iime tree, or linden teal a species of duck. 
Tell to give an accou-.t of William Tell tell -to 

take effect Tell a t. s. of Pa. 
Teller-one who numbers tell her 
Temper disposition of mind to temper steel, etc. 
Temperate moderate in eating drinking, dress, etc 

temperate moderate or mean temperature of 

the air temper it. 

Temple -an edifice temple of the head of man and 
anima's Temple a par. of Engl., etc. 


Tender soft delicate tender to extend to offer - 
tender for attender : a vessel which attends upon 
another as a coal tei.d<T the fender of a 
railway locomotive tender a bidding or pro- 
posal tend her. 

Tense sketched, strained * the tense of a verb. 

Tension the act of straining or stretching teiltioil 
attention tension strain, distension. 

Tent a pavillion in surgery tent a r->l! of lint or 
linen tent a Spanish wine of a deep red color 

tent to probe a wound, to keep open wiih 
tent of lint. 

Terce a third, acak of 42 gallons, the third of a pipe 

terse as terse language, a terse style terse 
cleanly written, neat. 

Test a large cupel in which metals are me'ted test 
means of trial test discriminative characteristic 

the test or anti transubstantiation oaih of Kngl. 

test to compare with a standard test to* 
attest and date. 

Tester the top covering of a bed tester an old coin 

of about six pence ster'ing. 
Theave a ewe of the first year thieve to rob, to 

steal th' eve, heave. 

Their belonging 10 them there in that place. 
Thrill a drill thrill to pierce thrill a warbling- 

a thrill of horror thrill to feel a sharp, 
shivering sensation 'til rill. 

Threw did throw through from one end or side 
to the other through by the me.ins of. 

157 - 

Throe extreme pain, anguish, agony throw to hurl; 
to fling to throw dice th' roe, row. 

Throne a royal seat tliroiie to place in an elevated 

position thrown projected, hurled, cast. 

Throw see Throe. Thrown see Throne. 

Thrush a bird thrush a disease of the feet of the 
horse and o'her animals thrush a disease of 
the mouth and Mps. 

Thy belonging to thee. thou thigh of the leg. 

Thyme (time) a garden plant time of day time 
season, etc tie 'm, tie him, them. 

Tick credit, trust, as, to buy on tick tick an insect 
a bed tick case, or cover the tick or beat 
of a clock or watch tick to beat, to pat. 

Tickle to touch lightly and cause a pecu ;ar thrilling 
sensation tickle to please as to tickle one's 
fancy tickle to feel titillation tickle or 
ticklish, tottering, easily overthrown 

Tide the ebb and flow of (he sea tied bound, did tie. 

Tie to bind or fasten with a band tie to oblige, to 
confine lie a knot tie a purse. 

Tiger an animal tiger a servant tiger one cheer 
more a last drink Tiger a p. o. of Georgia. 

Tight taut, close, compact tight parsimonious 
tight intoxicafed tie it. 

Till a vetch, a tare (a weed) till a money box or 
drawer till until, up to the time of till to 
cultivate the soil Till a r. of Engl. 

Time duration, to the end of time -time a particular 
season of, year, or "hour of the day to time to 
regulate as to tijiie thyme a pungent garden 
plant time to measure a- in music *-*- tie '1H 
him, them. 

Tin a metal tin a dish* 

Tine the tooth or spike of a fork tine to rage, to 
smart, to fight Tyne a r of Engl., S^ot., etc. 

Tip the end, the point of anything tip to tip off, to fall 
over, to die to tip to strike slightly to tip a 
porter > or give him something for his trouble. 

Tire a tier, row or rank tire of a wheel tire to 
fatigue, to become weary Tyre an old mar city* 

Tired fatigued, wearied tired as a wheel armed 
with its tire. 

Tissue in anatomy, texture of parts, as the fibrous 
tissue, cellular tisne tlssiie woven c'oth. 

To to school, to bed two a couple toO over, too 
much, more than enough two twice one. 

Toad a paddoc, a batrachian reptile towed did low 
toed having toes j 't owed it. 

Toast grilled or scorched bread toast n. and v. to 
drink to the health, in honor of. 

Toasted scortched by heat toasted named in 
drinking the health. 

Tockay a species of geeks or spotted lizard in India -* 
toquet bonnet or head dress For women 
tokay a kind of wine from Toltay in 
Hungary Toka a f. of Hindo?ian. 

159 - 

'I ( Od a bush, a thick shrub *- tod a quantity of wool 
of 28 Ibs., or 2 stone tod a fox tod to 
weigh, to produce a to<J Todd a p. n. 

Toddy a spirituous liquor toddy a sweetened mix- 1 
hire of spirit and Water Todi a t of It. 

Toe of the foot toe the fore part of the hoof of A 
horse, etc tow a* to tow a canal boat, etc 
tow from flax and hemp t'owe to owe. 

Toil to labor, to Weary toil a net, a snare. 

Token a coin token to make known. 

Told did tell, mentioned tolled did toll toled 
drawn, allured, induced 10 follow. 

Tole (o induce to follow, as sheep by holdir g fodder to 
them to toll a bell toll to pay toll or tollage 

toll a compensation* 

TongTie in man, an inst. of taste and speech ton* 
gllC a language lo tongue and groove boards 

a tongue of land tongue to talk, to prate, 
to scold the tongue of a buckle, etc. 

Tonic increasing strength tonic a medecine 

tonic in nut sic. 
Tonsil a glandular body ir> the throat tonsile that 

may be clipped. 
Tonsure the act of clipping the hair the tonsure* 

of a priest. 
Top the summit of anything top a boys plaything 

'to top off with a glass or drink of something. 

Torus te Taurus Taurus a int. chain of As. T. 


to be in contact with to touch a pet-son, to 
make an impression on his feelings a person's 
touch of a musical inst. to touch upon a 
subject to hint. 

Tour a turn) an excursion Tours a town of Fr, 

Tow see Toe tan a letter of the greek alph. 

Tower a building to tower to overtop tower a 
bastion tower to soar. 

Toy a plaything* a bawble> a trifle toy to fondle 
toy and old story. 

Trace remains, a mark -" to trace to walk over, to 
layout trace to delineate or draw trace 
the traces of a harness Thrace see Lip. 

Track a mark, an impression of the foot-*- a railway 
track track to follow the footsteps of. 

Tract a treatise tract a region tract to trace 
out tracked followed by the footseps. 

Trail to draw along the ground to trail arms 
trail track followed by the hunter trail the 
train of a garment "= t* rail to rail. 

Train to draw along a train. of evidence train 
artifice) stratagem train a retinue, a number 
of fol'ower a ralway train V rain to rain. 

Training: drawing, pulling training* education * 
training- for athletic exercises training 
troops training 1 young trees and plants to a 
Wall or espalier. 

Trait of character trait of countenance trait a 
stroke* .a touch t' rate to rate. 


an instrument for drawing ovals tram- 
mel a ot for catching birds or fMies. tram. 
mel :i kind of shackles used for regulating the 
motions of a horse a kitchen chimney tram- 
mel for hanging pots and kettles over the fire 
to trammel to obstruct, to hamper, etc. 

Tramp to tread, to walk, (o travel or strolP tramp 
a wandering beggar to ramp to creep. 

Trance an ecstacy, catalepsy trans a latin prepo- 
sition used in English as a prefix, as trans 
continenta 1 , transalpine beyond the Alps. 

Transit of goods and passengers a transit of Venus 

transit a surveyors instrument. 
Translate to transfer to translate from one 

language into another. 
Trap an instr. for catching game trap a stratagem 

trap a rock to trap foxes, bears, etc. 

Trash a worthless person or thing trasli to clogg, 
to encumber trash to strip of leaves, as, to 
trash ra'oons trash to crush, to humble, as to 
trash the J<ews to rash to grate, to slice 

Travail to toil, to labor with pain travail to 
harass travail labor, parturition. 

Travel to go a journey travail work travail 
trouble see Travail to ravel. 

Traverse to thwart traverse to cross, wander 
over in navigation, traverse sailing tra- 

verse a crossing, a cross beam, a railway 

sleeper, etc, 


Tray a broad shallow trough of wood or metal 

or trey three at cards or dice trait a charac- 
teristic feature, 

Treat to handle, to manage, to u=e to treat or 
di.4coiir.-ae on any subject to treat t > pay drinks 

a treat a tid bit treat to negotiate treat 
a feast. 

Treatise a book treaties p'ural of treaty, agree- 

Treble triple, three times 38 much, or as many the 
treble in a piano as distinguished from the bass 

treble the highest of the four principal parts 
in music. 

Trendl a ditch, a cut, an excavation freiich ta 
encroach trench to fortify to wrench* 

Trend of a coast to trend or go in a particular 
direction to rend. 

Tri a Tat in and greek prefix used in English, as a trl 
rectangular triangle try to make a trial of any 
thing or person to Wry to distort to rye wh. 

Triad three united triad in music, a note sounded 
with its third and fifth tried did try tried 
before a court of justice tried ivliub'e tride 
among hunters, ^hort and ready, fleet ; as, a tride 
pace to ride. 

Trice to haul up by means of a rope trice an 
instant to rice n. 

Trifle a thing of no value to trifle with the affections- 
of a young girl to rifle. 

Trill to flow in a small stream - a trill or quaver of 
the voice to rill to run ia stream less-.- 


Trim to make ready trim to decorate trim to 
rebuke Trim a par. of Ir. to rim to edge. 

Trine threefold, as, length, breadth and thickners 
trine in astro'ogy, the aspect of planets distant 
from each other 120 degrees or one third of the 
zodiac to Ryan, Rhine. 

Trip a tour, a journey trip to stumble trip a 
failure, a mistake trip to run or step lightly 
trip i-o overthrow to rip. 

Trope a figurative word or expression as, an ass for a 
stupid fellow, a fox for a shrewd man trope 
heliotrope to rope to draw out. 

Truck n. and v. to exchange, to barter truck a 
small, low wheeled vehicle for carrying stones, 
goods, etc truck the cap of a flag staff, or 
masthead to ruck to cower, to squat. 

Trump a trumpet a trump at cards trump a 

first rate fellow to rump n. 

Trunk a chest (lie trunk of an elephant the 
trunk of a tree the trunk of an animal 
trunk a watercourse made of planks, etc. 

Trust n. and v- to place confideiKje in trust credit, 
tick trussed, packed or bound c'osely. 

Try to exert strength try to examine try to 
experience to "wry to distort tri three. 

Tuck to gather, to contract, to draw together to 
tuck flae bed clothes around a child Tuck Afg. 

Tug to pull tug to strive tugva sor* of carriage 
a, steam tugf to huff. 


Tulle a kind of open work or lace tool as (he tools 

of a mechanic, fanner, etc. 
Tumbler a posture maker tumbler a drinking 

glass tumble her. 

Tumbrel a rough cart, a dung carf, etc tumbril 
a kind of cage of osier?, willows, for keeping hay, 
etc, for sheep. 
Tun a large ca-k tun 252 gallons tun or ton a 

weight of 20 hundred Ibs. 

Tunnel a vessel for conveying liquor into casks, bo'tles* 
etc tunnel 'through a mountain. 

Tureen'for soup" Turin a city of Italy. 

Turn to turn around " to .turn or shape in a lathe 
my or yowr turn to turn a coat inside out 
the turn of the tide a turn of fortune to- 
turn away to turn your back to any one a 
turn in the road turn form, cast, shape, man- 
ner, etc. to earn. 

Turtle a species of dove turtle the sea tortoise. 

Tut an exclam. of rebuke : nonsense tut an imperial 
ensign of a golden globe with a cro^s o> it a tut 
bargain among miners: a bargain by the lump. 

Tutor a guardian tutor to teach, to instruct 
tutor to correct. 

Twice two times to ice a cake, etc. 

Twill to weave in ribs or ridges, to quill ;t' will it 
will to will. 

Twin one of two young produced at a birth t'wiil 
to win Twin three t. s. of Ohio to win. 

Twine for tying parcels to twine Jo twist, to wind 
a twine a convolution to twine to wrap 

closely about to twine to cling to, to embrace 

- to wine to whine. 

Twinli or twinkle, to sparkle t' wink to wink. 
Twire to flutter, to quiver, to twitter to wire or 

cable to higher. 

Twirl io revolve with velocity to whirl to hurl 
to Errol. 

Twist a cord, a writhe, a contortion to wist to 
listen to whist n. to cards. 

Twit to reproach, to upbraid to it to hit to 

Twitch <o pull, to pluck with a jerk to which 

to itch to hitch to witch. 
Two see To, Too. 

Type a mode', a form type a $ign, a symbol 
a type of disease printers' type. 

Tyre to prey upon the tire of a wheel to tire or 
fatigue Tyr ajown of ancient Phoenicia. 


U a letter of the alph. .U for united, as U. S., United 
State." a U, an iron in the shape of the letter U 
hue a tint you yourself yew tree to 
hew or cut down a ewe or fema'e sheep 
Hugh a man's name Yeoo or YCOU a walled 
town, also a considerable river of Central Africa 
Yew v. to rise as scum on the brine in boiling 
at the Salt Works he who. 

1 66 

Ulster a garment -- Ulster a prov. of Ireland 

Ulster .1 i iv. of Central Germany Hull stir* 
Unittel in botai -, a pavticu'ar mode of inflorescence 

humble nuek, lowly, modest to humble to 

subdue, to mortify to humble to deprive of 

Umber a yellowish brown ochre umber a bird of 

Africa umber ;i fish umber to color wi h 

umber Umber a town of Hindostan . 

Ilumber an estuary of Engl. Humber a 

river of Newfoundland Humber a parish of 

Umbra a shadow, as, the umbra projected by a planet 

Umbreoi Umbreh a river of Africa, an affluent 

of the Congo. 
Un a prefix or inseparable proposition, a particle of 

negation, a negative as unable unbiassed, etc. a 

hun of the Huns, the Scythians. 
Unarmed disarmed unharmed uninjured. 
Unau the two-to<d sloth you know you 

Nault see U, ]\o. 
Uneedecl not ceded, ungranted unseeded not 

seeded, not sown. 
Uncle the brother of one's father or mother Unkel 

a town of 1-Uienish Prussia. 

Undone reversed, 'annulled Undone not done - 
Undon a parish of Engl. 

Undust to free from dust tindost undoest, to undo. 
Uniform consistj?nt^ uniform having always the 
turn* form uniform a dress. 


Union concord the union of two or more things or 
persons the union-jack of Engl. denoting the 
union of the three crosses of St. Giorge, St. An- 
drew and St. Patrick union in ihe flag of the 
United States, the portion where the stars are 
united on a blue ground, denoiing the union of 
the states Union a county of sev. of the U. S. 
of Am. 

Unity one unity concord, oneness of sentiment, of 
fanh, etc. Unity a vil. of sev. of the U.S. of Am. 

Unset not set. not placed onset n and v. a rushing 
or setting upon, to assault. 

Unstaid not staid, not steady, fickle, m usable lin- 
stayed un propped. 

Untalked Hunt hawked. Untamed 
Hunt aimed liun tamed. 

Untangle - hunt angle to fi>h. Untasked 
Hunt asked - Untangled Hunt an- 
gled v to fish. 

Untaught Hunt ought hunt aught. Un- 
teach luiut each. 

Untempted Hunt emptied. Untended 

hunt, Hunt ended. 
Untie hunt high Hunt eye, I Untied 

hunt, Hunt hide n. and v. hied. 

Until pending tintill to remove from the till - 

hunt hill - Hunt ill. 
Unto to hunt, Hunt who him too. 
Untold not toll, not revea'ed - hunt, Hunt old, 

hold the hun told, tolled* 

- 168 

froward, perverse, awkward tltl 
towered not dcfendi-d by towers till Ell, 
Hunt Howard. 

Untracked Hunt racked* Untrading 
hunt, Hunt raiding. 

Untrained hunt, Hunt reined. Untread 

Hunt read - hunt red. 
Untrenched Hunt wrenched. Unf rusty 

Hunt rusty - Untruth - hunt Until. 
Untried hunt tried - hunt, ride. Untrue 

hunt rue a plant Hunt rue Borrow, to 
lament, to regret. 

Uutrod hunt rod. Unwine hunt wine. 
Untwined Hunt whliied 

Untuck hunt) Hunt, Huck Unturned 
hunt, Hunt earned, uriied. 

Untwist -Hunt Whist silence hunt Whist, a 

game at cards. 
Unzoncd the Huns owned 

Upright erect, vertical an Upright in architecture \ 
an e'evalion or orthography of a buildii g 
Upright honest, just, moral. 

Upset overturned up set set tip, erect. 
Uranus a planet you, Hugh ran us* 

Urate a com pound of ni'ric acid and a ba-e you 
rate your hate - hewer ate you're 
(you a e) your eight* 

Urbane of a city her bane poison. 


Urchin the hedgehog urchin a mischievous child 

her fliiai. 
lire in -ire a hewer of wood a ewer or pitcher of 

water your belonging to you Dr Ure 

ure urus, the wild bul Ure a riv. of Engl. 
f rim (see W.) you or him your hymn 

you're him you rim to put on a rim. 
Urn a vase urn a roman measure for liquids earn 

to gain, to merit Hearn a, p. n. Erin 

Ireland Urn a p. o. of Knox co. 111. 
Urry a sort of blue or black clay hurry dispatch, 

be quick Urray a par. of Scotland. 
Use to make use of "ewes plural of ewe "Hughes 

a. p. n. yews yew trees hews cuts down 
- hues plural of hue hues does hue, or tint, 

or color Hugh's belonging to Hugh. 
User one who uses, treats or occupies use her well. 
Usher one who introduces or ushers in a stranger 
usher an under teacher the usher of the 
b'ack rod, in parliament hush her* 
Usual habitual use, ewes, yews, hues, 
Hughes you all .... use you ill. 

Usure to praetice usury ~ use your Hughes 
here, hear Hugh's ewer. 

Ut the first note in Guido's musical scale hut a hovel, 

a cabin, a cottage. 
Utter to speak utter to circulate, as base coin 

utter to publish to vend utter absolute, as 

utter stranger* 1 , utter trash. 


~ no 



V letter of t&e a!ph-. As a numera 1 V stands for 5 a if 
with a dash over it, for 5900- in mime for ine 
iruments, V stands for violin VV for violins 
V for vo-us in ft S. V, P. r repordez s'il vos plait, 
on cards of invi-tatioa to a ball or dinner V. for 
Victoria V an armature of iron as where the 
rafter of a roof meets a tie beam. 

Vacancy empty space, vacuity vacancy a place 
or situation not filled, or destitute of an incumbenfe 
Vacancy list! ess ness, emptiness- of thought. 

Vacant as an unfilled situation, or office a vacant 
lot of ground a person whose mind is vacant 
or empty of thought. 

Vacation- the act of making void Vacation holi- 
day time Vacation non-term, recess. 

Vagtte wandering, vagrant Vague indefinite 
Vaag a river of Hungary. 

Vail money given to servants vail to lower vail 
to yield Vale a valley Veil a cover to conceal 
the face Vaal a river of South Africa Veyle 
a river of France Vesle a r. of Fr. 

VailS plural of Vail veil* plural of veil, doe 
veil vales plural of vale Vaals or Vaeis> 
a village of the Netherlands vails money given. 
t servants Veyle's of Veyle a r. of Fr r 

1 " 1 

" A i 4. * 

Vain futile vain false vane a weather cock 
vein a blood vessel vein mood, temper, hu- 
mour a "vein -of quartz, etc vein a cavity 
or fissure vein a streak or wave of d'fferent 
color in wood, marble, ate vein a spell, as of 
fine weather Veynes a town of Fr. 

Vair a kind of fur vair in heraldry, variegated with 
argent and azure colors vare a wand or staff 
of justice Veyre a village of Fr. 

Tale see Vail veil Vesle Veyle Vaal. 

Valet a servant -- valley^ between mountains 
Vssisais % can:on of Switzerland valley th e 
Jgatter or internal angle formed by two inclined 
sides of a roof Vallet a town of Fr. Vallee 
a p. ii. Valley a co. p. o. of sev. of the U. S 
of Am. 

Value iprece as applied to things value -worth, as 
applied to persons to value to esteem to 
value to reckon, to estimate. 

Vamp tfce upper leather of a shoe vamp to piece 
a.'j old thing iv it'll a new part, to repair. 

Vaiie the membranous part of a feather on the side of 
the shaft vane a "weather cock vein a 
biood vessel vain proud, haugh'y see Vain- 

Van ;he front of an army vail a fan for winrowing 
grain vail a wing wilh which the air is 'beaten 
van a large, light, covered wagon" Vana 
fcnvi) of Armenia (Asiatic Tuikey). 
a vessel for dom. use Vaas a market town of 
Fr. Vaise-u vown of Fr. vase an urn. 


Vast in ex ; ent, in numbers, in importance vast a 

a waste extent, an empty waste Vast a village 

of France. 
Vault an arched cellar vault to leap vault for 

the dead volt a measure of electricity. 
Veal the flesh of a calf killed for the table ville fr. 

as Hedly-ville, De Ville Vesle a river of Fr. 
Veer to turn, to change direction Veer a maritime 

town of the Netherlands. 

Vehicle a cart, carriage, sleigh, e f .e. vehicle a 
menstruum in which paints, gums,etc are dissolved. 
Veil see Vail. Vein see Vain, 

Veil a rennet bag veil to cut off the turf or sward of 
land Vesle a town of Fr. 

Venal mercenary venal pertaining to vein, as 
venal blood venal purchased. 

Venery the act of hunting venery sexual inter- 

Venous pertaining to the veins Venus the goddess 
of beauty and love the planet Venus. 

Vent an opening, an issue to give vent to one's 

passions, feelings vent a sale. 

Venture a hazard, a contingency venture to risk. 
Verto a word verh in grammar, a part of speech. 

Verge a rod verge the edge or outside on the 
verge of bfcnkrup'ey Dr Verge. 

Version a turning, a change of direction versioi* 
a translation from another language. 

-~ 173 

Vessel 3 tub, a ca~k in anatomy vessel a tube of 
canal for the blood or other humors vessel a 
structure made to float upon the water. 

Vest a waist coat, a garment vest as, the estate 
vests in the heir at !aw vest to clothe. 

Vesta the virgin goddess of the hearth or fire s the 
asteroid Vesta vesta a lucifer. 

Vested clothed a vested legacy. 

Vial a phial, a small bottle viol a musical instru" 
ment vile base, mean, worthless. 

Vice wickedness vice an iron screw press vice 

a substitute as a vice-roy, a vice president vise 

an instr. for gripng and holding. 

Violet a flower violet a color Violet a t. s. of 
Virgin as the virgin Mary virgin fresh, new, as 

virgin s-oil the Virgin is. of the W. I. ~ r. 

Virgen N. Mexico. 
Virtu a love of the fine arts virtue valour, strength 

virtue moral excellence. 

Visitation as that of a diocese by the bishop a 

visitation an affliction visitation a church 

Vocal as vocal music vocal among the Roman 

Catholics, a man who has a right to vote at certain 

Voice sound uttered by the mouth voice a vote 

Voice to rumor, to report. 
Void null void unsubstantial, vain to void to 

evacuale void to vacate. 

a round or circn'ar nead volt in fencing, a 
sudden movement (o avoid a thrust volt a 
measure of electricity Vault to leap vault 
to cover or roof with an arch see Vault. 

Volume bulk volume a book volume in 
music, the compass of the voice. 

Vomitory an emetic, or causing to eject from the 
stomach vomitory a principal door or en* 
trance as of an amphitheater. 

Voucher one who gives Full attestation of anything * 
voucher a receipt, etc. Vouch n. and v. or* 

W letter of 'the alph. a double n, hue, y$w 

as an abbreviation W stands for west ; W. S. W. 

west south west- W stands also for weight, 

c. w. t. 100 weight W for Wellington, Washing- 

ton, Wisconsin, etc. a W a stamp with the 

letter W engraven. or cut into it. 
Wacke a rock like basalt whack to strike a 

whack a blow walk n. and v. 
Wad for a gun charge wad or Wadd an earthy 

oxyd of manganese who had* 

"Wade as, through water, through a difficult law case 
weighed did weigh who aid* 

*Waft to float in a buoyant medium Watt a floating 
body, .waft n signal displayed from a ship^ 
stern waft v. to convey, as ships 

Wag a droll wag: to go, to move to wag the tail, 


to servants wages carries on, 
wages v. to wage : to bet, to pledge. 
Wai! to lament, loud weeping whale a fish 

wale to mark with stripes, wale the mark of 

a whip on animal fle.-h the main wale and 

channel wale of a ship wale a rising part of 

the surface of cloth. 
Wain a wagon wain a constellation, Charles* 

wain wane decrease, as the wane of the 

moon weigh'n weighing. 
Wait to stay, to tarry to lie in wait or as an ambush 

w r eight importance weight heaviness. 

Wair a piece of plank two yards long and a foot broad 
were v. be ware as iron ware, delf, etc 
Ware a. p. n. weigher one who weighs 
weir a dam in a river weir a fence of stakes 
or twigs in a river for taking fish "Where in 
which place wear to carry on. the person 
wear to waste with use we're we are. 

Waist of the human -body "Waste to consume 
uselessly waste a tra-ct of uncultivated ground. 

Waive to relinquish, not to insist a wave of the 
eea waive a woman put out of the protection 
of the law wave to undulate Waive to 
beckon Waive to omit mentioning, to defer. 

Wake to rouse from sleep wake a vigil to 
wake the dead. 

Walk to move on the feet "walk an avenue "a 
"walk an exercise. 

Wall a raised fence waul to cry as a cat. 


Wallow a kii:d of rolling wa k, like that of a duck 
wallow to roll, as swine wallow in mire. 

Wane see Wain. 

Wanton to rove and ramble Wanton a !ewd 
person want on continue to. 

"Wapp in a ship, the rope with which the shrouds are 
set taught in wale-knots Wliap a blow 
whop a sudden fall or the suddenness of striking 
in a fa 1 who hap or happen .... 

Ward to guard ward to fend oft', to parry as a 
blow, a thruet a ward or division of a ciiy 
ward a minor or person under the care of a 
guardian warred made war, did war. 

Ware =ee Wair. 

Warp in manufactures, the threads extended lengthwise 
in the loom warp in a ship, a rope emp'oyed 
in drawing, towing warp in agriculture, a 
slimy substance deposited on land by marine tides 
warp to turn, to twist, to become warped. 

Warrant to authorize warrant to declare with 
assurance warrant an act or obligation a 
warrant for the apprehension of any one. 

Wary watchful, cautious wherry (ferry) a shallow 
light boat wherry a liquor made from the 
pulp of crab apples where he were he 
if he were. 

"Wash to cleanse wash to overflow wash allu- 
vial matter wash a bog, a marsh, a fen 
wash a co'or, a coloured fluid or mixture for 
walls, etc. 

Waste see Waist. 


Watch a sentinel watch waking, to be awake 
watch a time peace who hatch. 

Water to drink . water the sea color or luster as 
a diamond of rhe first w r ater to- water 
liquors, stocks, e:c. to water to wave as silk. 

Wave as a wave of the sea waive to put off, to 
omit, to not insist on to wave to waft to 
wave to water, as silk, etc. waive her avoid. 

Waver to fluctuate in opinion waver to move to 
and fro waver a sapling. 

Wax as bees wax, cieling wax to wax warm on a 
subject whacks blows whacks does 
whack who haeks *.o cut. 

W^ay a mode a mariner Way a course, a road 
way length of space as, a little, a long way 
way direction, wh cli way shall I go Weigh 
to ascertain the weight of Weigfh to be of 
importance whey the serum or wa'ery part of 
milk weigh to ponder, to consider a wey 
or W r eigil in England, a ceriain quantity. 

We ourselves wee small, little who he. 

Weak having no strength Week a period of 7 days. 

Weal happiness, prosperity wheel of a vehicle 
we'll we will weal or wale, the mark of a 
stripe weal a kind of snare for fi-h who 
heal a sore, heel a boot 

W r eald. a wold or wild, a forest a Wheeled vehicle 
wield to sway, io govern who healed, 
heeled Weald a par. of Engl. 

Wean or ween to think wean to withdraw from 
to weail an infant who e'en even. 



Weaned reconciled to an infant weanetl. 
"Wear see Wair who e'er ever, air were 
where - Waire a p. n. ---weir. 

Wearer one who wears a garment wearer that 

which wears away, wastes -*- where her. 
Wearing 1 an article of dress wearing* away, or 

wasting see Way, Ring". 

Weary tired, fatigued to weary to render impatient. 
Weather state of air to weather a storm 

wether a sheep whether or not, 
Weave to practice weaving we've whe have. 
Web a texture of thread a spider's web web 

the membrane of the foot of a duck, eic the 

web of a sheave. 
Wedge a geometrical figure to wedge to crowd 

to wedgejo cleave to wage war; who 

edge hedge sev. eig. see W. 
Weed n. and v. to free from noxious plants we'd 

we would, we had who heed. 
Week see Weak i who eke. 
Weeper one who weeps weeper a species of 

monkey "weeper a weeping willow. 
Weft the woof of cloth weft a web, a tiling woven. 
Weigh see Way. Weighed see Wade 

Weight see Wait 'Weir see Wair. 
Well a deep, narrow pit of water well in health 

well in a proper manner. 

Wet rainy wet land, cloth, etc whet to fhai pen 
whet to provoke, to excise who ate. 

179 - 

Wetlier see Weather. Whether see Weather 

Wey see Way Whack see Wacke. 
Whale see^Wail wale \vho ail, hail, 
What that which what thing, word, etc Watt 
the inventor of the steam engine who ought* 

Wheal a pustule, see Weal. Wheel see Weal. 

Whelk ajvrinkle, a pustule whelk a mollusk. 

Where see Wear. Whey see Way. 

Which a pronoun Witch a sorceress who itch. 

Whig" one of a political parly in Engl. ca'led whigs 
wig: for the head Whig" ville Mich., Ohio. 

While space of time, pending wile guile wile 
to beguile While a par. of Engl. 

Whiil gorse, furze win to gain. 

Whinny abounding in whins -to whinny to neigh as 
a horse wee knee win, whin, wean E. 

Whine to murmur, to whine like a dog wine 
juice of the grape Wien Vienna, Austria. 

Whip to strike with a lash whip to sew slightly 
whip to lash with sarcasm whip a parlia- 
mentary term : a whipper in. 

Whir to turn around with noise, as a top whir to 
hurry see Whnr who err. 

Whisk a bunch of grass, straw, hair, e!c whisk a 
kind of tippet whisk a culinary utensil for 
whisking the white of eggs, etc Whisk to 
sweep, brush or agitate with a light, rapid motion. 

Whisky a spirit distilled from grain wiski a 
light carriage whisk E* 


"Whist silent, mute whist a game at cards Wist 
to think, to suppose who is % who is it. 

Whit as, he is not a whit the wiser wit the int<-llrc,t 

to Wit : that ia to say a wit a man of ft' cy, 

a witty fellow wit a man of genius who hit 

White a color wigrht a person, n being White 

a p. n. Wyatt a p. n. why it. 

Whither to. what place wither to fade, to dry up- 
with her who hither. 

Whittle a small pocket knife whittle a white dress 
for a woman whittle to pare, to cut off the 
surface of anything not a whit ill. 

"Whole all, entire whole sound, uninjured hole 
a perforation hole a mean lodging, a subterfuge. 

Wholly entirely holy hallowed, sacred. 

Whoop a shout of pursuit, of war whoop the 
bird called hoopoe or upupa hoop to shout 
the hoop of a cask or tub the hoop of a 
ladies skirt the whoop of the hooping-cough. 

Whorl a term in botany whorl in conchology, a 
volution or turn of the spire of a univalve 
whirl to turn round rapidly who hurl. 

Whtir to pronounce the letter r with too much force 
whur the sound of a body moving through the 
air with velocity see Whir who err. 

Why wherefore y a letter of the alphabet why 
used emphatically or as an expletive, as oh ! my, 
you do n't say so who hie, eye. 

"Wicked evil wicket a small gate or door. 


Wide broad wide of, or distant from the mark. 

Width breadth, extent with in company with 
with by the means of with on ihe side of 

Wield to handle, as to Wield a sword a sceptre a 
wheeled vehicle who healed, heeled. 

Wig see Whig. Wi^ht see White. 

Wild roving, wandering, inhabiting the forest wild 
turbulent, tempestuous a "wild a desert 
wild irregular, disorderly whiled did while, 
to loi er "Who aisled laid out aisles, 

'Wile see While. 

Will choice, determination the divine "Will to 
will Will. William Wyl a t. of Switz. 

Wilt to begin (o wither wilt tliou, will you. 

Wimble an instrument for boring holes wimble 
1 active, nimble a whim Bill. 

Will see Whin Winn a par. of Louisiana. 

Winch an inet. or engine for hoisting and hauling 
winch a crank handle as that of a grind stone, 
etc. to winch to wince, to shrink, fokick with 
impatience who inch. 

Wind (he air in motion wiimed did win* 

Wind (wimd) to turn, to untwist wined treated to 
wine, as, wind and dined : to wine and dine any 
one, to give a dinner to, to give wine to "Whined 
did whine, as a dog who Hind. 

Wine to drink to wine to give wine to to whine 
like a dog Wien Vienna, cap. of Austria, 


of a bird Wing or flank of an army Wing" 
a side building of an edifice, and other pig.- (see W.) 

to Wingf 113, a bird wings its flight towards. 

Wink to close the eye lids quickly a Wink with 
one eye Wiilk a hint . to Wink at or pretend 
T*ot to see or be aware of who ink. 

Winter the season of to Winter to pass the winter 

to Winter to feed and manage dnrit'g the 
w j n ter win ter thrice who inter* 

Winze in mining, a small shaft for ventilation Win* 
does win weans- (imp. horn.) does wean. 

W r ipe to cleanse ' to Wipe a soldered joint of a lead 
pipe Wipe a blow, a stroke wipe a gibe, a 
jeer, a severe sarcasm wipe a bird. 

Wire a thread of metal to Wire to cab'e, to send a 
message by the electric wire or cable to Wire 
to bind with wire who hire? higher, hie, 
eye her Wyre a r. of Engl. 

Wise having wisdom wise dextrous wise 
learned Wise manner, way of being or acting, 
in any wise who eyes to eye, hies to hie. 

Wist see Whist. Wit see Whit. . Witefr^ee 
Which With see Width. 

Withdraw to take back withdraw, to. 'retire, to- 
go back wither, with her awe, ah ! 

Withe a willow twig withe a band consisting of a 
twig, or of twigs twisted together. 

Wither see Whither who hither with her. 


Withers the juncture of iheVhoulder bones of a horsp, 

at the bottom of the neck withers does 

wither, to fade with her's. 
Within msMe within liormds, 
"Without -outside "without independent of. 
Witlinsflvaving little wit whittling to whittle, to 

chip wit, whit ling", Ling* a par of Engl. 
Witaiess testimony, attestation to witaiess to see. 
"Witty full of wit Whitty a man's name. 
Won>vv One Wone a mined t. of Hindostan. 
Won't ,V<con*raction for will not wontaccustoiued, 

custom, habit who 1m lit. 
Wood the substance of trees WOOd a forest 

wooed did woo WOllM -as he, she or I. etc. 

would go or do, etc. 
Woody abounding with wood Wooed he, did he 

W0 o would he woo 1>, Dee. 

Woo'S a p'an', a see weed W r OOCS does, woo, to court 
Whose of whom Who's who i.. 

W'ore pret. of wear, as, to wear gloves WOr pret-. 
of ware (veer) to tack who oar to row. 

Work to labor worktoferment work to strain 
work to embroider to work to writhe. 

World the universe world the earth whirled 

ttmi-ed around with velocity who hurled. 

Worm a small reptile or tm-hnal Woraili to work 

slowly -a^, to worm one** 'self Into any one's conli- ' 
d<e?ice W^orm a spiral inst. or iron screw used 

for drawi g wads or cartridges from guns 
worm a serpentine for distilling purposes to 
worm to cut something called a worm from 
under the tongue of a dog. 

Worst most bad, most evil worst most severe or 
dangerous worst most difficult to worst 
to get the advantage over, 

Worsted defeated worsted woolen yarn. 

Wort a plant, an heib wort a plant of the eabbager 

kind wort new beer unfermervted -- who 

hurt them wert v. to- be. 
Worth value, excellence, virtue Worth equal ii> 

value to, deserving of Who earth* 
Worthy deserving a worthy a man of worth 
Wot to know, to think What that which Watt 

a p. n. who hot, ought* 
Wrack a marine p'aut rack an engine of torture, 

etc , see Rack a dozen other sig. (Webster). 
Wrap see Rap. Wrapt see Rapt. Wreak see 

Reak. Wreck .? Reck. 

Wren a bird Sir Christopher Wren a eel. architect! 
Wrest see Rest to sleep, to cease, to repose, etc 
Wrested pulled, di.-tor:ed rested did- rest. 

Wrester o ;e who wrests or persists Resther a p. 
n. rest her wrest her. 

Wreflch see Retch wretcli an unfortunate. 
Wretched miserable retched dit relch. 

Wright see Right. Wing see Ring:* Wringer 
see Ringer. Write sic Right. 

"Wrong erroneous, not fit or suitable morally 

wrong to wrong to injure. 
\Vrote see Rote ev. pig. (see W.) 
Wrought worked wrought actuated, influenced. 
Wrung see Rung Wry see Rye. 


X letter of the a'ph. as a numeral, X stands for 10 - 
and when laying on its side ^ for lf)00 ; X with a 
dash over it stands for 10,000 as an abbrevia'ion 
X stands for Christ as in X n. Christian ; X m , 
chriainas XX is 20 XXX for HO hecks 
plural of heck (hatch) an instrument or engine for 
catching fi h, as, a salmon heck hecks p'ural 
of heck, a rack for holding fodder for cattle 
hecks plural of heck, a bend in a stream 
hecks plural of heck, a hatch or la'ch for a door 
aehes does ache, to pain eggs plural of 
egg hex a greek prefix for six, as IieXachord 
an instr. with six strings, hexagon a six sided 
figure, hex;ipod having six feet hakes plural 
of hake, a nMi haikS plural of haik a garment 
Worn by Arabs over the tunic, but under the 
burnouse ex a latin preposition or prefix, signi- 
fying out or out of, as an ex - mayor, an ex-mi- 
nister AiX a ci y of Fr. AiX an ancient town 

ISO '" 

an island off the west coast of Fr. Aix-La* 
Chapelle, a frontier < ity of rUienish Prussia 
Hague's of Hague, a (own of the Netherlands 
Exe a riv. of Bngl. (see Lippincott) X is used 
in algebra to indicate an unknown quantity, or a 
first unknown quantity ; as y and z are used to 
indicate a second and a third unknown quantities, 

IT let er of the alph. Y a sort of butterfly IT an iron 
st imp \vi : h ilie letter Y ?'i graven on it Y abbre* 
viative for yttrium Y in algebra, designates a 
second unknown qi antity,as do x and z a first aiid 
third who eye, hie, high* I. 

(yot) a pleasure vessel -- Ye ought, you 

(yawgcr) one btlonjri g to a body (.flight ii.fat try 
armed with riiles ye ftlKgHl* one wlio predicts, 
.foretells ye anger an instr. to boreholes with. 

Yak. a i animal yac a ring : ihe union jack oi England. 

Yap to bark Yap one of the Caroline Islands, Pacific 
Ocean ye hap ti. and v. to happen. 

Yard a measure yartl a spar yard an enclosed 
court ye hard* 

Yare ready, dextrous, eager Yareariv. of Scotland. 

Yarn spun wool yarn among seamen, a story 
spun out. 

Yarr to growl or snarl, as a d^g Yar a riv. of Engb 
ye are. 

If arrow ihe milfoil or plant of a thousand leaves 
Yarrow a riv. and parish of Scotland. 

If ate a gate Yate a pai i-h and township of Engl. 
ye ate, hate, eight* 

Yates plural of yate, a gate Yates a post-township 
of New-York ye hates. 

Yaw r to rife in b'isters, breaking in white froih, as cane 
juice in the sugar works ^yaw in navigation, to 
steer wild, or out of her course, as a ship Hia 
a town of China Ilia a vil'age of the Malay 
Archipelago ye awe, haw. 

Yawl a small ship's boat yawl to cry out like ado.z. 

Yawn to gape yawn ;o open wide yo at a 
distance within view ye awn. 

Yaws a disease, characterized by cutaneous tumors 

yaws doe* yaw, see Yaw ye haws. 
Yclad (cclud) c'ad he clad. 

Ye yourselves yea yes Ye a riv. and town of 
British India. 

Year twelve months here in this place hear to 
listen ear the organ of hearing. 

Yearn to desire, to long yearn to pain, to be dis- 
tressed yearn to be strained ye earn, urii 

Yeast of beer, etc. ye East. 

Yelk yellow, the yelk, of an egg ye elk the moose 
of N. A. 

Yell to cry out ye ell a measure of length Yell 
one of the Shetland Islands Yell a county of 
Arksinr-a? and of Iowa E !* 


Telling uttering hideous outcries Yelling a parish 

of Ehgl. 
Yellow the color of gold the Yellow soa of China 

yell o, oh yea L.OWC Yale O* ^>| fl 
Yeoman a common man Yeo (a riv. of Engl.) 

man ye omen a sign, a prognostic Io 
(daughter of Inachus) men* 

Yet nevertheless yet beside, over and above ye 
ate 10 eat yate imp. horn. 

Yew an evergreen tree yeW to rise a^ scum on the 
brine in Lotting at the salt works see Ewe, 
line, you, Hugh, hew Yeou or Yeoo a 
a riv., a town of central Africa. 

Yield to produce yield to give up yield amount 
yiel led ye healed, heeled. 

Yielding conceding, giving up yielding producing. 

Yoke bondage yoke for oxen, eic yoke to couple 

ye Oak a tree the yolk the yelk of an egj 

yolk a term of botany yolk a secretion 
from the skin of sheep. 

Yon at a distance within view Yoniie a riv. and a 
dept. of Fr. see Yawn. 

Yore long ago, as, in the days of yore - Yore a riv. 
of Engl. your your own ye oar, ower. 

You, hew, yew, hue, Hugh, ewe, Yeou, 
Yeoo ; see Ewe nnd Yew. 

Your belonging to you Ure a riv. of Engl. Dr 
lire ewer a pitcher a hewer of wood. 


Vlilaii a flowering free of China lllllail a gernian 
lancer or spearman yule Ann you '11 
awii you -will we U lawn. 

Yule Christina.*, the feast of the nativry of <ur Saviour 
the yule log you'll, you will. 

Z letter of the alph z in algebra design a es a third 
unknown quantity, as do x and y a first and a 
second unknown quantity a Z an iron stamp 
with the letter z engraven on it said did say 
Said the name of Upper Egypt (inperfect 
homonyms) Said El Ghazy a village of Asia 
Minor S'head, aid, is, hi? head, aid. 

Zaflfer impure oxyd of cobalt Zafar a town of 
Arabia 's afar he, she, it is. 

Zax an inst. for cutting slate sacks does sac to 
pillage sacks bags Sax n town of spain 
Saxe a prefix to the name of several german states 
(all imp. horn, of Zax (z). 

Zea the generic name of maize Zea un island, also a 
town of the Grecian Archipelago 's he is he. 

Zeal, Zeil a vil. of Wurtemberg Zehl a riv. of 

Switzerland, imperfect homonyms of Seal, ceil, seel, 
see Seal, etc 's heel, eel his heel, eel. 

Zebu a ruminant, the taurus indicus Zebu an 
island of the Malay Archipelago Zebu a pro- 
vince of the Philippines. 




PE Baillairge, Charles P 
1595 Florent 
B35 Vocabulary of English